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  1. She's doing amazingly well, wtf are you talking about? And yes, she is a new artist.
  2. I love watching videos of Trisha eating food

    I always watch their eating videos at night when I'm hungry, cuz I like to torture myself, apparently!
  3. I love watching videos of Trisha eating food

    I feel like she's a sweet person, hypersensitive, and she's been abused by someone and/or many people. I watched many of her videos where she was depressed, she doesn't pretend, she's 100% herself. The things that any regular being would try to hide, she doesn't. She's genuine and people think it's lack of class, she just doesn't do the social fakeness that we all do. I wouldn't be that way in front of a camera for sure! But I would be that way with my BFFs! I would eat gross food and eat with my hands and all! She just does what we all do with the people we're comfortable with in front of a camera, which is very brave. I wish someone would be there for her. I like Shane too! Awww <3
  4. Poor soul, she's clearly not well, I wish I could be her friend and we could eat gross junk together and talk about life.. poor hunty needs a friend
  5. wtf enough of the Illuminati crap, people bowing down to Pyramids? A child telling people to "die already"??? GROSS!
  6. His singles aren't doing well, actually.
  7. France: Britney on 50 minutes inside

    I knew you'd come up with a clever response! Ily, hunty! And thanks for telling me about the whole TF1 situation, I mean I know that tv channels have agendas and biases like CNN is very liberal and Fox News is more conservative and both aren't credible whatsoever, but I'm much less informed about French TV. I'm from Tunisia, I've always watched France 2 and 5, ARTE, M6 and TF1, because that's just sth my family does, but it's solely for entertainment. Thanks for the information boo! Britney fans are full of surprises and are very, very intelligent.
  8. France: Britney on 50 minutes inside

    I remember that! But tbh, I enjoy watching TF1's shows, some of them at least, the fun ones. What are the serious reasons, tho? Can you tell me? Political views?
  9. I wouldn't be able to name ONE legend that did Vegas that was irrelevant or retired. Not a single one! Céline wasn't done for sure, Elvis, Elton, Shania, Mariah, Gaga, etc. Britney joined Vegas after having the biggest tour of that year in terms of grossing $! FF tour was bad but it was successful. FF album sold decently and had successful singles. BJ happened DURING Vegas. Britney never joined Vegas because she "flopped" that's such a myth! Vegas is not for retirement, only legends are able to secure shows there.
  10. Actually no, Justine. It means you're a good and responsible parent and you want to be there for your kids while having a career. You do things for your kids, not for your own. Selflessly. Not everyone is an adolescent, juvenile narcissist who wants to be adored by large amounts of people. Some people are just content with what they have, despite knowing that they can get way more than what they have, out of grace, not greed. But obviously, he wouldn't be able to understand that, he only does things for himself. I once saw an interview where his wife was talking about how proud she was of her role and what she did, and it was supposed to be about her, right? Then, he interrupted her only to say what HE helped her with. Unbelievable.
  11. When you're irrelevant you wouldn't be able to get a Vegas residency. Bye now.
  12. Kettie Perie is such a mess, I guess she hasn't done her Illuminati rituals well lately, so they're destroying her.
  13. France: Britney on 50 minutes inside

    yas Dunno tbh, but they said "now that her Vegas show is over what's next for the superstar?" sth like that
  14. I am watching a show on TF1 and during the commercial break they showed bits of tomorrow's 50 minutes Inside show and they will have a report about Britney.