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  1. Hey so this isn't britney related but no one checks general so yeah anyway I've been talking to this guy for the past 2 months and I REALLY liked him but there was just something that was keeping me from liking him all the way and it was really hard for me to deal with cause I wanted to put myself in it 100% but I couldn't. And this was while dealing with really bad anxiety/depression so it's overall been a really bad two months. I ended up calling things off with him and said we should just be friends. He was actually ok with it cause he had my best interests and heart and wanted me to get better. But I'm super depressed about the whole matter cause he was so perfect and I wanted to love himmmmm. I just came here for support and advice cause I love y'all :crying1:

  2. 4 hours ago, vnisverx said:

    I'm confused about whichever part of whatever video that is triggering in whatever way.

    Okay so. The VMA commercial is triggering because it reminds me of how hyped I was when I saw it and then well we got her performance. Got it? :jlostare:


    On 5/17/2017 at 0:18 PM, vnisverx said:

    "Delete this thread"? Triggering?  :tiffeyeroll: :tiffeyeroll: :tiffeyeroll:

    Yes, triggering. Because the commercial was epic and the performance was a mess. Which part are you confused about babe :ponderney:

  4. On 5/14/2017 at 3:52 AM, Brit 97 said:

    Let's compare a good photo from 2012 and a good one from now







    Currentney definitely wins for me. 2012 had its good days but now she has got back more of her look I think.. the problem now is the shitty shitty make up they do to her. 2017ney looks even better than 2016ney and 2015ney (go and watch photos when she has no make up or a bit of make up), but omg even even the RDMA makeup didn't good in my opinion 

    so far 2016ney is hotter than 2017ney. Shes lowkey been a bit messy this year. She also hasnt had as many red carpet looks tho

  5. 3 hours ago, Play Time Is Over said:

    I myself remember the hive shook on twitter when she was announced and they were all scared, britney at her best shits on beyonce at her best. Deal. We were all expecting a shocking performance, if beyonce can do well, why cant BRITNEY SPEARS who is better but less determinated. 

    Plus by the way you're hiding away from facts, you must like her and if you like her then you KNOW how determinated beyonce is and how she'd skip nights of sleep if needed in order to outshine Britney Spears, who is someone she saw the media putting miles in front of her during most of her career. Beyonce fired her cousin in order to get a team to take her to the next nevel lol. Even blackmailed mtv to get an award, and kanye west aka her biggest fan said it himself, video proof. 

    Anyways lets not argue cause of this, most of her fans were worried about Britney performing because Britney is THE vmas face. And in 2007 britney had a worldwide shocking performance which was more talked about than all beyonces performances in the vmas doubled and trippled.:staysalty:

    Well we're all entitled to our opinions :forkit: but this isn't 2007 anymore. Anyways, yes let's not argue let's stick together SISTRENS :queenriri:

  6. 37 minutes ago, Girl On The Moon said:

    This pathetic girl is only saying this for her 3 mins of fame. Why is it always so easy for some of you "fans" to believe the worst about Britney, but not the good things?

    This Jillian girl is talking out of her ass and jumping in the 'i'm so rad for talking sh!t about Britney' bandwagon.

    She had no direct access to Britney, she had no way of knowing this about her. 

    I mean is it not believable? Lol britney barely spoke on the live shows and we know how awk she can be. Why is "fans" in quotations as if it makes us less than if we believe something slightly negative about her? Perhaps we just aren't delusional :staysalty: love you tho peace and blessings 

  7. 5 hours ago, Play Time Is Over said:

    Honey... they were. Everyone was shook and scared, SPECIALLY beyonce's fans. Until then EVERY britney performance in the vmas had been hugely shocking and stole the entire spotlight from the show, if Britney and her team took it serious, no one would remember beyonce had performed. If the performance had been on 2001's level, a LOT of things wouldve changed. 

    Gorl NO. Britney hasnt had a solid, memorable tv performance since like literally 2003 lmao i HIGHLY doubt beyonce fans thought she was gonna somehow pull out some 2001 magic. Plus people simply dont care about britney as much anymore. People were looking for Bey tbh :forkit:  Maybe katy kats and monsters were worried lol but NOT the hive. stay woke sweety :staysalty:

  8. 3 hours ago, Play Time Is Over said:

    That performance was sooo plain it was a shame... even the GP was hyped for it (for the first time they gave a crap about Britney in almost a decade). She shouldn't have performed there and saved the performance for a future ICONIC one. So the she hasnt performed since 2007 thing would still be huge, since that and the fact that all britneys performances there had a huge impact got everyone crazy. Even the 1999 one was more impactful. And dont u say that it helped Make Me going #2 in itunes, it was the carpool karaoke (which was also a mess, could've been wayyy better). Her team didnt take it serious enough, they took her to those places and allowed her to have such a crappy performance and didnt even properly explain to her what CK was. YALL the glory era was her chanceee, the hive, the monsters, the katycats were all SHOOK and SCARED. Everyone thought she was gonna smash. She shouldn've done the promo if it was for that. Now we cant even say that she flopped cause of no promo. She flopped cause of bad promo but people forget about that...

    The other fanbases were NOT "shook and scared" lmao do you really think Beyoncé fans were worried?! I agree with the rest of your statement tho :queenriri:

    Also: This video is extremely triggering for me plz someone delete this thread