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  1. A paparazzi talks about hus stories with Britney Based on the years you spent as a paparazzo, I assume you had some experience with Britney Spears? As that was around the time of her 'breakdown' which brought on a major media frenzy. Tell me everything about her! 22 Matingas • 3y oh god... Yep. She was indeed crazy. I tried hitting on her with the fantasy that I would be in someday and I was just 21... What can I say that hasn't been said before? The camera I used when I switched agencies was the very same one that took the picture of her shaving her head and her vagina. My boss was like "this camera and I have been through a lot, break it and you are fired." (He was half kidding and I loved that D3) My first jobs as a pap was Britney. She did randomly talk in British accents and was widely unpredictable. It was always a mess with sh!t tons of people trying to get pictures. One time she drove around in circles in a parking lot as 20 pap cars followed her. She would park, pretend to get out of the car, all the paps would jump out, but then she would just get in again and drive around the parking lot. This pap told me a story that one day they were outside her house waiting for her. When she decided to come out and invite all the paps inside for a BBQ and a party but with no cameras. They obliged and went inside her house where she went to a different room. He said she then went to a different room and when she came back asked wtf they were doing there and called security to kick them out. He also said that he went inside a room that had random sex toys and sh!t smeared on the walls. THIS IS NOT MY STORY. Just a story I heard when house sitting some place else. After her breakdown I saw her at LAX a couple of times. She always seem faded, almost robotic as her handlers took her through security and put her on her plane. Edit: I actually already wrote about Britney on my blog and tell the stories there of when I saw her. and https://matingas.com/2012/10/16/skipping-ahead-entry-3/
  2. May be stupid and useless but it doesn't hurt to try. https://www.change.org/p/rca-records-britney-spears-rca-records-release-a-third-single-from-glory PS. Don't just be negative in the comments and I didnt make it , saw it on twitter
  3. Want to admit it or no it was iconic. Iconic for all the wrong reasons but it was. We cant just try to act like it didnt happen NO Paris- Regina (backstab Lindsay and got them all to meet, kinda the leader) Lindsay - Gretchen (just followed but got angry at paris) Britney- Caty or Karen ( lost, naive )
  4. CAUSE IT WAS ICONIC! and she was already in a bad path sweetie. I even think she met Paris in a club (dont bookmark me)
  5. The hate on my husband Enrique I cant ! Just look at him
  6. I know, thats why its black and white to hide the photoshopped. However its very good photoshopped and it looks nice
  7. just playing, love them
  8. Wasnt Lindsay more famous than Paris tho?
  9. From what I remember she was already down a bad path. And she only really hung out with them for like 3 times
  10. Thats definitely her with that messy bun and unique fashion
  11. Call me a britard but
  12. You're right I meant to say" longer hair"