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  1. 2 minutes ago, Britney Cyrus said:

    No :britannoyed:

    It was Mileys choice for a single but they went with adore you instead


    Definitely because Britney didn't want to do a video. :mcorangu:

    Miley: I have a lot of ideas for the video

    Britney: :nonono:

  2. 1 minute ago, RobRocks said:

    It's curious cause she's not credited as background vocalist anywhere but the song appears in her web :umsaywhat:

    It's definitely her, she's just a ghost singer on the track. She wouldn't list it on her website for no reason either.

  3. 12 minutes ago, ATWK said:

    OK. I get what you mean. I don't agree entirely with it but each to their own.

    I just don't see how wanting more than what you have is a bad thing. It's the main reason she still has a sucessful career.

    I’m not saying it’s a bad thing at all. I have no bad blood towards someone that wants and craves to be successful at their careers, what a silly thing for me to be angry about. :orangu:

    What does tick me off is dishonesty, so if you’re going to pull all the stops out and center everything around a gimmick, don’t try to act like you’re above it (which was my issue with Gaga back then, among others). And it’s not like it’s even Beyonce, it’s more her stans that gas everything up. It’s almost as bad as the Army that use the Baby and Oops outsold arguement. It’s tired. :umsaywhat:

  4. 1 minute ago, ATWK said:

    No. It's more like this:

    Beyonce drags the industry for not focusing on making good bodies of work and only focusing on selling quick lil singles. Beyonce releases a good body of work and, at the same time, quick lil singles between the eras. Two years later: Beyonce still makes quality bodies of work and still releases quick lil singles between her eras except, this time, they're sucessful.

    If she was dropping albums like Rihanna's and the side collabs, you'd have a point, but she isn't. She's following her words and is releasing quality bodies of work. Once again: she wasn't dragging quick lil singles, she was dragging the fillered albums.

    I already said I understand. But she can't have her cake and eat it too. It's hypocritical. Why can she have both but Rihanna only have one? An artist that's solely focused on making good bodies of work would be happy and leave it at that with their acclaim and respect. But Beyonce, she has to have it all. And she can have it all if she wants, but her ruse will be shattered in the process as nothing more than a gimmick to sell her album. Period.

  5. 13 minutes ago, ATWK said:

    And once again, it doesn't. She was bashing the current state of the industry. As long as her albums are cohesive pieces of work, she's not being a hypocrite, because, once again, she wasn't bashing quick lil' singles, she was bashing bad albums disguised by quick lil' singles. Is it that hard for you to understand this? :outwithit:

    I already told you I understand, doesn't mean she's immune to it.

    It's like Chipotle dragging McDonalds for using mystery meat when their meat is all natural. But then, two years later Chipotle decides because of supply and demand, they're going to use mystery meat in addition to their natural meat for a profit. Same thing applies here. :howiroll:

  6. 3 minutes ago, ATWK said:

    And, once again, we go back to the beginning: she wasn't bashing quick lil singles, she was bashing bad albums disguised by quick lil' singles. Her albums are still cohesive pieces of work so, once again, she's not a hypocrite. You can think she's pandering, that's your opinion, but using the "quick lil' singles" argument doesn't work here because, once again, she wasn't bashing quick lil singles, she was bashing bad albums disguised by quick lil' singles.

    Yes it does, I already told you that a page ago. It is what it is. The definition of a lil quick single remains the same.


    She has released 3 solid albums prior to this new string of heat seeking collaborations, but now realizing that she's missing actual chart success she jumps on as much blatant pandering bandwagons as she can until something sticks. A lil quick single is a lil quick single.


  7. 1 minute ago, ATWK said:

    If you can use the "friends" argument for the 2015 collabs, then you can do the same for the others. Mi Gente was for charity and she and Ed are friends(-ish). You kinda have a point with Eminem but, iirc, he was the one who called her.

