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  1. Awwww Queen Banana! I think they're just praising Satan, the Serpent. Says a jealous Crocodile.
  2. I agree, he thinks it looks fierce.
  3. Lmao, look at her gossiping with the paps! Lilo had a one night stand with JT around that time.
  4. I can't, those same people now would be like "OMFG, did you see Beyonce's thong on stage? SLAYED! GO FEMINISM!!! GREAT role model for kids, sexual liberation and emancipation!!"
  5. It's been that way for the past 10 years?
  6. The one she presented on? Please, hunty.
  7. There are SB rumors all the time and they rarely ever confirm or deny anything categorically the way they just did.
  8. They rarely ever deny rumors and it's only July, WTF?
  9. Do you Britney to work with her again? They did BTI and GM together, nothing but smashers!
  10. She's famous in the Middle East, North Africa, and France. 6:13