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    Regina George: 120 calories and 48 calories from fat. What percent is that?
    Gretchen Weiners: Um..48 into 120?
    Regina George: I'm only eating foods with less than 30% calories of fat.
    Cady Heron: It's 40%. Well, 48 over 120 equals x over a 100 and then you cross multiply and get the value of x.
    Regina George: Whatever. I'm getting cheese fries.

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  1. i will be sis don't you worry bout that! I will be screaming them high notes if she doesn't!
  2. I am excited for the vocals I'm not going for the show, more her vocals you make a good point, Ariana is not known for her props, more the voice imo
  3. really? what happened?
  4. Yes bitches, which one of you will I see in Melbourne on September 5th? I AM SO EXCITED I HAVE BEEN WAITING! I can't wait I am so keen I'm screaming YAAAAAAAAAAAAAASS BITCH