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  1. You’re so delulu bb, we still have a sizeable fanbase. She owes the small success she has left to us. We’re the ones shooting her up to #1 on iTunes the week of release. We’re the ones selling out the GA pits / VIP sections at her shows. We’re the ones buying that album.

    If people were in fact checking for Britney, why did Slumber Party barely scrape the bottom of the Hot 100 barrel? It tanked hard, where were the people checking for Britney and buying her music?

  2. 3 hours ago, fucknfurter said:

    As MTV VJ/Headbanger's Ball VJ Riki Rachtman once said, one of the stupidest things you can do is to cast your love interest in one of your music videos. Because when you break up -- and you will -- they'll always be immortalized in your music video.

    Don't do it, Britney. The fact that you didn't learn this with Kevin..... :nochillbrit:

    Omg I remember I used to watch that trashy Bret Micheals show with all these strippers and broke college girls competing for his affections and he was always the voice of reason. It was such a kii. :tiffcackle:

  3. 5 minutes ago, ATWK said:

    Gangnam Style will be a classic a la Macarena. You don't hear it on the radio but everyone knows it and everyone will dance to it when it gets played in a party. It had cultural impact. It was the most played video on YT for nearly 5 years. It's still getting over 1M views daily.

    And Bieber ain't latin excellence. :sneer:

    Gangnam Style: the biggest classic of the decade (together with Uptown Funk and Rolling In the Deep):whitney:

    I ain’t talking about no Biebette, ha version isn’t even the popular one. :ohcrap:

    Despacito will also work at any party, what even? :ohcrap:

    Let’s wait until 5 years when Despacito will have done twice the success it has now! :ohcrap:

  4. 9 minutes ago, ATWK said:

    I wasn't talking about YT views.

    The truth is that Gangnam Style was an organic cultural phenomenom. Everyone was doing the dance back in 2012.

    Disgracito and Bleed You Again can only dream of having half of the iconicness and impact Godnam Style has. 

    You can't possibly compare streaming numbers from 2012 (the peak of digital sales) to 2015 and 2017, where streaming was bigger. GG remained the most watched video for 5 years.

    The biggest classic of the decade. :sneer:

    But then why does it not have the same impact a decade later if it is in fact, “the song of the decade”? Last I checked, classics are forever. I can’t remember the last time I heard that dated production on the radio or in public yet I hear Toxic or Crazy In Love every other couple of weeks. :ohcrap:

    So you’re saying it was big at the peak of digital sales. Ok, but then that means sales in the current climate are pretty much dead, which they are... so why is Despacito decimating an almost 10 year old song with it’s records and already surpasses it in views and streams after only a year of release? :ohcrap:

    Despacito and latin excellence won. :ohcrap:

    And will continue to win. :ohcrap:

  5. 5 minutes ago, ATWK said:

    Don't you dare comparing Global Style to Gucci Crap. :bang: One had impact, is a bop and is probably the biggest classic of this decade; the other... :imok:

    Nope! Despacito already has 1 billion more views than Gangnam Fad, despite being much younger. It’s also expected to hit 5 billion in March, so it will have 2 billion more views than PSY who’s expected to hit only 3.5 billion in March.

    And See You Again and Shape Of You will also hit 3.5 billion in March, so it’s not the biggest classic of the decade at all. :ohcrap:



  6. 1 hour ago, Godney's Sweet Ass said:

    Hard Candy 2.0 confirmed :kyliecry:


    60 year old white women doing hip hop just doesn't work :imok:


    Not here for upcoming lyrics like...


    My pu$$y so wet

    You won't ever forget

    Slide you in my pocket

    Plug into my socket


    I expect morrre from the Kween of Pop :nopingout:



    Bye, Hard Candy fucking slays. :bang:

  7. 2 minutes ago, IconicShow said:

    That's the point, being in the C Ship she isn't free and probably can't go too deep into that stuff.

    They wouldn't allow her to discuss what you want hence the cheesy dance tracks, songs about sex and dancing.

    Britney doesn't really do much anymore, she said she loves her bed, use to be a cool chick and doesn't really party or drink.

