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  1. 12 minutes ago, It'sSamB!tch said:

    MMM Papi: because me and my dad aren't close

    It’s not about her dad, I do not believe anything that gets told about post 2007 PC Britney. :shameless: It has far too many correlations to Adnan to not be about him.

  2. 18 minutes ago, Jean-Philippe said:

    honestly, does Britney even know she lipsyncs to someone else's vocals almost every night :tiffcackle: :umsaywhat: 

    She re-recorded Work Bitch for Vegas. It’s actually really hysterical. :tiffcackle: Listen to the NYRE audio.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Shadow. said:

    i dont even care if she does another residency as long as she makes great music again, puts effort into her performances and starts delivering great visuals throughout eras. im so sick of this same repetitive cycle of scrapped material, the same questions in interviews with everything being "cool", shitty choreo, "eras" ending after 2 singles because she cant be arsed promoting her music and collabing with mediocre artists/producers who attempt to give her hits that are a year out of date. i completely understand her reasons for doing vegas but i would like her to show a bit more enthusiasm for her music this time around & i hope this year out of vegas is for that purpose, i dont think thats too much to ask of britney spears, singer/entertainer :britdrown:

    Exactly. Honestly, I don’t mind the residency as long as she isn’t a fucking mess herself. That’s the main issue here. She can have her stability and comfort doing Vegas but the least she can do is put more effort into her career, performances and music. :flawlessbye:

  4. 1 minute ago, Brad Adamson said:

    It doesn’t have to be bad for her, but she focuses mainly on Vegas and ignores other elements of her career that could maintain or escalate her status so she ends up fading into the background.


    Just now, Spearsfan said:

    It didn't have to be bad but Britney only wants to make quick money and has lost connection to her craft. I don't want to hear the same vocals of the same 10 songs for the next 20 years.

    She is too young for this and she won't focus on her current career in Vegas it seems 


    Just now, Sil said:

    Would be amazing but she actually CARED about it.

    All of this. cm.gif

  5. 54 minutes ago, Chaoscontrol said:


    Like Boy Toy said, why would I take her word for it? About 90% with collabs nowadays people aren't in the studio at the same time anyways, they're done separately. 

    Even IF Britney recorded CWY, they probably weren't together doing it. I can't believe people are still even defending this album. You can HEAR with your ears the difference from half of this album to a usual Britney track. We don't need to rest of the stems to leak to know the difference between a singer who all of us listen to on a daily basis, and some background vocalist who's decent at imitating. Most of us know something was off the first time we listened through.

    Precisely this, you can delude yourself into thinking Britney sings lead throughout the entire thing but that will just be your own wishful thinking. This topic is tired anyway, it's not even beating a dead horse anymore, it's more so digging up the bones and tossing them around.

  6. Just now, MmmDani said:

    Why? I thought none had leaked, although there was that snippet a few weeks ago and Piggy Girls is Trash. But it's one of her best albums and ITZ and Blackout's demo tracks are gold

    No doubt we got the best tracks of the bunch for the record. Those K-Pop rejects that were sent in to her sound terrible. I would much rather them pull out promising demos from In The Zone and Blackout, release the mastered mixes and give a great gift for her 20th celebration.

  7. 47 minutes ago, really really cool guy said:

    But why mixing myah's vocals with Britney's when they sound almost the same? What was will.i.am. trying to do? 

    Think of it as a puzzle. Britney came in and started the puzzle. She got about halfway done. There’s a lot of holes in the puzzle. Britney’s too busy to finish it. Myah comes in and finishes the puzzle. Album mastered, pressed and shipped. :mattafact:

  8. 26 minutes ago, thrashette said:

    Does anyone know *why* this was done? It's just really perplexing that they would pull a stunt like this in this day and age. Of course people would figure it out. Didn't one of the tracks leak early, and people suspected it wasn't Britney, yet they thought it was just a demo (it wasn't)? They should've stopped the train right there, but they didn't. Perhaps they did it to drum up controversy? They knew the album was outdated and didn't live up to Britney's normal production standards (in my opinion and that of many critics), so they wanted to garner listens, views, and attention from people trying to deconstruct these songs and find out where Britney didn't sing. It really is fascinating. I know that's quite tinfoil-hattish, but there has to be an explanation. Britney has an extremely unique voice that we all love. Why would they think we don't want to hear it?

    What also confuses me is that some fans continue to deny this. Maybe they can't hear it (or they choose not to), but Myah and Britney sound completely different to me. Myah is way more nasally and pronounces her consonants differently. It's easy to spot, even on Circus' title track.

    Because it was a rush job. The album had to be out to coincide with the residency for a quick cash grab. Britney had no time to lay down every single track while busy with the residency so they used Myah wherever Britney was missing.

    There’s no conspiracy, just a bunch of overpaid hacks thinking they could fool a dedicated fanbase.

  9. 15 minutes ago, onyxhotel09 said:

    They dont all have yo be hits. Hold it against me, till the world ends, i wanna go, work bitch, perfume, make me, slumber party


    Her previous gh had many songs not considered hits

    Not at all. Almost every single one of her songs had some form of recognizable success, either in one market or another. The only complete flops I can think of are Outrageous, Radar and ILRNR.

  10. 29 minutes ago, Arckangel said:

    Here's something funny... I've just taken a new look at Myah Marie's SoundBetter profile (https://soundbetter.com/profiles/24769-myah-marie), and she now credits herself for background vocals on Alien and It Should Be Easy! This means that she was uncredited in Britney Jean for at least three songs: Alien, It Should Be Easy and Body Ache...

    I'll admit it's funny that Britney's team uncredited Myah in at least three songs... Now, Myah still did NOT credit herself for background vocals on the Britney Jean songs Perfume, Passenger, Don't Cry, Hold on Tight and Brightest Morning Star, and she is NOT credited in the booklet for background vocals on those songs. We now officially know she is on Work Bitch, Tik Tik Boom, Til It's Gone, Chillin' With You, Now That I Found You + (uncredited in the BJ booklet) Alien, It Should Be Easy and Body Ache.

    @ukfan, @Oxic, @CJMCH, @pgl, @BoyToySoldier, @ICouldntThinkOfOne, @PokemonSpears

    She’s on every song except Perfume and Don’t Cry.