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  1. 39 minutes ago, prettylittleliar_2214 said:

    They need to reveal her thigh and butt workouts as well. I remember reading that she did 1000 crunches a day so I did them too. That article brought back some great childhood memories. 

    Crunches just make your abs stronger and bigger but if you still have fat around your midsection it wouldnt matter, thats what I know :ineedthetruth:

  2. 40 minutes ago, December02 said:

    Can you imagine the hype? But wouldn't she be rehearsing right now if she was doing it? I'm guessing that JT would have her if she wanted to do it, but I really doubt that she wants that level of exposure at this point. 

    If she just the special guest she would only rehearse for like a week pior with him like most special guest

  3. 5 minutes ago, claug326 said:

    Didn't a Beyonce fan site say she was working with her on something? Maybe it was how to plan a proper surprise release without leaks?

    It's a stretch I know.

    Probably her tbh cause her overrated ass is performing at coachella soon and I doubt they would waste a  opportunity like that