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  1. boring sex life/no sex life, huh? Some people spend time having dirty sex, others spend time starting pointless threads
  2. She stepped fast from virgin image to crazy, liberated chick (maybe too fast for GP) She was already tired of media & paparazzi, so I thought she deepened the problem by herself. Probably it was the very beginning of her break. And also I thought about her relationship with Justin, she tried to convince everyone it was so innocent they didn't sleep together etc, and shortly after that we got this marriage and Jason Alexander's stories about their wild sex... After that she got marked as scandalist and weirdo, everyone looked on it as celebrity whim. It was weird for GP she was declared virgin, and it was weird enough she got married for 55 hrs. So confusing. But personally, I was more like "okay, whatever. IN THE ZONEEE" I was too young to think about it more deeply, and I didn't know what is coming...
  3. You both look so sweet Best idea ever, no one can say she looks bad or has weird face or something No shame, well spent money
  4. What is your favorite Britney family member?

    Lexieee What happened to Lexie, haven't seen her for a long time They are like Queen & Princess
  5. radar, radar, RADAR, RADAR, RADAR, RADAR, RADAR 3, 3, 3, ,3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 Who came up with such idea New way to scare off Somali pirates?
  6. tbh I don't like the dress, in my opinion it looks cheap & ugly, and that turtleneck I prefer something like: BIG difference, she can look so pretty if she wants to Now I can remember, his name was David of course. You're right he was better than Kevin. But as I remember, also they broke up because he betrayed. So he ended up being same pig Kevin was. Poor Brit she deserves better
  7. Why not, at least she could earn money doing something she likes to
  8. Same, I need to move my ass instead of eating chocolate Dating fitness instructor is paying off She looks great in white dresses, she should choose more of pretty dresses than slutty ones Less make up & pretty, light colored dress would make her look more fresh