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  1. No Seas Cortés

    music One of Britney's most under-rated Singles!

    Moroder wanted her to come in and record the bridge (the part he sings and is totally made up for this version) after she had recorded the initial vocals, but I’m guessing she didn’t and that’s why he sings on the track. It is an absolute bop and I think if they had done a cool 1950s style video in a diner then it could have been a big success for both of them. My boyfriend isn’t even a Britney fan nor does he like the original Suzanne Vega/DNA track but he likes Britney’s version. Another missed opportunity from Britney and her team.
  2. Musically, 98% of the time Britney delivers. The only two songs I really cringe at from her entire discography are Pretty Girls and Chillin’ With You, so as long as “Apple Pie” is better than these (which can’t really be THAT difficult surely) then I’ll be fine with it.
  3. This version of Criminal is giving me major Madge “Don’t Tell Me” vibes.