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  1. 1 hour ago, Itachi said:

    I was into Bleach but only for a few chapters, I dont know why I stopped, maybe it's time to get back on to it. Watching the Naruto episodes kinda had me familiarized with few Japanese words and phrases but that's just it. :embarrassney:


    Ikr!! And that's ultimately the reason I decided not to follow the new installment, ugh, Boruto :gross: besides, my favorite character already died and probably will never be reincarnated again. :tiffsniffle:

    but i still got emotional while reading the last chapter. It's like letting go of something so precious that became part of like half of my life. :otears: and so I don't see myself letting go of Britney anytime for the coming years :tifftear:

    Bleach was good, I'd recommend it every Naruto fan. But lately Bleach got quite boring, lost many fans and had to end also. :yaknow:  I'm pleased with the ending and I'm not at the same time (won't spoil, check it out by yourself and have fun  :bparty:) I can only say it's poor ending because it ended suddenly as the author didn't have time to do it properly. But after all I like it ;)
    NOOO not Boruto, i don't know why it even exist :britdrown: Naruto story should've ended once and for all :juggingu:
    After years of following it's like losing good friend :crying11: I hope Britney will live long, happy life :crying2:

  2. 55 minutes ago, Itachi said:

    Now that you've posted this, I kinda miss Narutobase :orly:

    I used to be Naruto & Bleach etc fan about 8-9 years ago :shhh:  Sweet memories :hairflip: I even went to university to study japanese (and chinese), but tbh I'm not a polyglot, it was HARD af  :yesokay:


    39 minutes ago, Chaoscontrol said:

    I'm forever pressed about the ending:meltdown:

    Soo sad good old series have to end in such poor way :crying1: That feeling when you have waited 15 yrs for the ending and you got sh!t :meltdown:

  3. 10 hours ago, -Liar. said:

    She is living life, spending time with her children and boyfriend, she doesn't give a f**k what you STRANGERS think about her.

    I actually LOVE that she is doing that. She spent so much time being miserable, she has a right to enjoy herself.


    2 hours ago, fucknfurter said:

    Just curious here, but why do all the "positive fans" use the "Britney doesn't care what y'all think/You're strangers to her" thing to stress their point? Like, y'all do realize she doesn't give a f**k what y'all think either, plus-- common sense? Of course we're strangers. Should fans take their complaints to other forms of social media, where other fanbases and regular fans can see how disgruntled Britney' s fans are? Or do you think it might be okay if we keep it confined to here, and y'all learn to ignore the criticisms that bother you? 

    Why it's even pointed as an argument she doesn't give a f**k about what her fans think/quality of what she's doing?
    In normal life when you don't give a f**k of your job then you won't get paid and you're get fired.
    It's even worse, then she should retire as soon as possible and stop annoy herself and her fans.

    I wish I could say "I don't give a f**k" and still have fanatics who would defend me "shutp uppp an keep  payinggg", wow

  4. 12 hours ago, MC The Songbird Supreme said:

    this lame ass excuse is so tired. Madonna is 60 years old and her old ass is SLAYING SOLD OUT stadium and arenas shows WORLDWIDE. She promotes, dances decently, and sings live most of the time. Britney is ONLY 35 and stuck in Vegas....like what the hell? While Madonna is 60 and doing worldwide tours. 

    Watch out, someone may tell you to log off for this thread :giggleney::tiffcackle:
    Age is just a number, no excuses 

  5. 24 minutes ago, DownAndUp said:

    Well you have it baby :milkney:

    YASSS finally. :tiffcackle:

    Funny, I haven't even managed to offend Britney. :tiffcackle:
    The best way to survive Sunday boredom is to annoy others, isn't it (not me, I'm amused :tiffcackle:)
     @breatheheavy someone is doing your job, soon exhale will be completely empty :yesokay:

    @DownAndUp good job, thanks for making ehxale a better place :clap1:  


    1 minute ago, Pedro Dantas said:

    Me too. I think we should all leave. The big Exhale migration. Maybe @DownAndShit will stop having meltdowns over a stan Twitter account. :tiffcackle:


  6. 43 minutes ago, DownAndUp said:

    If Britney Spears sh!t on my face I’d say I was the luckiest fan in the world :ahhh:


    54 minutes ago, DownAndUp said:

    If you feel the NEED to complain I hope your mental health is ok and wish you well

    I hope your mental health is okay if you like shitting on face and you think you're allowed to tell everyone what they should do and when they can log or not :tiffcackle: 
    Actually you're most negative person here :tiffcackle:
    Did you ever hear the tragedy of Exhaler the Wise? He complained about negative exhalers so much, he became one. 
    Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania palpatine tragedy of darth plagueis meme

    Now, tell me to log off :tiffcackle:

  7. "The Britney Army is strong. We survived Nicki Minaj as "Femme Fatale Tour" opening act. But Vegas?! The same people supporting the residency... are the same that voted "Criminal" as 4th single!" :tiffcackle:
    "The only people able to attend are Jordan Miller and Mr. King Alexxx":tiffcackle:
    "But Forbes will be ours! Britney will make over $120 million. - Does Britney need anymore money?! The bitch shops at Target!" :tiffcackle:

    Hilarious :tiffcackle: Yes we need an updated version

  8. 12 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:

    But I'm sure she dedicates OIDIA to her fans nowadays:

    I think I did it again
    I made you believe I do more than lipsync
    Oh, baby
    It might seem like it's live
    But it doesn't mean that I'm serious

    'Cause to lose all my wardrobe
    That is just so typically me
    Oh, baby, baby

    Oops!... I did it again
    I played with your heart, got lost in the show
    Oh, baby, baby
    Oops!... You think I'm dancing
    That I'm even rehearsing
    I'm not that interested

    You see my problem is this
    I'm dreaming away
    Wishing that I'd be on my way to Hawaii
    I cry watching the planes
    Can't you see you're a fool for expecting more

    But to lose all my singing numbers
    That is just so typically me
    Baby, oh

    Oops!... I did it again
    I played with your heart, got lost in the show
    Oh, baby, baby
    Oops!... You think I'm dancing
    That I'm even rehearsing
    I'm not that interested

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    "All aboard"
    "Britney, before you go, there's something I want you to have."
    "Oh, it's cool and faded, but wait a minute, isn't this..?"
    "Yeah, yes it is."
    "But I thought Larry said that it just didn't work"
    "Well, baby, I went down and put some of it in Vimeo for you."
    "Oh, you shouldn't have."

    Oops!... I did it again to your heart
    Got lost in this residency  baby
    Oops!... You think that I'm working hard
    I'm not that interested

    Oops!... I did it again
    I played with your heart, got lost in the show
    Oh, baby, baby
    Oops!... You think I'm dancing
    That I'm even rehearsing
    I'm not that interested

    Fixed :bgrin:

  9. 11 minutes ago, DoSomething954 said:

    I think she doesn't think too highly of herself because she keeps getting things fixed. 


    3 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:

    She fixes all the things that are fine and not the easy things that would make her look great that don't involve surgery or injections :gross:

    It's weird such beautiful girl is insecure of her beauty 

    One of my thoughts and kind of theory was, oh maybe after 2007/2008 when she began to be under control of court, lawyers, daddy , management, the only thing left she can really control herself is the way she looks and her body. :xfactorlook:

    She can't party or drink, control her finances and career, can't find right man.

    Only thing she can control is her body, no one can forbid it.
    Like now her only entertainment is to go to the gym or visit doctor... :(

  10. 1 hour ago, ✫Tittywitty✫ said:



    Great hair :gobaby:



    2 hours ago, ss0725 said:

    Well... I went to the show with two people who haven’t seen POM before. They loved it - “best concert ever”. As someone who has seen her 5 Times now (and 3 Times at POM) - tonight’s show was very... ho hum. They dropped the intro video (I’m not sure if that’s old news... but the video compilation of her career highlights, which I LOVED and got me pumped for the show both times previous is no longer a part of the concert). Also - she was lazier than I remember her being (someone please make a compilation of all the times she just spreads her hands, does the butt wipe motion or does a super speed head tilt). The dancing was just nearly nonexistent - but her dancers were giving it! Sigh. Overall - it was a fine show. She looked unreal (body on point) - but I wasn’t feeling her energy, and it felt like the production value dropped since I last went. I was sad to see multiple groups of people walk out of the show (note I was in section 103). This show has really run its course :( makes me sad to admit.

    Very sad :wontcry:

    Are we aware of getting closer to THE END of all this, I think it's coming :xfactorlook: