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  1. I dont understand why her team pushed her to do this????? Like she clearly did NOT want to be there lmao who said this was a good idea? I would do anything to see what happened behind the scenes. Like did britney actually maybe WANT to do it? why was she so lethargic and nonchalant during the performance? did no one step in and say "britney its gonna be a sh!t show if you perform this way during the real performance???" so many questions!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. my favorite verse on the WHOLE ALBUM IS FROM INVITATION.


    i know this might seem crazy, but imma put you in this blindfold


  3. Yes. I agree with the consensus that a lot of her music is a bit "soulless". When artists release albums, I listen to them and think "wow, i can totally relate to this" and "damn you can really feel their emotions and how it relates to their lives". With britney though, i dont really sense a connection between her and her songs. Its like she was given the song and said oooo I like that and recorded it and that was it. I would die for an album where we hear her raw vocals and emotions, like we did with everytime and her earlier albums. I jsut want to feel like she cares about her music.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Goku said:

    i'm so thirsty for new music, new interviews and new photoshoots :crying2:

    YES. I was just thinking today about how I want new photoshoots. And a new album would be amazing. I remember how happy I was listening to Glory for the first time. Having 10-15 new britney songs is always the BEST feeling life has to offer :tysm:

  5. 2 hours ago, really really cool guy said:

    I miss heels too...she looks hot in them:



    Or boots like these:



    Even the baggy boots she wore in 2016 would work but the socks must be scrapped asap :lessons:

    the only issue with heels is that its hard for her to dance. Not that she does it much but yeah lmao love these

  6. 53 minutes ago, MissKnee said:

    Those sock things make her look like she has hooves:mcorangu:

    I JUST WHEEZED :cuteneylaugh:


    but in response to the question: im so sick of  seeing her in boots. Its so TIRED now. Either some nice sneakers that arent super chunky or heels like she did in the circus tour

  7. LMD was a bop but so generic. That repetitive chorus :snarky: Dont get me wrong, I love britney and her catalogue, but i would truly love it if she went for something actually mature sounding for once. Not just songs about sex. Sex as a topic isnt even a bad thing, but just make it more her age. Shes about to be 36 (37?) and she really needs to evolve her image. the whole bonde pop girl image is so TIRED. ok sorry i went on a rant lol

  8. Ok so this is random, but its something that has been on my mind for so long. Britney would look so HOT if she started wearing high-waisted clothing. Its in style rn (and has been for a while) and would show off her body so much more! She loves wearing low waisted jeans and it bothers me so much because thats such an early 2000's thing. She has the best body in the game rn but she doesnt know what to wear to show it off :tear: anyway i love her, just venting :snarky: