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  1. 24 minutes ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

    Have we gotten receipts of that yet? :angietea: We know his mom is a Confederate Flag waver, but the kid may be completely different. And I haven't been keeping up to date on this story, but as of yesterday, I haven't seen any proof that Keaton was being a bully himself.

    Same, everyone is saying the kid is calling black kids n*****s, but I haven't seen receipts. If he didn't, then it's pretty shitty to loop him up with the mother because all the nice invitations and sh!t celebrities gave him are being rescinded. :imok:

  2. 12 minutes ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

    And let's not forget the atrocity that was the "Glory promo tour" AKA POM with MM added. :nyheadache: And those HIDEOUS hairstyles. 

    Ooh, and her Asian tour where she called her Japanese audience too quiet and said they should be begging her for more. :ricackle: As if she was giving them all she had.

    Everything is so inconsistent. Like we get a bedazzled banana peel for her televised VMA PERFORMANCE, while this is left to rot in some no1curr radio festival.



  3. 13 minutes ago, Mohd93 said:

    Exactly. THIS. 

    She has become way too comfortable with doing the minimum. She thinks the audience are all drunk and high. So putting on an amazing performance is not at all important to her at this point. Plus, we don't need any more bad performances, everybody outside this fanbase is well aware that she isn't the amazing performer that she used to be. Think about it, lip syncing an entire show including ballads + half-assing already sh*tty choreography + bad hair, makeup & overall look, what's there to praise exactly and how does it prove she's talented? 

    Exactly. I cackle at all the stans on here that show up once in a blue moon and have the nerve to tell us we shouldn't criticize because "Britney'z been thru a LOTTT". Get off your high horse, and stop using a decade old meltdown as a crutch to her bad performances. It's not like she ISN'T capable of delivering a good show...


  4. Are you still on this guy? I don't want to be a bitch but you need to move on dude, and not even that honestly because you had nothing to move on from, no chance at all. The guy is straight, has a girlfriend and will never have romantic or sexual feelings for you. You're wasting your time crying and putting yourself down.

    Be amicable with him at work but don't try to make plans with him or keep him on your mind any longer. Listen to your favorite music,  go to your favorite restaurant, hang out with your friends, take up a new hobby, watch some porn or something. I don't know, just get it into your head that a straight man cannot be turned gay like in some internet fanfiction story.

    I was exactly like this by the way, in 9th grade I had a crush on a football player named Dylan. I eventually got to talk to him often (I was on the water polo team, and we had school athletic events with all the departments). Anyway, my puppy eyes and flirting was so obvious he figured out I had a crush on him and he basically told me the same thing any other secure straight guy would tell a gay one: "I'm straight, but flattered. Thanks." And that's that. I got over it, and you will too.

  5. Because she’s not consistent with it. She starts out great, and then has little good outbursts sporadically between legs. But scrapping / half assing good choreo, wearing destroyed mismatched costumes, not bothering to lip properly or sing the one ballad in the show live, that hurts her reputation as a performer. Her thinking half the audience is just drunken idiots so she can do whatever she wants is bad. Britney is an entertainer. Piece Of Me had some great moments. Brunette, Mermaid and the initial Revamp. But the other legs? :ineedthetruth:

  6. 2 minutes ago, Ryan Godspeed said:

    so Britney is her closest one to get another diamond certified? :bang:

    Well the 10 million figure is worldwide sales... I believe in the US it’s about 7 million. So she’d have to sell 3 million more copies of the album in the US alone to be certified Diamond. So, yeah. :nopingout:

  7. 5 minutes ago, Iexpectyouto said:

    As already established, Britney is her third best selling album in the us. As for when they were certified diamond, I would imagine they were certified after only a few years. Albums sold more then, and BOMT and Oops were significantly bigger at release than Fearless ever was. My guess would be 3-5 years after they came out, so around 2002-2005. But I could be very well be wrong. 

    If I remember correctly, I think it was in 2004.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Cappycorn87 said:

    Britney not in control of radio

    Had radio stayed, the rest would have fallen into place

    Glory actually debut #3 and had competition, the album held up well next to the competition

    Again, the radio isn't at fault for lack of continued interest.

    That's a flop. A bro country duo and Barbra Streisand are not competition for Britney Spears. Barbra debuted with 149k. Britney should have been doing at least 150k.

  9. 2 hours ago, Derrick said:

    Show me the receipts where I call her an amazing vocalist. If me saying J.Lo sings live is me saying she’s a better vocalist then ok you can think that.

    also I never once claimed J.Lo was a better performer during Britney’s prime. She is however a better performer now because Britney doesn’t give a sh!t and hasn’t for half her career. What does this have to do with Ashanti or anyone else? This thread is about JLO. I have stayed on topic this whole entire thread. What’s your point? Yes all those girls are amazing dancers but have nothing to do with J.Lo and Britney. I am merely stating the fact that J.Lo gives a crap about her career and her craft and Britney simply does not. That is the point. You can disagree and that’s fine but it’s the truth.

    I brought up those girls because they sang lead vocals on JLO songs for years. While JLO “gave a crap” about her career.

  10. 8 minutes ago, Cappycorn87 said:

    Radio, Iutnes and streaming factor into the hot 100

    Nothing was lackluster about the promo

    The VMA was the perfect promo and it exposed Make Me to even more people who might not had heard the record yet which is why it seen a huge increase that night

    Ok, but fast forward to 2017 and nobody cares. Slumber Party was a colossal failure, didn’t even crack the Top 40. The album sales are stalled and nobody is buying it.

    You pointing out all the factors for the Hot 100 make her look even worse because it’s more missed opportunities she didn’t take advantage of. And there’s no excuses for this because Glory is a chart pandering, radio friendly album.

    There was clearly something off about her promo if a VMA performance only held the song up for a week and then plummeted back into the abyss. It was her album release week and Lemonande took the top spot on iTunes. Also, she debuted at #4. The basic performance did the absolute bare minimum for her.

  11. 16 minutes ago, Derrick said:

    We could go back and forth constantly with unlimited videos of both BRITNEY and J.Lo singing live terribly and sometimes good. I mean is that really what we are going to compare here? Because one artist hasn’t sang any of her songs live in over 10 years while the other continues to work and grow her craft. I don’t see a point here at all. 

    Then don’t gas up JLO as this incredible vocalist like you have been doing for the past two pages. She was never a better performer than Britney she’s just doing better now because Britney chooses to perform terribly. Not to mention, JLO’s had more than 10 different Myah Marie’s throughout her entire career. Where’s Ashanti, Christina Milian, Natasha Ramos, etc. royalties?