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  1. 1 minute ago, Barbie Spears said:

    This reminds me of when I would sadistically go back and read the threads excited about the 2013 desert performance :NYcackle: 

    I wish we could still read the meltdowns from then. I remember having the BH app at the time (I wasn't a member yet), and I was at school and didn't see any video of the performance posted.

    So I was like "wtf happened" and I go on the forum to lurk and... :moorangu: 

    1 minute ago, Popeye said:

    What can they do worst ??? then make me. Annonce a TOUR and cancel it:tiffanynod:

    Cancel the era. :NYsassy:

  2. On 7/29/2016 at 9:29 PM, andreafly1 said:

    She won't re-shoot anything, her dancers are on vacation & she'll start another POM leg soon. Most of her MV weren't released before at least 15 days since the single premiere.

    I don't get HOW many fans can't be realistic for a minute.

    Stop freaking out and just wait, it's only a music video.

    Keep streaming/requesting the song instead, that's definitely more useful than believing everything some of you guys read.


    Thank you, have a nice day! :overitkbye:


    I guess not :moorangu::meltdown: 

  3. I don't have an OD album because we don't have any confirmed songs for the project other than Mona Lisa, and I'm very OCD about organizing my music accurately :moorangu: but from what we have, I would style it something like this, using mostly ITZ outtakes.


    Original Doll (2005)

    01 Mona Lisa

    02 Welcome to Me

    03 Strangest Love

    04 Look Who's Talking Now

    05 Chaotic

    06 Rockstar

    07 Over to You Now

    08 Dramatic

    09 Money, Love and Happiness

    10 Ouch

    11 Peep Show

    12 Someday (I Will Understand)

    13 Sippin' On (Bonus Track)

  4. 48 minutes ago, Million Billion said:

    Well, BJ songs would work way better on stage than Glory's. How impactful would be songs like Invitation, Just luv me, Just like me, Change your mind into Britney style? You know she won't sing them live. :)

    Change Your Mind could be an amazing flamenco / salsa style number with her and Willie.

    Just Luv Me could be like HATL (FF Tour), Just Like Me like Everytime (TCSBS). With pre-recorded vocals, it would fool people. :orangu: 

  5. I mean the only reason so much of BO was included in TCSBS was because she never got to tour for BO.

    I guess the same would apply for Glory. I'd like to see that, as long as B10 doesn't get the short end of the stick like Circus did.

    Only the singles from Circus were performed on TCSBS. Oh and Mannequin with that tragic choreo that we all had a meltdown. :orangu: 

  6. I made two because I couldn't get rid of the Circus era sorry. :moorangu:

    Circus (2008)

    01 Womanizer

    02 Circus

    03 3

    04 Out from Under

    05 Shattered Glass

    06 If U Seek Amy

    07 Unusual You

    08 Blur

    09 Amnesia

    10 Mannequin

    11 Lace and Leather

    12 Quicksand


    13 Telephone

    14 Rock Me In

    15 Phonography

    16 Trouble

    17 Take the Bait


    18 Follow My Fingers


    Femme Fatale (2011, 2012)

    01 Till the World Ends

    02 Hold It Against Me

    03 Inside Out

    04 I Wanna Go

    05 How I Roll

    06 Red Is the Color

    07 Seal It With a Kiss

    08 Unbroken

    09 Trouble for Me

    10 Trip to Your Heart

    11 Gasoline

    12 Criminal


    13 Up n' Down

    14 He About to Lose Me

    15 Selfish


    16 Work Bitch

    17 Scream & Shout (feat. will.i.am)

    18 Bad Behavior (feat. Tiësto)

    19 Alien