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  1. i'll be expecting you in my PM
  2. Glad we agree on this very crucial matter sexy
  3. i feel like just luv me would go way better with this tho and they look as if they're twins are they in a twincest relationship? i wanna see their porn tbh
  4. omg what
  5. this is so sad some uncultured swine, with no emotions, from some caved fucked up country comes to the land of the free and kills someone so full of life, culture, enthusiasm and positivity, such a great human why is this happening
  6. this. She doesn't sell that well in English speaking countries, that's why she should have one date for uk and one for Australia, and then several dates for continental Europe, she could sell there really well. In most western and eastern european countries Glory charted really well people still like her
  7. Yas educate the fetus im so proud of you tbh hunty I'll do the same
  8. when will pomney
  9. when will all the other prophets