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  1. Enrique Iglesias Ariana Grande Clavin Harris Martin Garrix Diplo
  2. Yeah but not for a costume on stage maybe for a photoshoot
  3. And she most famous/known because she is paid by taylor swift to act like shes in her squad
  4. Are yall still giving original poster cups? Cause if soo wheres my ?!?
  5. I like it! kinda simple but sometimes simple its fine.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/radiodisney/status/857310438819852292 Haliee Steinfield, Kelsea Ballerini and Sofia Carson will performed a medley of Britney Hits
  7. I dont trust radar unless it has something to do with a fight or some nudes leaking(they always have them )
  8. She the legendary miss Britney Spears ofc they follow her but not as many as before . The most like 5 now unlike before there was like 40 . Plus she lives in a gated community i believe so they arent allow in. Everytime she travels somewhere we gets pap pictures cause she not in her gate community
  9. Her and her team - over it 80 % gp- over it 40%
  10. Unless she is doing an cheek to cheek (classical jazz lg album) then no
  11. No thanks Beyonce is only successful because her huge fanbase, media overating her and all the people who she pays. And tbh her singles dont do that well. Her last number one was in 2008.
  12. I would interested to watch her 2001 performance better. I personally think its her most iconic performance and I just love the song
  13. Sooo sad R.I.P ps. Is that his husband? Cause if so why cant they just write husband? Is it cause its a gay relationship and people are still not comfortable