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  1. If britney wants to look a bit younger  and better in photos

    1. Stop with the heavy dark smokey eye shadow

    2. Relax with the botox , she still young just use some wrinkle cream. If she wants botox fine but too much makes anyone look odd

    3. Stop doing her hair curly wavy  with so much extension,straight hair makes anyone look younger and alive

    4. Dont show teeth when smiling because when she does the akward fake smile. A simple playful grin would be good enough

  2. 2 hours ago, popprison said:

    Lol I'm glad she didn't. But it's not a big deal because people are much less clothed on their Instagram these days so..

    she kinda did get nude for her mv like toxic and the cover of rolling stone though which it pretty much the same thing


    2 hours ago, Itachi said:

    umm the article says that they wanted her but really willing to pay as much as she wanted

    but idk if this article is correct because access hollywood says they didn't offer her to pose then but would love to have her when she gets her life in control and better