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    Regina George: 120 calories and 48 calories from fat. What percent is that?
    Gretchen Weiners: Um..48 into 120?
    Regina George: I'm only eating foods with less than 30% calories of fat.
    Cady Heron: It's 40%. Well, 48 over 120 equals x over a 100 and then you cross multiply and get the value of x.
    Regina George: Whatever. I'm getting cheese fries.

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  1. First of all... DJ Khaled and DJ Mustard ARE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE! Second of all... The only thing that needs stepping up is your sentence structure, spelling and general knowledge of the music industry...
  2. NOOO! I requested GM at the club and the DJ actually played it and EVERYONE got up and danced, if I played MM or SP the majority would not know what it is, everyone was like IT'S BRITNEY BITCH and slut dropping I screamed and gagged
  3. I think the major change is from when and after she was pregnant to having children. The saying is true, you really do give a piece of yourself to your own children, she lost a part of herself and we saw it, but maybe it was just because she had kids and was such a loving mom?
  4. If I were Britney I would pay her original makeup artist 1 Million dollars just to come back so that Primeney can be reincarnated
  5. My theory is JIVE was run by people who wanted a big payout, don't know if they ever got it? But Labels like Capitol, Sony etc would never sell cause they have staying power, JIVE/ZOMBA was all about the new pop wave and probably wanted to sell big idk Anyway they were not built to last and that's that...
  6. This song is actually timeless I have grown a love for it recently, I love the part I'm so hooked on it hooked on it, you want you want it, your so good on a GoOOD dayyy, Sugarfall, your sugarfall - pretty much the entire song actually is SO addicting Do you know what I think would be a good release of this song? Candy Crush - like can you imagine how popular the song would be if they released it on that game, it would be huge and TEAM BRITNEY if you are reading, please do this tbh
  7. Martin Garrix is a one trick pony - get back to me in 10 years see how he's doing
  8. I LOVED Mermaidney - especially when she did the high ponytail
  9. When will any other pop bitches look like a combination of Cleopatra, Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe