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    Gym, working hard, good balanced people and environment are always great.

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  1. She's wearing her belly button ring again!!

    I love her belly button ring
  2. Pretty Girls has now been fixed

    I actually played that song for the first time since 2015 and I'm starting to like it now.
  3. What is wrong with this song I love it
  4. Can' wait for her new music. I loved rebel heart
  5. Though I hate when people always bring it up when they mention britney but she does have a mental illness and it' common. If she was tired of people mentioning it then she would have left the industry awhile ago but she hasn't.
  6. Where are the insiders???

    I'm so ready for the next era. We need a buzz single to hold us over. Another scream and shout would slay
  7. I actually like her new album good for her she clearly is the it girl
  8. Katy Perry’s Witness Tour Looks Incredible

    Katy is boring she is a flop now Britney had better tours
  9. I would love her as a judge she would literally be high as f**k all the time giving constructive criticism.
  10. I wish Simon would come back. Britney too
  11. Taylor swift Miley Cyrus Arianna Grande
  12. That song was on the radio and in the club' forever. Loved that song. She needs another hit like this
  13. She needs to perform the climb. I would die if she did
  14. Do I have a good singing voice yall

    Thank you sis!!!