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  1. Yes the internet is harsh, I avoid pages like the Daily Mail etc. for this very reason but it's still an extreme shame to see it on what is supposed to be a fan page. I even saw a little snippet on twitter someone had taken a picture of out of a magazine and posted that had a picture of Britney at the game and said 'Cruel fans criticised her looks' - so it's that bad that even a magazine picked up on the fact it was a huge amount of fans trashing her. Again, not intending the misogynistic comment at you but there certainly are a huge amount of grossly misogynistic comments in this thread, for some people in here I don't know if they'll be satisfied unless she leaves the house with a bag on her head or something. It's just a huge shame to see the main source of this vitriol coming from people who call themselves fans; instead if they are that angered or upset about the state of her looks/career they should just move on.