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  1. Just now, Slave4yew said:

    Then they should have made her open. It doesn't make sense. She needs to leave MTV in the past. The VMAs aren't what the used to be and this year had to be the worst. They gave no awards and the performances were all over the place. The whole thing was a mess. 

    I don't get the concept of having Riherpes 4 times in one night.

    Britney opens

    Beyonce in the middle

    Rihject closes with a full medley

    Wouldn't that have been so much easier?!

  2. 5 minutes ago, Slave4yew said:

    I don't even get what they're trying to say. It made no sense. 

    Basically MTV was scared shitless Britney would bomb again so they slotted her in after Beyonce so any hate would be absorbed up and distracted by how well Beyonce did.

    But they weren't expecting Britney to actually do a decent job with a simple performance, yet now after Beyonce's 30 hour oddysey, it looks lackluster.

    In conclusion, MTV fucked Britney over again.

  3. 36 minutes ago, coo said:

    oh just because i don't like your comment then all my post have to be directed at you personally? don't flatter yourself like that :chershade:

    and i'm criticizing your look only bc you act like you're taste is so above and beyond everybody else honey, while in reality we're just fans sharing our thoughts in a forum :arianabye:

    Stop reaching, it was clearly directed at me. That's why you downvoted my comment.

    And just like this thread and it's ghastly ideas, I'm expressing my own opinion on the forum as well. xo :saycheese:

  4. 1 hour ago, coo said:

    wow i'm not even directing it to you how rude . But if you wanna go there bitch are you sure you're allowed to say anything abt fashion? you're wearing a washed up discounted h&m t-shirt with a caramel flan as a head for fucks sake :shadelaugh:

    Yeah because making that comment and then downvoting me totally means you weren't directing it at me. :saycheese:

    This shirt isn't from H&M, it's actually John Varvatos. Keep trying though. :saycheese:

    It's funny how people who won't post their own pictures have the most to criticize about someone else. I think you're part of the wrong fanbase boo. Log out and join GagaDaily tbh. :saycheese:

  5. 1. There isn't a song called "Rose".

    2. Matthew Koma said his song channels (is inspired by) a band named Squeeze, it's not the song title.

    3. Alex da Kid was making a reference to a song he and Britney liked called "Chicka Boom", it's not the song title either.

    4. Turn the Lights On was sent in and rejected, Vapors never was.