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  1. 4 minutes ago, emand720 said:

    First, make sure he ACTUALLY has the better stems and isn't trying to scam you.

    Second, I think the ad-libs heard in the Slumber Party remix were unused in the actual song, much like how the acoustic version of Change Your Mind uses vocals not heard in the song.

    Lastly, LEAK PLEASE

    -The person in question sent previously unleaked snippets of them, and he's a trust-worthy source.

    -I know that but both remixes aren't official and are made with the stems of the songs.

    -I will once I get both. ;)

  2. 2 minutes ago, Million Billion said:

    I rarely talk about her unless someone brings her up. However, my friends and everyone knows I am a big fan so I only do it when they ask me for a song, a music video or something like that.

    I have friends obsessed with many other things like series, books and stuff and they can't keep their mouths shut for even 5 minutes so I don't want to look that annoying with Britney stuff, if they ask me I let the words come out like butterflies but if they just mentioned her I reply with brief answers ala Femme Fataleney :forkit:


  3. I need your help guys!

    I got in contact with someone who has the "Better" stems, and he agrees to share them with me if I give him the "Slumber Party" stems. The problem is that I've noticed that the Ad-libs (including the unused ones that can be found in the Country Club Martini Crew remix) files that I have are completely silent, which is probably not how it's supposed to be. I think I got scammed when I initially got them. :crying11: I'm not willing to repay for the whole pack and I don't have anything to trade anymore so is there any kind soul that could send me those files please? Not only you'll get cool remixes, but I'm also willing to share the "Better" stems afterwards.

    Thank you!

  4. Back on topic, I don't think that the Femme Fatale Tour was "tragic". Britney's performance definitely was, but I really liked the remixes, most of the costumes, and the pre-recorded vocals (and the extremely few live vocals). Some of the performances weren't perfect but were still enjoyable to watch (at least for me) like Hold It Against Me, 3, How I Roll and Slave.

    The album is nice but Britney, In the Zone, Blackout and Glory are all better. But it's good for working out I give you that. The only song that I dislike on it is Big Fat Ass, and I skip Drop Dead sometimes too, but the rest is allright. None of the songs are excellent tho.

  5. 19 hours ago, IconicShow said:

    I actually like several songs on BJ, what ruined it for me were the Myah vocals, production, Anthony Preston, Will I Am and how once he got on board he took over in a bad way.

    There's always a song or two I don't care for and skip on each album.

    1st album I skip The beat goes on

    2nd album I skip Dear Diary

    3rd album I skip Let me be

    4th album I skip Brave new girl

    5th album I skip Heaven on earth

    6th album I skip Mmm Papi

    7th album I skip trouble for me, how i roll

    8th album I skip It should be easy, chillin wit chu

    9th album I skip Coupure Électrique

    For me (talking about the ones that I skip all the time whatever my mood is, 'cause there are others that I skip from time to time):

    -1st album, I skip I Will Still Love You, Soda Pop, The Beat Goes On, I'll Never Stop Loving You, Thinkin' About You and E-Mail My Heart.

    -2nd album, I skip Dear Diary, You Got It All, When Your Eyes Say It, Girl in the Mirror, Heart.

    -3rd album, I skip That's Where You Take Me.

    -4th album, I skip nothing! ;)

    -5th album, I skip nothing! ;)

    -6th album, I skip My Baby, Rock Boy, Mmm Papi.

    -7th album, I skip Big Fat Bass.

    -8th album, I skip Chillin' With You, Body Ache, It Should Be Easy, Now That I Found You, Passenger.

    -9th album, I skip nothing! ;)

  6. Other Songs:


    #6 - Break the Ice (40 Points)

    #7 - Touch of My Hand (36 Points)

    #8 - Breathe on Me (35 Points)

    #9 - Overprotected (34 Points)

    #10 - Heaven on Earth (33 Points)

    #11 - Everytime (28 Points)

    #12 - And Then We Kiss (22 Points)

    #13 - State of Grace (21 Points)

    #14 - Oops!... I Did It Again / Stronger / Circus (19 Points)

    #15 - Work Bitch (13 Points)

    #16 - Hold It Against Me (9 Points)

    #17 - (You Drive Me) Crazy (8 Points)

    #18 - Born to Make You Happy / 3 (7 Points)

    #19 - Unusual You / Blur / Inside Out / Slumber Party (6 Points)

    #20 - Hooked On (5 Points)

    #21 - To Love Let Go / Womanizer / Criminal / Perfume (4 Points)

    #22 - Get Naked (I Got a Plan) / If U Seek Amy / Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) (3 Points)

    #23 - I Run Away / Strangest Love / (I've Just Begun) Having My Fun / Piece of Me / Alien (2 Points)

    #24 - Lucky / My Prerogative / Do Somethin' / Till the World Ends / Do You Wanna Come Over? (1 Point)

    #25 - THE REST (0 Point)

  7. #1 – TOXIC (109 Points)


    #1: idkidk25, danny1994, Dark.Knight, BoyToySoldier, Margaery, CripplerCrossface, A.D., lustwecantcontrol, Nick Jonas, jamesedward94, Aussieney,

    #2 : JoffBaratheon, Pabllo Vittar, Mystical78, Screamous, Itachi, Anita d*ck, Breatheme92, Vessel.

    #3 : Mona Lisa 2.0, Brichney., SlayOut, Isla., Anonymous

    #4 : Edgar, Invitation

    #5 : Urbanney, ohoney, SlaymeMore

  8. #5 – I’M A SLAVE 4 U (49 Points)


    #1 : One of a Kind, Screamous

    #2 : everybodygoesdown, Aussieney, Invitation

    #3 : CripplerCrossface, Edgar, lustwecantcontrol, Tetris

    #4 : idkidk25, patience darling, danny1994, BoyToySoldier, jamesedward94, Breatheme92

    #5 : Margaery, Itachi, Vessel.