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  1. Just now, Antidote said:

    That insider was right about "Toy soldier", "Breathe on me" and about Blackout album cover and many more things.

    Do you still think that someone was using the Femme Fatale font (future) back in 2007? lol

    That's fine, but he could have already had the song. Not because of that CD.

    Also, answer my question. Why does it say Interscope / Polydor when Britney has always been Zomba / JIVE and RCA in certain territories at that time? And why has that mix not leaked when we have many other radio edits from the rest of the single promos that have leaked?

  2. 2 minutes ago, Antidote said:

    This thread on Popjustice with the picture is from 2007:



    And according to one of the most reliable insiders of Popjustice:


    This doesn't prove anything though. It could have very well been a fanmade art, and nobody there except that "insider" is giving any receipts. How has the radio edit mix not leaked if actually real?

    Also, as far as I'm concerned... Britney has never been represented by Interscope or Polydor?

    I don't know who that user is either, but if you're so sure...

  3. 39 minutes ago, Antidote said:

    Its real I remember that it was send to some radio station and some people for reviews, and actually when she was shooting GM on the street and X17 recorded a little clip of the song everyone was like "omg that's Get Back" exhale good days lol


    Newbies thinks everything is fake, I'm here since 2005, I know what I'm talking about baby.

    Sweetie, that's the Femme Fatale era font first of all. Secondly, why would JIVE bother to include CD art for a radio sampler and why would they bother sending a song they don't know for sure to be the first single into critic's hands for reviews?

    Let's compare it to other radio samplers.





  4. She wasn’t that stiff, definitely better than any other performance since 2008. But the BBMA’s were in like what, May? She also wasn’t televised getting the Millennium Award (which was a stupid move for Larry to let her do that sh!t), and the single didn’t come until like 2 months later. Any impact or hype died.

  5. 4 minutes ago, Million Billion said:

    TBH I find these leotards horrible AF as well :nyheadache:

    No matter what the design is like, I just can't stand any more leotard at this point and Britney seems to love them, she wears them for everything. I mean, for a male performer there isn't that much of variety of wardrobe but for a female there you have pants, dresses, skirts, shorts, leotards, heels, boots, sneakers, coats, lingerie, catsuits, crop tops and Britney just wears ugly leotards which have nothing to do with the theme :nyheadache:

    The only one custome I have liked is the one she used at the iHeart Radio Fest 


    I liked that one too. I feel like her last actual great costumes have been these two, and that’s it.


  6. Just now, RedCarpet said:

    I don't think I was mature enough to be scared tbh

    I was around 12/13 yo, her behavior was more crazy and 'fun' for me 

    Same, people kept telling me she was crazy and whatever but I didn’t think much of it. I was only confused by things like the VMA performance and the fact she didn’t promote the album with TV appearances. It was all unlike her. I loved the album though, and still do.

  7. 1 minute ago, Chaoscontrol said:

    I LOVE this idea. I know it'll probably never happen but I want an EP with remastered rock versions of her old tracks. I want the new rock/country vibe she's been going with, give me studio versions from the FTW tour with some of the old stuff. 

    1. Tik Tok

    2. We R Who We R 

    3. Blow

    4. Your Love Is My Drug

    5. Take It Off

    6. Timber 

    7. New Song

    8. New Song

    I would be living for this:scalped: I don't know if I could justify spending more money on a Deluxe version if it was just for 2 extra songs. But an EP with re-done classics? I'd be all over it.

    I mean Katy Perry’s re-release for Teenage Dream only had 3 new songs plus some remixes, so it’s not entirely unthinkable for only around 2 songs but you’re right, it is unpractical and a cash grab for stans who have to have all new content.

  8. 8 minutes ago, ATWK said:

    I never listened to Dead Petz but I watched the Dooooooooooooooooooooooooooo It! video and that's where I got the "grotesque" from. She definetly needs to find her sound and image. Demi has kinda found hers (R&B) and Selena is getting there as well (Fetish fits her voice quite well and I'd love for her to make more songs like that).

    You should, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


  9. 2 minutes ago, ATWK said:

    Even if it's not urban, it will definetly be very shocking and the absolute opposite of what she's doing now. The thing about her is that she has no "signature image". Is she country? Urban? Dance-Pop? Grotesque (Dead Petz)? Pop Rock? She's an artist who hasn't really discovered her sound yet. She just hops on whatever gets her the most attention. 

    I actually enjoyed Dead Petz and recognize it as her strongest work. I think Space Bootz is the best song of her career and I wouldn't mind more stuff like that. But you're right, she's sonically all over the place and I think she does a bad job at tying it all together. A good example of this would be Christina or Madonna.

  10. 2 minutes ago, ATWK said:

    This. Her constantly dissing her past material makes her look like a puppet who records whatever is trendy and gets her the most GP attention instead of someone who makes music for her fans.

    I can't take stuff like Malibu seriously because I know she's gonna diss it in like 2 years when she's gonna come back with sometyhing urban and shocking, and the "light" Malibu will have been a "mistake". I can already imagine it: "Malibu is something that doesn't truly represent me, it's something that my label wanted me to do. My new single "#*something tasteless and tacky*" is something that comes from the heart. It's Miley. Malibu wasn't.". 

    Bookmark this and bump it in 2/3 years. :bang:

    Urban will never happen again. Black Twitter and the SJW will make sure to end her career the way they did Iggy if that happens. Her best bet is to go back to dance pop for a hit. :verycool:

  11. The age gap isn't the problem here. It's more so the fact they both lead very different paths at the moment. Britney has her career secured, she has her house paid, she has two children to raise into proper young men, she has a whole empire and lifestyle to maintain and keep up. Sam is a personal trainer / model? with a rich family and just starting to live out his life. Other than a fun fling, I don't see this going any much forward than that. I don't think Sam is ready to be a fatherly figure in Sean and Jayden's lives either. It seems he has his own goals in life that he would like to accomplish first before settling down.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Cappycorn87 said:

    If his mom is racist then I'm sure she is raising her kids to be too

    Are you sure about that? Because there's tons of families out there with ignorant parents who discriminate based on race, ethnicity and sexuality while their children are the exact opposites. :imok: To me, the kid comes off that way. I'll wait for proof before I judge.

  13. She has that annoying habit of shitting on her past. Last I checked, Bangerz was all your concepts and ideas so it's not like you can disown it as someone else's work the way you did with Hannah Montana and Disney. That's your legacy, your work and your career. How sad that you want to belittle it because you're all holier than thou now.