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  1. Is she is the new britney why she doesn't have a memoral song, performance or video ? oh let me answer you... because she is not
  2. No no we are not The gp is We are just a truly fans after all the meltdowns and fiascos and Brit sadly doesn't love us, she just want money money money anyway I love her music
  3. Im not here for pom tour but whatever
  4. 1 do you think there are chances ? 2 do you think she already recorded the better video in the beach (yellow swimwear)?
  5. I haven't read too long
  6. humble queen I think when will thief?
  7. playing with her hands she doesn't care sis iconic ?
  8. omg no don't compare thiefonce and her #1 bought albums with the michael jackson feminine,
  9. thiefonce but she doesn't have any iconic yet just single ladies Gaga lol... she has vma 2008 performance and bad romance video kiki perry has her #1 record but she is so basic so no maybe adele but she is just super talented and popular so no she is a little bit basic too riri is a good performer and single maker but idk maybe adele
  10. what happened with Selena the stan ?
  11. the real question is> why she is doing the promo that she should have done for carola jean era?
  12. Sis they are in a pool party with britney's dancer ... just wait