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  1. if your child tells you to stop doing something (clapping in this case) and you are effin 36 and your child is 6, and you obey to a child's command, what kind of mother does that make you? A mother with no authority whatsoever, a mother who can't point out the roles in their relationship. She's the mum, Ivy is the kid. In this case its very obvious blue ivy has everything she wants, materialistic and other wise. If i told my mum to stop clapping she would look at me, ignore my stupid statement and continue doing it. Why? Cuz i would be a lil s--t who was born 6 years ago and have no idea about anything and shes 30 years older
  2. Definitiely IUSA i love slutney her makeup is flawless, her body is amazing, i just love the concept of the entire video so much its simply amazing, and shes singing how everyone wants to f**k her which is absolutely true who wouldnt wanna f**k sucha flawless creature