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  1. Stay strong! There are ass holes in this world who still think it's cool to gay bash, well it was never cool but being gay in 2017 is no secret or anything that should be insulted like that today the way they did. They are jerks and I'm so sorry that happened to you. we all go through our days where we are made fun of. But people like that... who go that far... aren't happy with themselves, they don't live a happy life, so before you feel sad or upset, which I would be... I would ask myself, is a human being who acts like that truly happy? They are trash, be proud of who you are! There is someone who will always look up to you. And sexuality doesn't define that any less. We love you on exhale!!
  2. Probably being a mom because she has two children?
  3. Glory was an amazing album! And the last full era was femme fatale, period. Gp loved it. We had hold it against me,till the world ends ,and I wanna go. Also minimal criminal by still made it on radio. We also had the till the world ends remix and s&m that also made it on the radio. We had promo performances and all.
  4. lol I've seen this on Facebook. Wtf is she doing
  5. Stunning vocal abilities...