    It was recorded in May (supposed to be acoustic apparently) and she ain't the one choosing when it's released. :howiroll:

    It's STILL a hit pander. You actually think Beyonce Knowles isn't controlling when her sh!t is released? We know how calculated she is with everything else. And to have 3 collaborations shoot out there back to back to back after each one prior isn't doing the trick? Third time's the charm. Also, Ed Sheeran is releasing ANOTHER remix of the song to secure his Christmas number one next week. So the whole thing was a pander from the start. And Beyonce willingly knew and took part in this scheme despite her disdain for "lil quick singles". So good for her, good for Ed. I respect the hustle and the well executed scheme. But don't deny it. :howiroll:

  8. 5 minutes ago, Sidney Prescott's mother said:

    It's not even about Beyonce or her being flop or not or her tours I was just trying to compare or whatever. If Beyonce's next album for example sell as much as Lemonade did in  2 and a half weeks(in US) it's a flop. Britney's tour was sh!t and flop and Circus sold more in US in two and a half weeks than FF did to this day.

    Your comparisons are off. By your logic, everyone is automatically deemed a flop after their peak eras regardless of their career trajectory or other factors that aren't album sales, which is not the case at all.

  9. 5 minutes ago, ATWK said:

    It isn't a matter of context, it's a matter of actually understanding what she meant. :mj:

    She also released collabs before (Runnin', Feelin' Myself, Say Yes, Hymn For The Weeknd) so her strategy hasn't changed. Like you said, a quick lil' single is a quick lil' single. Luckily, Beyoncé releases both "quick lil (collab) singles" and albums (not single collections) and therefore stays truthful to what she said.

    It IS a matter of context because those collaborations were favors for friends. Nicki, Chris Martin and Michelle Williams. Hello? I'm talking about the fact now she's quick to hop onto a global latin smash after she saw what it did for Bieber, an Eminem single that was always guaranteed to blow up the charts and an Ed Sheeran song coming off the back of Shape Of You that has a steadfast, uphill trajectory ahead of itself. All back to back until something can stick. The former weren't panders for hits, the latter are. And that was the definition of a "lil quick single" by itself. :howiroll:

  10. 6 minutes ago, DMVofficial said:

    she's never delivered album (except 4) her albums generally only have 4-5 good songs on them. I applaud her for actually making people listen to full length albums again, but you can't truly said she has good albums, it's just simply not true. 

    I'm gonna have to disagree. 4, Beyoncé and Lemonade are solid and cohesive bodies of work. I own the middle one and it still goes off.

  11. 3 minutes ago, Sidney Prescott's mother said:

    Yes "Britney" was huge drop and when you look at article's back then people were calling her flop. And no I'm not overdoing anything, I even said it was a flop but not a massive one. Beyonce released album in 2011 and it leaked weeks before its release stil sold more,or Pinks album next year or JT in 2013.

    Imagine Beyonce's next album needing 10 weeks to outsold Lemonades first week. Would that be a flop?yes it would.

    I don't even care if Britney flops or not but FF is a flop.

    Um, Lemonade hasn't even outsold Beyoncé yet and that album received twice as much hype and publicity as the former had.


    And no, it wouldn't be a flop if she still debuts with respectable numbers and keeps her tour game up the way Formation outgrossed both On The Run and Mrs. Carter.

    Call it whatever you want, but it's not convincing me.

  12. 10 minutes ago, ATWK said:

    Not the "quick lil' singles again". :sofedup: She was not discrediting singles, she was talking about how albums in the present time have like 4 good tracks (the singles) and the rest is filler. She was not belittling people like Rihanna because they have sucessful singles, she's was belittling them because their albums are trash besides the "quick lil' singles" (and I know you agree with this when it comes to Rih).

    And her collabs between eras are nothing new: look at Feelin' Myself, that Coldplay song, etc. Before and after those collabs, she delivered albums, not single collections. In other words, not a hypocrite (in this case at least). :howiroll:

    Like I said, the context is irrelevant. She has released 3 solid albums prior to this new string of heat seeking collaborations, but now realizing that she's missing actual chart success she jumps on as much blatant pandering bandwagons as she can until something sticks. A lil quick single is a lil quick single. I'm not knocking it, but she shouldn't try to paint herself as this serious non conforming artist when she cares about the charts as much as the next pop girl. :howiroll: