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  1. 11 minutes ago, indyRS said:

    Plus, didn't she get sick in the helicopter right before? She looks flushed in that picture. That could contribute.

    I adores her face here! In 2013. She did the Ellen Show and right after, flew to Vegas for this.


    Ugh I'm so sad we never got to see her perform with this face in Vegas!! She looked so good in 2013 then right when vegas was about to begin she got some work done and gained a little weight :kyliecry:

  2. 2 minutes ago, Hypnotherapy said:

    So true. She looked great and production rocked, but this is the definition of going through the motions. There's ZERO joy in the performance. Though I think it's slightly better than cocaine fueled Duracell bunny Brit we have at the minute.

    SHDBDKNDW SHSISKMSND cocaine fueled Duracell bunny :cackling:  (kinda true)

  3. 1 hour ago, Dark.Knight said:


    most fans like this one but for me it looks like a wax figure that could go flammable at any point

    (it was a good interview though)

    She did look very plasticy here but I LOVE the look. Usually I hate her messy hair but it looked cute in the ponytail. I also think britney always looks great in shirts that go up high. Very mature. 

  4. 48 minutes ago, Serving Britney Realness said:





    Ok, she actually looked cute in the GMA 2013 interview. She was just too tan and she needed a darker lipstick cause the pink wasn't cute on the tan skin. In motion though she looked good I thought, that's just a bad pic. If she was as fit as she is now too she woulda looked even better.