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  1. 30 minutes ago, sarahbbyy said:

    Shouldn't she find new, more modern producers that give her an edge rather than going back to ones who probably are worn out of ideas by now?

    I mean I have a wish list full of great established producers that she hasn't even recorded demos with. The newer ones she tapped for Glory like Young Fyre gave us duds like Private Show and What You Need. I can appreciate the experimentation but not when everything is a clusterfuck. I guess that's the risks you take and I'm happy she has but she should know better honestly. She has a really great ear for pop and to be honest I feel like she didn't have much of a direction for Glory. It's fun, but it's almost like she took that midtempo sultry sound and then just threw random bangers in there to make the record more eclectic but only created a bit of disharmony in the process.

  2. 40 minutes ago, sarahbbyy said:

    Yeah but throughout her career, she always lacked immediate control so she used her music to vent. 

    If she comes to a place where she is a 100% content, she might feel ready to share her story but more comfortable with it in album form and then it could happen. She could reflect past anger in a story of her life throughout an album without actually being in that state; just reflecting. 

    Maybe B10 can be a reflection, but everything else has been a current representation. She'd have to revisit her entire past in order to make that kind of album, which can work for a 20 year full circle, as long as she's actually honest with it and not another Britney Jean situation.

    Baby - Innocence

    Oops - Confidence

    Britney - Transition

    Zone - Vixen

    Blackout - Tribulation

    Circus - Redemption

    Femme Fatale - Autopilot

    Britney Jean - Indifferent

    Glory - Comfort

  3. 33 minutes ago, CJMCH said:

    This, they failed BIG TIME with the cover and the tracklist was nothing but recycled tracks + the "radio mix¨of Criminal which is not that different from the album track.

    OMG tell me about it! Not even a new song like ATWK... she recorded with Tiesto in 2010, they could have easily used one of those songs or a remixed MM leftover. I don't mind the cover (I liked that it was a FF outtake), but the tracklist was all wrong. They should have went with the Oakenfold Remix for Gimme More, the Boz o Lo for POM, the Jason Nevins Extended for BTI, etc. :lemmetellu:

  4. 2 minutes ago, ShowdownITZ said:

    Femme Fatale is probably her most generic record. It’s a good pop album but it’s dated and nothing about it is innovative.

    You're actually a bit wrong there. She actually started this with Freakshow, but Femme Fatale was the first mainstream pop album to incorporate the whole brostep trend that became huge by late 2011 and peaked in late 2012 with EDM and those festivals becoming mainstream.

    It was short lived, but it did have impact. :outwithit:

  5. 2 minutes ago, Pedro Dantas said:

    I hate the fact that she's more likely to work with Generic Max again for some horrible Katy rejects instead of making pop perfection with B&A. :triggered:

    I need (not want, need) a new Unusual You.


    Bloodshy is still producing. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but How I Roll received acclaim. 

  6. 1 minute ago, jamesedward94 said:

    I completely agree! I understand it makes them money, but Britney is just not comfortable enough to do meet and greets. I’ve never understand why she does so many. But at this point fans know what they are going to get for the most part. If it’s important enough to spend that much money on 5 seconds with their idol and a potentially awful picture, then that’s really on them. It’s a shame though. She hasn’t looked flawless in a single one in my opinion. She was looking so good at the beginning of 2016 and everyone was shocked saying how she was aging backwards Nd now she’s looking possibly the worst ever. Her skin just looks bad. Have no idea what happened.

    It’s bad makeup and hair. That’s it. Her face apart from some fillers hasn’t changed. She’s had great looks in 2016-Present. It’s just always when she has hair and makeup professionally done. The fact she looks better in her IG selfies than her M&G’s... :orangu: 

  7. 3 minutes ago, jamesedward94 said:

    It’s not that professionals won’t do her hair and makeup, Britney just doesn’t like being touched. It’s a fact that she gets such bad anxiety and would rather do it herself. I just don’t understand how Britney has been in the industry this long but doesn’t know how to do better makeup.

    Yes, she has had work done and has been in the sun WAY too long, but she could look SOOO much better if she just knew what she was doing. Like I truly just do not understand how she can let herself look like this or let the quality of the lighting be that bad. She makes SO much money and the show has made SO much money that the lighting should’ve been fixed a long ass time ago.

    Makes no sense.....

    I remember she talked about that. But I mean, some things just have to be done. Someone needs to tell her people are paying 2K for this photo. The LEAST she could do is suck it up and get her sh!t done properly so she can look good for the photo and give that fan a nice gesture, it’s only fair. The fan may be getting what is advertised, but 2K for a generic “hi sweetie” and a photo where 50 percent of the time it looks like she just rolled out of bed is unacceptable. Fans shouldn’t have to be playing roulette and hoping for “omg I hope she has her makeup done right and is in a good mood today”.

  8. 51 minutes ago, Taystee said:

    Is this a hint or just a random post?


    Janet will get the Lifetime Achievement Award at the GRAMMY'S and Britney will perform a tribute to her with Rhythm Nation, Black Cat, All For You and Scream (Piece Of Me Remix). :bey: