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  1. The ONLY reason why it's not a classic yet is because Britney has NEVER acknowledged it.
  2. John Early sings My only wish on TV

    This song needs to be a classic like Mariah's song!
  3. No, I have balls. I stood by my Queen at her lowest.
  4. "Britney is over" "why is she so irrelevant?" "GP doesn't respect ha" K hoes, k.
  5. Beyonce is a fan of Britney, long before Blackout. When she and her husband attended POM, it's been reported she was singing along to songs like Oops, POM and MATM. So, yeah, she likes POM.
  6. The chemestry they had especially at the end was SLAYAGE
  7. Yes, it's been reported during POM, Beyonce was most excited when she performed MATM.
  8. Oops | SNL - Live vocals

    Her old face.
  9. Miley: "Britney, you are everything to me!"

    actually, it would be the first one, the other one was Myah
  10. YAAAAAAAAAAS CAMILA! Real Friends slays me!
  11. 1 Britney (kween of life, air, and Instagram) 2 Camila Cabello (Cuban kween, flawless music, original style) 3 Mariah Carey (kween of Christmas, flawless vocals, my first concert ever by an American/international act)
  12. Sam is only 23?

    I'm sorry! You'll meet other handsome and sweet men!
  13. Sam is only 23?

    Girl, it's a good thing he is not showing you anything, it means he's not a player. He doesn't play with people's feelings for his own amusement, so that's a good thing. Stay away from him, that's someone else's man. Let it sink in and move on, I know it'll hurt, I've been there too, move on with your life now, trust me, you don't wanna start a relationship with a taken man, he will NEVER ever be yours! You'll be nothing but a side dish for him, and you'll play by HIS rules, it's a losing game and it will damage you forever. Move on for your own sake.