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  1. Stfu. Obviously, after the Weinstein scandal, we all know that ALL celebrities, no matter how "independent" they appear are controlled from clothes to what they say to who they thank. So, shut up.
  2. See? It's not about your success or talent, winning Awards and receiving promo is a GIVEN and you must play the game. Play along and they'll reward you, resist? They'll boycott you and destroy you. That's just wearing clothes, we're not even talking about saying NO to sex or such. Now you know why Brit's gotten radio-banned in the past (and still managed to sell millions of albums) and never won a Grammy (except for Toxic). She must've pissed off or bruised one of those inflated-ass ego-ed white and/orJewish PSYCHO men running the industry's egos. I'm proud of you, Britney.
  3. Your fave song from Ashanti?

    Mine: The Way That I Love You Rain on Me Only U Foolish Baby YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSS Queen! Better than Beyonka.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/BaLh4uvhEW4/?taken-by=noholdenback
  5. New outtake from... Peggy Sirotta?

    For some reason, I read it Piggy Girls.
  6. Britney is enjoying life

    She's also not a brand. Beyonce and the others make MONEY off of their Instagram accounts, even that is a business for them. Britney doesn't give a f**k.
  7. "Me Against The Music" turns 14

    MATM is a now a teenager!
  8. I feel like she's a huge fan of Brit but her label wanted to market her as the "anti-Britney" so she was just doing as she was told.
  9. Havana is STUNNING!! Her performance in Jimmy Fallon was great! She's pretty, a good performer, sounds good, writes her music, her songs are catchy AF so far (OMG is great too, CYITC too, etc). I sometimes listen to these young singers but I was never into one of them the way I am with this pretty little Cuban! She has potential to become the next big thing! I see you, Camila!
  10. What the creativity is going on?
  11. She's slaying Itunes with Havana, actually. Doing much better than FH.
  12. My friend (who goes to UCLA and studies Popular Culture) had an internship at a big record label told me that the industry is run by evil men who worship Satan and control everything and she knows I stan for Brit, she told me that she's been told that the men in charge didn't like Britney and Justin together because they truly loved each other and anything that is love-related is Godly, so it had to end. They were also promoting the image of a virginal couple in love, that wasn't the image the people in charge wanted them to promote. It wasn't sexual enough, too clean, pure and Godly. They are all for torture and pain, they had Justin in a secret meeting and offered him a solo contract with major promo and PR stuff, in return he and Britney had to be over. He agreed. She told me the one who told her, the whistle-blower, so to speak, told her that Justin regrets it, insiders say. But he did do it nevertheless, his Faustian Bargain. He had to sacrifice his love for Britney to prove it to them. It was pain and exposure for both of them, so the execs were happy. Since pain and torture were involved, and they have successfully destroyed a Godly love that united two people. She also told me that this happens to all couples that love each other in the music industry; Bieber and Selena too. That the couples that exist and are seemingly happy are not, they didn't even get to pick each other; they were told that they would be good with each other because the Satanic handlers get to pick YOUR partner for you, and it has to be an initiated member, someone from their circle. I am not saying that this is true, just repeating what I've been told and she sounds legit. She's been snap chatting her whole experience at the label! I always thought there was something very scary about the industry when Whitney said it was common for TV to manipulate the way some people look to influence public opinion? Or MJ talking about a "conspiracy," you know? This sounds believable. Thoughts?
  13. Promo for Picassoney on Ellen’s Instagram

    Where? What did he say?
  14. They probably sent him her way anyway.
  15. Kaya Jones from the Pussycat Dolls calls it the way it is. Satanism and sex slavery rules Hollywood and America. https://freedomforhumanity2016.wordpress.com/tag/hollywood-sex-slavery-exposed/