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  1. Things are pretty simple, at this moment, in general, world has more bad than good people. I would say its 70% evil poof people and 30% kind good people. The majority wins unfortunately, the weird thing happening is that people WANT TO BE BAD. Everyone is even brought up believing being good is a flaw, weakness. Parents feed kids with it, hollywood and music industry does the same to everyone. Evil people believe good people are weak and stupid and wanna humiliate them. Britney is one of the rare good stars,   She probably belongs to 10% of good hearted stars out there and shes harassed for it.

  2. 1 hour ago, britisthecolor said:

    how is she clearly a bad mother?children shouldn't be spoiled of course but if you treat your children good and care about them and take good care of them you are not a bad mother.we don't know that about beyonce, we don't know her relationship with her kids etc etc.

    if your child tells you to stop doing something (clapping in this case) and you are effin 36 and your child is 6, and you obey to a child's command, what kind of mother does that make you? A mother with no authority whatsoever, a mother who can't point out the roles in their relationship. She's the mum, Ivy is the kid. In this case its very obvious blue ivy has everything she wants, materialistic and other wise. If i told my mum to stop clapping she would look at me, ignore my stupid statement and continue doing it. Why? Cuz i would be a lil s--t who was born 6 years ago and have no idea about anything and shes 30 years older

  3. 4 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

    I would say they’re going for large markets, but she’s playing Scarborough so wtf. I mean I guess it’s a popular vacation spot in Yorkshire, but it’s still odd.

    Im not gonna lie ive literally never even heard of that place before in my life :gloria: and i lived in the UK for a couple of years :orangu: its like wtf, how do they even expect to earn cash there?

  4. 1 hour ago, danny1994 said:

    She’s playing 12 cities in 20 days with no more than 2 days between each show. I guess they could’ve tacked on some extra Eastern European shows at the end, but there isn’t enough time in that 20 day period. Maybe she’ll announce more, let’s see.

    - dumb American

    yeah but still, she could have done 2 eastern european shows and scratch two out of 10 UK shows i mean wtf

  5. For all ya'll dumb Americans who will try to play smart here it is 60% of Europe as a continent. For all the rest, how come she is not setting her foot to any country east of Austria? I honestly feel a bit discriminated because believe it or not she has plenty of fans in this part of the continent. Why did she decided to leave us behind? I'm over it tbh :ipass: