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  1. Her best single since Work Bitch.
  2. I can't believe she wouldn't have a sneaky look at her fan sites inbetween googling pictures of corn and rainbows.
  3. She never worked with Rihanna, she just phoned her nasally vocals in.
  4. I am not a short Mexican man
  5. Brit legit causes the death of everyone's career she works with. Tinashay, G-Eazy, Itchy Areola, Will.I.Not, Miley Cyrus, Sabi...
  6. https://instagram.com/p/BQZWlgFFyhp/ Neyde strikes again
  7. The drought of 2014. Poor you
  8. Femme Fatale is #29 & TSC is #26 in Sri Lanka Glory is #114 in Mexico. ...Baby One More Time is #7 in Ghana. Get those sleeper hits Brit!
  9. Did we ever think BJ would beat Glory's WW sales?
  10. Gonna flop harder than CTTR