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  1. Britney songs not in 4/4 time

    I almost understood this but don't. When I do the counts during a song, it doesn't fit.
  2. Have We Reached the end of her Career?

    I'm fine with it if she wants to retire. What else can she do in the pop world? It would just be the same thing but promoted in a new way. She's healthy and happy these days. She's always depressed, lonely, confused or just had happy moments when she was in her prime. Fame is fake. She knows it.
  3. Ideas for B10

    Scooter Braun as her manager during the whole next era.
  4. I believe it tbh....also, Simone Battle --i wonder what happened there. So sad.
  5. She has to be and sound unique to stand out. Otherwise nothing is going to happen no matter pretty she is and no matter how amazing she dances.
  6. She looks like Selena q. in those pics
  7. Would you rather

    Pharrell. I love sugarfall. Also love his song "feels" with Calvin Harris
  8. Make Me... Mv hits 50M Views

    I saw about two minutes of it. Wonder if that counted as one view?
  9. Britney's body is click-bait. They could've gotten more views on the Slumber party and make me videos if they chose better thumbnails.
  10. She's cute...from x factor right?
  11. Bloodshy & Avant >>> Max Martin...

    Bloodshy & avant / miike snow / galantis or whatever they go by now are my favorite producers Britney has ever worked with even though I LOVE MAX MARTIN-NEY even in femme fatale. Sugarfall Freakshow Piece of me Toxic How I roll Alllllll amazing.
  12. Bloodshy & Avant >>> Max Martin...

    I agree but Max Martin is the king of teen pop classics. Baby one more time & Oops I did it again are amazing.
  13. Britney has been looking better , so much better, this year... I'm glad she's with him. It's a healthy relationship she enjoys.
  14. She looks amazing and not like jokerney. The soundtrack with painting is just awesome. Artistney
  15. She looks so good. Her face too...her lips look normal!!