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    Gym, working hard, good balanced people and environment are always great.

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  1. Oh this a dream come true if its... True. He is reliable. But I'm not giving my hopes up. If she ends up releasing this will be the best kept secret era her team has done. And a new choreographer yass
  2. Because guys are dicks and I just want a good guy in my life. Tired of flings but thank you are too.
  3. Why can't gay guys in my area be this good looking? Sweet genuine muscular and goodlooking seeking a long term relationship and marriage...it will never happen Forever single I shall be
  4. Yeah that post yesterday of her twirling.... exhale and whoever else roasted her because she wasnt' doing twirls right apparently, love the subtle comment she made. Queen is aware of what people say about her, people need to be kind, she did it flawlessly and she was just in her own home.
  5. Title meant to say "britney responds to people saying she should take a ballet class, in new post." Get em queen
  6. I starting stanning britney during the femme fatale era
  7. Yasss so happy for camilla. f**k fifth harmony
  8. Balletney strikes again

    Thats what im saying, wish we saw more balletney
  9. Twirlney, she should add this to POM
  10. People on exhale hate what most the of gp likes so dont' listen to most on here. I however love clumsy