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  1. 15 hours ago, IconicShow said:

    How is Rupaul's drag race Britney's target audience?

    Britney has fans of all ages, genders, races and sexuality.

    I doubt drag race is something a lot of her fans can relate too nor watch.

    So I'd have to say.



    It is not 2001 anymore. The high majority that actually stans Britney and check for her in present day consists of gay men and straight women. A lot of said demographic watches this show. It gets run on a mainstream music / reality TV channel now. It’s relevant.


  2. The radio is talking about it, she’s truly COMING :scalped:

    “Stop everything! Britney Spears is set to release her new single on June 21.

    Although there has been no official confirmation of the song title the #1 Britney fansite, Breatheheavy.com, believes that it will be “Apple Pie.”

    “Apple Pie” was rumored to be a track that Britney did with Fifth Harmony earlier this year, but now that they are no longer a group Britney may be releasing it on her own.

    Britney added fuel to the fan fire by posting a pic on Instagram with the caption, “It’s been way too long since I’ve seen these boys! Had an amazing time on set “ she ended the post with a few apple emojis.”


  3. Outrageous would have been released and performed at the 2004 VMA’s with a planned Boom Boom / Outrageous medley. She also would have swept for the  Toxic video. The Onyx Hotel tour would have wrapped up. Breathe On Me would probably make it as a single with either a live or basic style B-Roll video. She then would take a minimum year long break before going back to work. She was overworked and tired.

  4. 24 minutes ago, cheri said:

     the other three writers are a trio known as "the family" joy deb, linnea deb, & anton hard af segerstad

    I just did some digging and that trio has worked with Fifth Harmony (another of Larry's clients). These won't be the final credits if it even is her song though, BURNS has been liking tweets so it's likely that he's producing again.

  5. 1 minute ago, HarajukuGuy said:

    Hmm, if the whole Apple Pie thing is true this must be a somewhat old song at least a year old by this point, I remember rumours about a song titled Apple Pie -the rumoured Fifth Harmony feature- even before she started teasing with the apple emojis. Hopefully it doesn't sound dated, as a matter of fact I'm going to eat it (no pun intended) anyway :nynod:

    I remember the earliest we had these rumors was January? It's quite short actually. Most songs for albums are recorded and then released in a year's span. Most of Blackout was recorded in 06 before it was released in late 07.