    Unfortunately she has a BIG story to tell and so much being held back, I don't for see any of that being discussed by Britney any time soon or ever if this C ship really is never ending. 

    Does the CS actually prevent her from expressing herself through her work? I mean she’s a musician signed to a label where she has a creative control clause.

    I feel like this is just a case of Britney not wanting to rock the boat, which is understandable but it also takes a hit at everything else. That Isreali interview a while back during the Glory era and her scrapped CS interview from the JR Show does give me some hope in terms of how she’s able to talk about things openly. It would be nice to hear and no doubt she’d receive major praise.

  8. 1 minute ago, IconicShow said:

    And how is she going to accomplish any other type of songs other than about dancing, sex or men? That's really the only joy's she has being in this C Ship.


    Really? There’s tons of topics she can cover. Her struggle with anxiety, her longing for a normal life, her sons, her dream fairy tale life, her conservatorship, her controlling father, her sobriety, her relationship with fame, etc.

    She doesn’t even have to directly say them in the song, she can allude to them, use metaphors, etc. If U Seek Amy, anyone?

  9. 5 minutes ago, BabyHotAsIce said:

    Because she doesn't want to be anymore. I think she's comfortable and happy with not being as 'popular' now so we just got to accept it. 


    4 minutes ago, Chaoscontrol said:

    When you hit you're peak and are on top of the world at 21, the only way to go is down. The drama in her personal life kept her name afloat for a while even after her prime, but at this point there's no drama and from the GP's pov it means no reason to check up on her.

    I feel like this is just the way it goes in this industry, the GP moves onto the next 'it' boy or girl. Her name is enough to sustain her for as long as she wants to have a career, so she is pretty much a cemented A-lister. But part of it is Britney too. She clearly is over fame (and I don't personally blame her). She is content with how things are now because it keeps her busy but also out of the spotlight :yaknow:

    Being over the fame doesn’t necessarily have to equal playing the same schtick from 15 years ago though. She’s over the fame but she’s still being marketed and presented as being about the fame. She’s clearly evolved as a human being since her prime. Why not let that show in her craft? It would be really cool to hear something other than the usual songs about a hot boy or dancing. She can still make pop music obviously, but explore a little more.

  10. 1 minute ago, Steel Magnolia said:

    Her brand is stale.

    She doesn’t serve excitement the way she used to. Everything is safe and been there, done that. She and her team are the ones that sabotage every album or single with potential. This is why a lot of fans bitch for a re-invention. The sex kitten image won’t work at 40 anymore, sorry.

  11. 48 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:

    oh that ironic title :orangu: , i can imagine her tracklist

    • Walk Up
    • Knee-Tap Together
    • Cool
    • Future Vocals
    • I Love Hawaii
    • Let My Hair Be
    • Forbidden Video
    • Skip
    • How Scrapped
    • Lexie
    • "Sing"
    • Outfit Or Not

    OMG :gloria:

    and the Japan bonus track, "Promoting Spirit". :riri:

  12. Being a Republican =/= being a bad person. I wish some people would realize that. Someone that voted for Trump also isn’t automatically a racist, either.

    Voting is nobody’s business but your own. My opinion towards her wouldn’t change if she voted for either candidate. I personally did not want to vote for either candidate.

  13. 8 hours ago, Caroline77 said:

    I liked the concept of the performance, i think the whole section was made to be kinda theatrical. They clearly didn't focus on choreo, sexiness or whatever, everything is about being theatrical. That's why i liked it, it became a mess after the revamp tho just like the whole show actually because each section didn't really make a sense anymore.

    The concept was nice but the execution was way off imo. She should have been playing a piano for Lucky, Circus would have benefitted from a ringleader style costume and not that fugly dress, I Wanna Go would have worked with more magic tricks, etc.

  14. 4 minutes ago, Pickle Rick said:

    There's also other I can't remember the song but was a Britney demo and someone purchase the rights and did a ft with the Britney parts (like two steps behind me from a DJ who uses the Madge vocals) 

    It was Heidi Montag on Dramatic but that’s not a feature though, just a remixed demo. Wasn’t released.