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  1. 2 hours ago, Pedro Dantas said:

    It's a pop radio list. P!nk has been a radio darling ever since the I'm Not Dead era. :wyd:

    It's a pop radio list, which hasn't played a Beyoncé song in ages. But good luck using this a receipt. Who cares about current touring gross, album sales, networth, single sales, streaming or stuff like that. It's pop radio that matters when it comes to power. Sure, sweetie... :tiffcackle:

    there it is :tiffcackle: just the reply i expected. Beyonce still fails to outsell Britney :queenflopga: and theres nothing you, or her overrated hype can do about it. Overall, britney sold 10 times more. 

  2. 20 minutes ago, Lilith said:

    well its her fault for cheating on him.What did she expect? Him turning and tell her "thank u britneyyy for cheating on meeeeee"? lmao :tiffcackle:
    He had every right to say and do anything he wanted. Britney cheated on him and he reacted, good for him. Britney didn't really learn her lesson as proven by her history after that though, I wonder when she's gonna learn :tiffcackle:

    that was a nice joke honey :tiffcackle: do you have more of those? :tiffcackle:

    omg lilith supporting another artist but Britney? in this case ANY other artist but britney? groundbreaking, shocking, outrageous, never seen before on this forum, miss me you envious cuntface:flawlessbye:

  3. On 10/18/2017 at 3:45 AM, puppylo16 said:

    I think as a man, it’s typical to say those things about your one night stand but she was more than that and it was ironic to go on camera to whine about how she broke his heart is so low as she never did that to him. 

    But that’s ok because the world recognizes how vile he is and to be honest, he really isn’t that big of a name compared to her. 


    indeed, the man is a c*nt and very vile. And what you said is true, her name is much bigger, she outsold him 10x and her singles charted better and sold better overall compared to his. Even tho he tried to bring her down as much as he could she still out-did him in everything, even with her complete collapse he still couldnt be even 40% of what she is, how sad :tiffcackle:

  4. 17 minutes ago, Livin4art said:

    really , on twitter for example her fans voted for anti as her best album and I heard many people who aren't even her fans that anti was amazing album although I agree with you , I wasn't so amazed when it's out , but it's better than most of the trash on the industry nowdays , she wasn't really trendy and I like it .... I hope she will make even more interesting album next and won't be the hit girl like she used to be from 2005-2012 because slowly it gets boring and she needs to bring her true art and signature like Madonna did with Ray Of light , Britney did with Blackout and Beyonce did with Lemonade ..... hopefully 

    I agree with all what you said :mhm: i like that shes testing the grounds and abandoning the mainstream every now and then :) its smart, all the big stars did it like you said, madonna brit and beyonce

  5. 2 hours ago, Livin4art said:

    Yeah besides Rihanna's never gonna do a country trash album, and so far she's never disappointed, plus she knows who to work with and always makes bops, although I would love to hear rihanna doing something more artsy and interesting 

    anti kind of was a let down, performance, sales and songs wise. She was high 90% of recording it and a good deal of her fanbase hates the album. So yeah she did disappoint but only once. I like her a lot :) 

  6. 46 minutes ago, Lilith said:

    I am legion
    I am yours
    I am ruthless
    I am torn
    I am Cesar
    I am sun
    I am human

    I am x10000 I am x200000
    yes let's feed some more Britney's egocentric personality :tiffcackle: Glad she didn't record it tbh, this sh!t ass song with those lyrics sounds like what 5-6 year old kids read in books to learn words :tiffcackle: "I am legion" "I am cat" "I am dog" "I am sun" "human" "Caesar salad" "momma" "daddy" "I am shitting my diaper" weeeeeE :tiffcackle:

    have fun with tik tik tik tik tik boom, tik tik tik tik tik tik boom, baby make me tik tik tik tik tik tik boom then because that sounds so good:flawlessbye: also why am i not surprised you found something to complain about? Are you ever satisfied with literally anything in your life? :orangu: its a tough life tbh

  7. So as some of you may know, Ina Wroldsen wrote and produced legion for Britney Jean, but the song was refused because they decided to change actual personal album into mainstream low trash :mhm: however i had to bring this song up because the lyrics are perfect for Britney, they are so heartfelt and literally speak of everything she's been through :otears: I wish she recorded, and I hope she record something like this in the future. 


  8. On 10/14/2017 at 1:42 PM, Livin4art said:

    "The song is your obvious EDM jam, and the video is pleasant to look at, but there's nothing extra special about it. Why is that problematic? If Anitta wants to break into the US mainstream music scene, she'll need something more creative than this. It's a good start."

    well who says that she wants to? She's successful in Brazil and it's not like the US is everything in the world, especially after they elected a white supremacist idiot lunatic man to be their president , America is a joke right now.... 

    ikr? I love how pretentious and self-centered americans are to think everyone wants to live in their sh!t hole land rn :gloria: For example the job i do atm granted me an american visa for a couple of years, I didnt go once cuz i couldnt care less about their land tbh. Nothing in it attracts me, whats there to see, brainwashed people who think they're unhappy unless they buy the newest phone/car, boring scyscrapers i can see even in African capitals, racists, white supremacists, terrorists (and by this i dont mean arabs but white shooters). Their country is such a mess, they are in such deep sh!t and are completely oblivious to it, everyone sees it but them. It's kind of fun to watch them struggle in their own sh!t like monkeys failing to realize where the problem is :tiffcackle:

  9. Does anyone even realize how bad her dancing is lately? She cut off all the somewhat difficult choreo, right now she is literally just walking, shaking hips and moving arms, that's literally something 90% of people are doing, it honestly pisses me off how LITTLE effort she puts in everything she does, bitch if you dont feel like being an artist fucking retire I swear to god this makes me furious. Stop trying to milk peoples money by mediocre everything, and at one point not even singing on your own album (like how fucking dare you tbh). She is destroying her legacy, her fanbase, and everything else, im done with how lil she gives a f**k lately.