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  1. nah hes pretty huge in Asia all of his songs are big there
  2. all the Britney fans are Millenials millenials are people born in the 90's, maturing and having adult life in the new century. This lil sh!t is obviously born after 2000
  3. I thought this song would be amazing but the released version is mediocre as f**k and it pissed me off yg destroyed a versatile mature group such as 2ne1 and gave us this generic thing in return f**k them tbh.
  4. That bitch shaded Britney at least 10 times, I dont give a flying f**k about her birthday f**k her
  5. omg why am i not pregnant, gurl im running late my eggs are ancient
  6. idk what she did when she was 24 tbh was that when she released toxic?
  7. The album is pure sh!t but her team went out of their way to make the #1 debut happen, so hats off to them. Watch and learn team incapable (britneys)
  8. If you seek amy toxic womanizer 3 work bitch
  9. I know that I was slayed into pieces, I was so happy they made it a single. When the music video came out i felt so empowered tbh, she was so badass i replayed the song all day, i was so impressed and fascinated by her, the song, the lyrics, I fell in love even more with her. She gave out such a badass vibe it slayed me into pieces. I was so proud of her and of being her fan, I remember crying because she came back, she didnt die, she didnt become mental, she got back and stood her ground Ill never forget POM and the feeling when it came out, thank you queen. How about you bitches? Tell me how blown away you were also give this flawless bop some views while you're at it