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  1. Crying in the Club was a hit. Havana is a smash.
  2. Joseph Khan comes for Britney

    He can get off Taylor Swift's non-existent d*ck now.
  3. Paris Hilton FB post

  4. Is anyone else getting tired?

    Yes. At least she doesn't play the game.
  5. Both on Itunes and on the World's official chart. I don't think she ever achieved this with 5H or solo. http://www.mediatraffic.de/tracks.htm Slay.
  6. How old is "too old" for dating?

    There are teachers that "date" their students. Disgusting, I know.
  7. Is anyone else getting tired?

    She did that during her Oops era and had pizza bought for everyone. She also said at a talk show that her mom invites fans over to their house.
  8. Is anyone else getting tired?

    I don't take Exhale seriously and my opinions are never influenced by this website anyway? But, yeah Britney's over it, she lost that passion. It's just a job for her now and I get it, she's done everything she wanted in her early twenties, now she just wants to be a mom and have a regular job that is convenient to her kids, school, and everything. Which is understandable, but can be disappointing to her fans. Oh well. However, I wouldn't want to be a fan of people like Beyonce or Taylor Swift tbh. Not into that kind of music or their personas, too commercial and fake.
  9. How old is "too old" for dating?

    Your friend must be very immature. What do you mean "can't"? You're practically the same generation. It's only 3 years for God's sake!