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  1. YES I just paid off my pre-order, I'm SO excited
  2. Fair enough LMAO but I’m also referring to more of the content itself and overall reception
  3. BOMT = NES (Success, Established both as forces) OIDIA = SNES (Massive Success, Pushed both into the spotlight) Britney = N64 (Excellent but slight decline in success, pushed new boundaries) ITZ = GBA/DS (Expanded both into new audiences/helped them grow) Blackout = Gamecube (fan favorite, hidden gems) Circus = Wii (Massive success, large library, return to the top) Femme Fatale = 3DS (Success, slightly dated but still good) Britney Jean = Wii U (Do I even need to explain) Glory = Switch (Return to the top, amazing, etc.) Pretty weird coincidences happening...