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  1. dear team b: is it difficult...?

    This is a great idea
  2. It's awkward because it was alllllll about her, britney Spears , past, present n future, fakeness or too personal...she was over it all yet had to do a documentary. and people wonder why she has issues.
  3. Awesum! Piece Of Me hits 100 million views

    Easily one of her best songs ever. The production, lyrics and her delivery.
  4. I liked the performance a lot. just wish "make me" had more to it, or maybe if she did a more upbeat song.
  5. Why is everybody here so anti Vegas residency?

    I just wish she did 4-5 singles with amazing videos and promoted the albums she puts out properly--creatively! Vegas is just whatever...I don't even know what to think of it. I don't even really want to see her. I just want to buy her albums and have her be successful because I know her albums will always be the best pop albums out. I wish she did amazing music videos still too.
  6. Miley: "Britney, you are everything to me!"

    Another duet plz
  7. She's allowed to say that, we all have regrets. I bet Britney regrets things that a lot of fans probably love.
  8. Yes. Although it wasn't like any of her other first singles...there was so much hype right after the 2003 vmas then the song came out and it was cool but not epic Britney Spears first single level cool. The rest of the album was way better. Anyway, not sure why the album debuted so low
  9. I hope it's pop and big budget
  10. Because of Me Against the music among other things
  11. Choose the best flop fan moment

    Lmao!! Btw who is the in gif getting slimed