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  1. She should attend opening day, remember Britney Day in Vegas? November is coming Manila now please
  2. Work Bitch Lyrics?

    Nobel Prize for Literature please, such masterpiece
  3. add something about lip syncing songs recorded 18 yrs ago = POM review
  4. Why Doesn't Brit Do Much Press?

    How many times she can talk about vanilla candles and most personal album ever, and how much she loves her boys, and how amazing Vegas is
  5. On this day... 10/16 CANDIDS

    Nice hair, she looks beautiful Feels like she's completely different person now
  6. Bleach was good, I'd recommend it every Naruto fan. But lately Bleach got quite boring, lost many fans and had to end also. I'm pleased with the ending and I'm not at the same time (won't spoil, check it out by yourself and have fun ) I can only say it's poor ending because it ended suddenly as the author didn't have time to do it properly. But after all I like it NOOO not Boruto, i don't know why it even exist Naruto story should've ended once and for all After years of following it's like losing good friend I hope Britney will live long, happy life
  7. I used to be Naruto & Bleach etc fan about 8-9 years ago Sweet memories I even went to university to study japanese (and chinese), but tbh I'm not a polyglot, it was HARD af Soo sad good old series have to end in such poor way That feeling when you have waited 15 yrs for the ending and you got sh!t