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  1. Amazing! She’s serving great material this era!
  2. Was beautiful, Gaga is a true artist and I love the fact that she is so aware about what the world says about her. She doesn’t deny the fact that most people, including her fans, miss the old her and want her to go back but I also love the fact that she knows that she doesn’t want to be stuck in her old hits forever. She wants to evolve and grow. And that’s what differentiate her from her peers.
  3. ready not to be slayed... i’d rather see Rihanna do it or Taylor Swift...
  4. Not a fan at all. I kinda liked the last two songs but this one is literally try-hard, the production sounds amateur... she also comes out as bland in the song...
  5. Highlights: Katy Perry Kicks Off The Witness Tour

    But she never really got dragged and exposed for it... tho she probably is considered the biggest joke in the music industry
  6. Lady Gaga Is Writing Her Next Album With DJ White Shadow

    Pharrell? No thanks! He created the horrific Spark the Fire and so many bad songs... Gaga isn’t about working with famous producers...