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  1. Hi everyone and welcome to the "Britney" megarate! Rules: Make sure to know each song included in the album, bonus tracks included. Rate each song from 1 to 10. You can apply the same rate to multiple songs. Decimals are allowed up to the hundredth. You are allowed to give a 0 to one song and a 11 to another one song (OPTIONAL) Send your rates to me by personal messenger before March 19th 11pm CEST. PM-friendly Tracklist: Hope you'll be a lot participating! This could be fun! Thank you!!
  2. @Kammunist, @patience darling, @Alissia, @I Always Sing Live, @Alex_1991, @MrLovett, @ATWK, @Pinky98, @everybodygoesdown, @Urbanney There are two days left to vote!