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  1. The mid tempos as singles have never worked for her so what do you guys want? Tbh make me left me underwhelmed as well
  2. i need a legendary song like this on b10

    Am 20 and thats the first time am listening to that song no shade
  3. Adam Rippon talking about Britney

    Idk if I like him or not

    I dont even think a club banger is needed just something up beat ps although I do perfer a club banger
  5. Slave 4 U is vevo certified!

    Its cause it was Beyonce. She could wear a garbage bag and people would praise her and call her queen Right! Genius! Cause this you deserve a vma for best video for this basic ass s--t with two step moves
  6. Slave 4 U is vevo certified!

    ABOUT TIME!! ITS THE BEST MUSIC VIDEO OF ALL TIME!!!!!! Ps. Cant believe Kanye thought single ladies was a better video and best music video of all times. Its a music video of three women in leoptards in a backdrop and in black and white. heck i dont even like taylor but her music video did deserve that award beyonce overrated af
  7. POP EMERGENCY: BURNS is working on B10!

  8. BURNS is working on B10?

    Make me tbh left me underwhelmed tbh
  9. I wanted the kenzo hat ! :nydisgust:

    1. mauureee
    2. BritintheZone


      I just finally brought the hat :snarky: am so happy