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  1. 1 hour ago, Dynasty said:

    yeah i remember it too, the song exposes the elite and the machinery, it most probably exposes the rape and pedophilia in the pop industry too, and God knows what else, it's something they would never want anyone to find out :mhm: 

    Y'all are looking way too into this song. Lol.

    It's just about Britney being rebellious against her team and the toxic people around her and taking control of her own desicions. It was just too controversial of a song at the time.

  2. 01 Botched Vocals

    02 Promoted Everywhere After the Era

    03 Didn't Deserve to Flop

    04 #willpower Reject

    05 G.R.L. Demo

    06 Piece of Sh!t

    07 Femme Fatale Outtake

    08 PRISM Reject

    09 Excuse to Collab with My Sister

    10 Filler Track

    11 Song About God

    12 Another Song About God

    13 Avicii "Wake Me Up" Cover

    14 I Didn't Have Another Decent Track to Put on This Terrible Album, So Here's a Remix

  3. Just now, britneysslumberparty said:

    This isn't new. They've been promoting this on 102.7 KIIS Fm for a month now. They barely play the commercial for it though, but I hear it every once in awhile. It features Gimme More, Slumber Party, and Big Fat Bass in the commercial playing behind the man talking. It's frustrating that Team B didn't get a radio deal from those festivals but instead asked for this commercial to be played instead. Just shows that Vegas is the priority and It needs to end. :meltdown:

    Are you serious? Why did I just get the email today then?

    Team Britney is a fucking mess. :meltdown: