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  1. This thread will flop, but idc... SO i Happened to listen to britney jean, havent listen to that album since about 3 years ago. Even though it was her weakest album. There is still gems i love. Alien,PASSANGER (wish she would re record it) Dont cry, hold on tite, and brightest morning star. Now that i found you is just so special. I love the clearness and charm to her voice in it. Especially the low parts. Love when she says "till found you" in a lower voice. The girl needs to sing live more for once. She has such a unique voice. Yall may bash me, but the lyrics are beauitful On repeat She needs to do more ballads, hope yall agree https://youtu.be/e4_hkDXX7nk
  2. Justice for "Now that I found you."

    I dont hear myah on that?? Like at all
  3. POM on the road again?

    Hmmm Oh well. if it wasn't for POM she probably wouldnt be doing any thing
  4. Yas. I love Selena more though lol. Wolves is my songggg
  5. Lol im sorry. But he does not have a body....
  6. justice for mood ring

    love love love mood ring. It should of have been a single maybe even the lead single.
  7. Justice for "Now that I found you."

    Yeah i dont see why everyone is so anal about repeating a verse. So many songs do that. And i remember that!!!! I low key liked it should be easy just because you can blast it.in the car or at clubs it would have been a better single choice. We got two messy eras... my heart cant take this no more. I hope B10 is a smasher.
  8. Justice for "Now that I found you."

    Omg i love this. You did a great job!!
  9. Justice for "Now that I found you."

    I agree, it's a little random. But still love it!
  10. New Pre-grammy 2017 Party pictures

    Reguardless Her makeup has gotten so bad over the past few years. Back then. It was so great and professional. Come on brit ur a legend girl. You shpuld looked polihed
  11. I dont get BTS im confused how there so popular apparently
  12. Masterpiece. In the box with the hidden treasures alas scary and mood ring
  13. New Ellen Von Unworth photo

    I want darkney for b10!
  14. Sis start focusing on B10 without the residency. She should be able to promote just the album. Get excitied!!
  15. New IG post: Pinkney Twirls

    She is aging so bad... why? She looks great still but... . Britney girl start taking care of your skin
  16. Secret project not about POM?

    I had a dream it wss a makeup commercial something similar to candies. She was talking about eyeliner lol.