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  1. Omg yes that's it thank you!!! ...it's not as good as I was remembering it to me lmaoooo
  2. It was like a serious song, not a joke one lol
  3. no but that one is very iconic
  4. Ok this is random but I'm hoping someone on here can help me find this fanmade Britney song It's a fanmade Britney song that Jordan posted about on Breathe Heavy. It was before Brenda Joan came out and a few months before the Work Bitch single came out It's like an EDM production and they used little bits of Britney's voice taken from random lines of her real songs and put them together to make a fake song. I know this is really random but I've been struggling to find it and I'm hoping someone who's been a user here for a while remembers what's I'm talking about and can help me it