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  1. Stronger #1 on iTunes tomorrow bookmark me
  2. I only like Alien (8/10), Perfume (6/10), hold on tight (8/10) and brightest morning start (6/10) so yea I will always hate bronda but yea move on
  3. Zzzzzz another day another innecesari meltdown I'm completely sure most of the trolls haven not been in the show yet bye plus ... I'm totally slayed with her energy, the choreo is bad but the show is going to finish so I'm ok and the fans enjoyed the show as usual just exhale makes drama
  4. cool but radio banned and primeney was bigger worldwide but womanizerney says hi
  5. Preston, Jayden and Lexie MANAGER
  6. ITZ Blackout Glory say hi... so no
  7. queen of free promo too