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  1. JP9101

    music B10 Concept: PHOENIX

    I Love it Plus a live vocal ballad performance a bop hard dance routine performance ala slave plus a first bop single ala womanizer plus a hot sexy fun concept video ala slave to go with the concept
  2. People are so mean All of these gurls have dreams I hope all of them Succeeded
  3. It looks like her new song and era are having its moment Congrats chris Now its brit turn
  4. JP9101

    music How to get the GP on board with next era?

    No, pretty world was mean to be painful, childish and no sense lyrics all they round the world fatty gurls ? Like bees to the honey ... wtf dont compare the catchy and beautiful womanizer woman woma nizer YOOO womanizer or Oh oh oh oh oh oh toning I’m gonna be a little selfish be a little selfish... boom boom baby pick you up in my Mercedes
  5. JP9101

    music How to get the GP on board with next era?

    We need something catchy Britney iconic sound lyrics : about Party, have fun with your friends, boy revenge video: a concept video. example of bops womanizer till the world ends selfish Up n down
  6. I am not ashamed but its very exhausting that when I said I love Britney... I have to hear a lot of means coments... and you know how is going to end...
  7. Hold it against me with the ff Era choreo kill it brit dont make any Zumba Zumba change please it’s good the way it is and you will kill it easily plus overprotected or my prerogative (with a dramatic performance) Im being delusional I know