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  1. Crazy as second single? Bigger but would kill the momentum for the rest of the era

    Toxic as first single? Bigger and would have helped the album sell more, however it might have struggled due to the radio ban

    Overprotected as first single? Flop, teen pop was over

    I wanna go as first single? Underwhelming, HIAM was a good choice to test the waters, after IWG, IO and DDB should have been the last singles to capitalize off her biggest radio era

    TTWE as first single? Like I said above

    Stronger as second single? Bigger

    No seas cortes>better>do you wanna come over as second single? Flop, nothing would change, Currentney is a flop without proper promo efforts

    Slumber party with a well-planned marketing advertising? Bigger

    WB with promo? Bigger



  2. 3 minutes ago, LostInAnImage said:

    Huh, interesting. Not surprising in the slightest, but interesting nonetheless. :mhm:  

    It's such a shame, Wade knew how Britney's body moved and created amazing choreography to complement it accordingly. It's clear he was extremely involved and hands-on with everything pertaining to her dancing, since you can see him actively working with her and helping her perfect even the slightest of movements on all the behind-the-scenes and "making of" videos for Slave, DWAD, Pepsi commercial, etc. 

    Exactly. He was used to having all the control to mold Britney into what worked. He couldn’t do that after the meltdown because everything was so careful and everyone had to walk on eggshells and he couldn’t be the boss anymore.

  3. 47 minutes ago, LostInAnImage said:

    Such a stupid reason to fire anyone, especially since recreational pot is now legal in California! By that logic, we should start drug testing people for potential usage of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco products. (And this is coming from a non-pot smoker; I have no personal stake in its legalization, other than the simple fact that it logically deserves to be). 

    Sorry for the relatively off-topic rant. :outwithit:

    The test was just the straw that broke the camel’s back for Wade. He found Jamie and the team far too controlling.

  4. Just now, Chris343 said:

    Ahhh, thanks. I like this performance, she again has good energy and the cage prop is cool. I prefer this extended intro as well, sad it was scrapped immediately. The crowd tho... :outwithit:

    It's a stuffy award ceremony, don't expect a lively crowd lol :orangu: 

  5. 1 minute ago, Barajas said:

    I wonder if Andre and Wade just gave up after they saw they could not preassure her in the Circus era like in the old days... hahahahaha so sad.. she should at least make a video with great choreography (WB is very close)

    Andre was let go because he tested positive for weed. Wade refused the drug test so he left too.

  6. 3 minutes ago, Chris343 said:

    See I don't actually mind it, I think she hits the beats well etc. The end of the 1st chorus/ beginning of the second verse is flawless (post 2007 flawless at least). But I do see where you're coming from, with the random hip sways and dips and the breakdown (xfactor breakdown was ×100 better)

    She's in sync, and I like the little bursts here and there but most of it is just walking around. If she were actually doing the track live, I wouldn't care because it's similar to her ancient BOMT performances where she would sing live and do minimal choreo. But she's literally lipping and it's obvious, a more choreographed number wouldn't hurt.

  7. 18 hours ago, Brichney. said:

    Stfu. Obviously, after the Weinstein scandal, we all know that ALL celebrities, no matter how "independent" they appear are controlled from clothes to what they say to who they thank. So, shut up. 

    I think we need new costume people in charge then because what she currently wears is horrendous

  8. 10 minutes ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

    Kinda is. Circus gave us a Bratz cover, Mmm Papi, ''Smell Your Breath'', Radar (again) and a number one single that was the title repeated 36 times. Femme Fatale gave us an album that had Britney record songs in 15 minutes and then leave, and BJ gave us Britney drinking coffee while Myah did the work. 

    Atleast, this has a bit of actual artistry in it.

    Unusual You, Amnesia, He About to Lose Me and even Hold On Tight are all stronger and actually better executed tracks. This just sounds like some Soundcloud indie demo.

  9. 40 minutes ago, Brad Adamson said:

    She needs to start caring about what she is doing - thats her problem. She doesn’t care, she abandons albums two singles deep, she performs barely anything new - basically, the bare minimum that will get her and her team the pay cheque. 

    This. Vegas has improved her confidence and personality but as a sacrifice to her career as a performer. Which honestly, I'm happy about.

    However, her team isn't pushing to promote nor is she bothering because Vegas ranks in all the dough. I think the reason why Britney Jean was given zero promotion because the residency was pulling in the money. With Glory, it was given a little more leeway because the ticket sales haven't been as strong as the first legs, so they needed some kind of pull to keep the machine running.

    I hope that with Vegas over, they'll have no choice but to keep the promotion running.

  10. 11 minutes ago, RhysRadar said:

    would have been interesting if you included sales ect for comparison... im too lazy to look myself :smokney2:

    First Weeks



    Living For Love - 10k Pure, #8 Bubbling Under

    Rebel Heart - 121k SPS, 116k Pure, #2 BB 200



    Make Me... - 96k Pure, #17 Hot 100

    Glory - 111k SPS, 88k Pure, #3 BB 200



    No Sleeep - 38k Pure, #67 Hot 100

    Unbreakable - 116k SPS, 109k Pure, #1 BB 200


    Those album figures for Brit are a tragedy.

  11. 1 minute ago, MX3 said:

    I was just thinking about this recently while I listened to Glory. 

    I really hope they don't do another Vegas show promoting 'the hits' but that's what a lot of acts do...they promote their old material and tour on the strength of that, while their new sh!t flops. It's frustrating because it came to a screeching halt for us. Circus , FF did great and went four singles deep. 

    It just makes me hate the Britney jean album even more cause that's when it all went to sh!t. That and Vegas. But I do love Vegas for giving her stability and happiness in her life.

    I think if she wants to revitalize her career it will be a huge overhaul and I would love it if she did. It would have to be on a madonna confessions on a dance floor level; ppl will still see her as an 'older artist' (like I did when I grew up with madonna in the 90's/2000's - I realized she was in her prime in the 80's) but new fans will still go back and check out her old music based on the strength and popularity of her new material (like I did with madonna and Janet) 

    Based on her past two albums though and what we know she feels about this industry and what her values are right now, I don't think she really wants to reinvent her image. and I'm SO bored of the "BRITNEY'S BACK!" narrative. If I have to hear that again I will die lol 

    I agree with you. But I do have hope simply because Britney herself doesn't like the "comeback" thing either.