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    Regina George: 120 calories and 48 calories from fat. What percent is that?
    Gretchen Weiners: Um..48 into 120?
    Regina George: I'm only eating foods with less than 30% calories of fat.
    Cady Heron: It's 40%. Well, 48 over 120 equals x over a 100 and then you cross multiply and get the value of x.
    Regina George: Whatever. I'm getting cheese fries.

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  1. Um no imagine this. If Primeney, even starting at Bomtney came on the scene in 2012 when Instagram was around and began her 4 year annihilation of pop music, iconic performances and overall stunning beauty she would be the biggest star in the world even now amassing somewhere in the realm of 200-250 million Instagram followers. Like can you imagine the Instagram posts from Primeney? She would literally break the record for most likes every time she posts a photo. After all, the only iconic thing Selena has achieved is her Instagram followers and even Britney has a more interesting stream than she does...
  2. First of all the fact that she only did a European/American tour for Femme Fatale was criminal. Secondly, she hasn't been to some Asian country's for almost a decade and if I hear one more American say oh it would be boring, how about you try living in Australia where she hasn't been for 8 years and tickets to American cost 11 million dollars. Thirdly, it may or may not be the last time she tours Asia/Oceania so how about you walk a mile in our shoes? Didn't think so. We are thirsty for ANYTHING rn
  3. Music by themselves if anyone wants to watch xxx
  4. How can anyone not like this music is saved I was waiting for a 2017 bop! Wish it were just Nicki tho
  5. Uh hate to break it to ya'll but Iggy already tried it tbh
  6. Very good, thank-you. You have given me what I wished for. I shall leave if that is what you wish for.
  7. Wherever you learnt how to talk like that or how to talk to other people like that, it's wrong. So uncouth and immature. You literally can't have a conversation without reading into someone stating they are "brainwashed" and imbued with conspiracy theories. Talking as if you know someone or just guessing things about someone you are talking to is not a good habit and you need someone to check you on that because if I'm not gonna tell you, some day, someone will tell you or something worse could happen. Also telling someone they are not good at something in comparison to your personal experience shouldn't even be something that you utter because life is objective and everyone has an entirely different life experience so your opinion on how I should "drag" someone doesn't even apply to me. Particularly when my intention was never to drag you, I'm literally just trying to restore harmony in this mess you call a thread...
  8. The fact that you are speaking about a stranger as if you know something without even looking at them says it all. You cannot assume judgement on a human being by just analyzing what they are saying. That is a flawed argument and we both know, you don't know me. I will calmly and level-headedly explain to you that attacking someone over what they are choosing to say is (1) immature, (2) inexperienced and (3) facetious. The reason I'm so concerned over this discussion might be because I'm trying to explain things to someone who is making childish remarks and choosing to insult me personally which is a sign of lower brain function.
  9. First of all I am not going to attack you because I am of a mature age. Secondly, I have sound comprehension, post replies and threads that make perfect, logical sense and I don't have to use analogies and metaphors to get my point across, something you have yet to achieve... Thirdly, if this post was meant for a pop forum then why did you post it in THE BRITNEY SPEARS FORUM section. Why didn't you post it in General? Why didn't you post it on A.TRL or a generalized pop forum that would satisfy your requirements for you point of view?
  10. The celebrity isn't the priority it is the intention of you using a FAN website properly that is the priority and you used Beyonce to belittle Britney's success and achievements in a post after your original post. BTW I enjoyed your original post BUT, if I may be so presumptuous, it then became clear to me that it was an illusion for a fan to, yet again, tear another female down by minimizing the success of another female. And this was done on the person's fan website that was being disparaged. Seems a bit backwards doesn't it? Lastly, I am not focusing on being hurt. I'm not hurt by your statements. I just do not believe that they should be voiced here and of course I am going to be defensive when a fan chooses to betray the trust that we have in the army.
  11. You literally just edited your post, look at my quotation for receipts of your dud gifs... Learn how to use a forum properly and not perpetuate disassociation in a community that celebrates Britney Spears' achievements and life... You are clearly on the wrong website, time for you to get your priorities straight.
  12. Why are you even here? You clearly don't even know how to post gifs that load....
  13. literally sounds so amazingly good! I can't wait for new music not just a feature or collab from her like with Royksopp, La Bagatelle Magique or Mr. Tophat