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  1. Vocals that are not completely drowned after two whole albums and singles where you could barely hear or recognize her voice. Clear vocals and obviously hers throughout the entire album not digitally disorted
  2. When were you over Britney's Las Vegas residency?

    tbh i hated it from the beginning, the idea of it pissed me off. And after she announced shes extending (counting till 3 more years ) i literally unfollowed her ass from instagram for how pissed i was
  3. As much as we hate it, her breakdown is a part of her legacy now, its a big part of her career and her life, it was too public and huge to simply be forgotten like that. Either way, most of the media use it in terms of comparison to how much she progressed and how healthy and happy she is rn, so i dont mind tbh. There are some vile pigs who use her breakdown to humiliate her even nowadays, but those are 1 in 100
  4. Remember when this was her wikipedia photo?

    omg im gonna have to find a way to change it tbh
  5. other fanbases can't say britney is flop

    Waiting for that lunatic to enter this thread and cause chaos gonna give us a taste of that scizophrenia
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