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  1. I know a very smart girl who got her academic career ruined because she said no to an old creep who was her professor and he wanted to have sex with her. That's only a professor, imagine people with more power or money.
  2. Hollywood and entertainment industry is filled with vultures and psychopathic old rich men. I'm sure some of them noticed how hot she was.
  3. Was a shitty concept to begin with.
  4. That must've been the official story.
  5. We love Jesus, no shade please!
  6. No, he's too Taylor Swift now. Let him be part of the past now. Plus, Perfume was awful.
  7. Interesting approach. But in other religions, Christianity is also viewed as Abrahamic. In Islam for instance, Jesus is considered a Prophet and is mentioned many times in the Holy Quran. I think Christianity in its essence is Holy but it's been hijacked throughout the years by occultist paganists. The Vatican is the worst!
  8. You wanna make headlines? You better befriend Cade and be named Britney Spears, Bitch!
  9. She's too much. Love her but girlfriend has a very poor taste in makeup and hair. She doesn't need much effort, all she has to do is keep things simple.
  10. Serious thread. It's always confused me. What does the Bible say? No opinions, just facts! Respectfully, please.
  11. Why is Hips Don't Lie so iconic?

    Why the Blasphemy tho?
  12. I'm so annoyed with Rihanna lately. So fucking annoying.
  13. Sam Smith on Britney