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  1. 1 hour ago, BritneyJeanSpearsOfficial said:



    I fucking can’t, I’m trying to get them coins to be a singer and sh!t and I’m dealing with my bitch boss, rude customers, shady sh!t going on behind the scenes, Marshall fucking up workers schedule, making or forcing people to go over their time of their shift, cutting our checks and a unorganized store from HELL with no space for extra items we have. Britney help me baby, let me be a singer already :tear: 

    I once worked as a help desk manager for walmart, I mostly ran updates on their self checkouts and made sure registers systems are running smoothly whenever store and market managers called me up with a problem. I heard Walmart treats their workers like sh!t too :omg: are all these big markets giving minimum wage in America? Cuz our centre was located in London :mhm: but i heard a lot of market managers complaining to me over the phone while i was updating their systems, and they are practically the only ones who are paid well in Walmart :orangu: cant imagine how it is for the cashiers 

  2. 7 hours ago, Kiiddy said:


    Not a boy, not yet a man.
    I feel overprotected.
    Sometimes I feel like a sub-sex slave for my man.
    Still figuring myself out, but still usually know what I want and need. (I need time, love, joy... I need S P A C E... I need.... ME.)

    Sexually, I feel I am experimenting more than ever before and become a lot more open-minded and less fearful to things as well.
    ITZney teas I guess. 

    Krissy your turn.
    @Delicious Pork Chops

    You too Dy you total slut  @Dynasty

    I think im britney album atm, getting fully independent and accepting the fact im an adult

  3. I was in love with her ever since i saw her on mtv in 1999, i was 7 then. I even learned the dance and all, thats when my mum knew her son was a gay boy:brit: i started staning insanely after her snake performance at the vmas :mhm: i remember seeing her as some sort of deity. I couldnt believe my own eyes such perfection even existed :omg: i was shooketh

  4. 2 hours ago, Pedro Dantas said:

    It's a pop radio list. P!nk has been a radio darling ever since the I'm Not Dead era. :wyd:

    It's a pop radio list, which hasn't played a Beyoncé song in ages. But good luck using this a receipt. Who cares about current touring gross, album sales, networth, single sales, streaming or stuff like that. It's pop radio that matters when it comes to power. Sure, sweetie... :tiffcackle:

    there it is :tiffcackle: just the reply i expected. Beyonce still fails to outsell Britney :queenflopga: and theres nothing you, or her overrated hype can do about it. Overall, britney sold 10 times more.