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  1. Various new December magazine scans

    I’m cackling at Sam looking at the camera in every photo
  2. Well they didn’t turn it into one of those tragic ass ballad remixes of the song, so snaps for that
  3. why does people are so cruel on Britney ?

    Madonna had it even worse. As society evolves, many women will be free to express their sexualities without repercussions. Britney just happened to be the millenial generations’ martyr.
  4. https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/bjjdgv/the-101-best-edm-songs-best-dance-songs-of-all-time
  5. Her face used to be so expressive.

    It still is lol.
  6. New Residency in East Coast Next Year?

    Yeah, I don’t buy this lol. Plus, a US tour would flop. People drag her performing abilities here. She needs a big Primeney style performance again for people to take her seriously and not end up with a half empty arena, or even worse, theater.
  7. Can anyone explain this? Britney shooting a MV?

    Is Britney coming to snatch the cobwebs from our moldy weaves in the new year?
  8. Amazing Buzzfeed article

    No, that is her stan.
  9. Personal opinions, bye. Even with sales, it’s different. B eats Bey in albums. Singles it’s probably even? Probably with a bigger edge towards B. Bey is a bigger touring force though.
  10. What were his arguments though? I can name 10+ new popstars (male and female) who have cited Britney as an actual musical influence... Beyonce? Correct me if I’m wrong but Beyonce’s impact is outside of that realm. It’s more having to do with concepts.
  11. Justice for "Now that I found you."

    I hate this song, Britney is better
  12. Toxic MV views.

    They’re linked as far as I’m aware.
  13. BOMT Cd Color

    The blue is a re-issue then. If you have the same pink disc I have from back when you were a kid then that has to be the original disc. This and Femme Fatale are her only albums with different discs by region. Unless you count Britney’s Special Edition but that was a re-release imo.
  14. BOMT Cd Color

    I have a Japan import and mine is pink with a green flower. I believe the standard disc is the blue with a yellow flower.
  15. Toxic MV views.

    It’s already hit 300M on VEVO. It just takes a while to update.
  16. why shattered glass wasnt a single?

    Because Unusual You and Amnesia exist
  17. You just answered your own question.
  18. Anybody going to any slumber parties this weekend?

    No, I’m not an 11 year old girl
  19. You’re just bored, it’s not that deep.
  20. It’s Dance Pop, but it contains elements of trance and Eurodance, so I guess that’s the tie in to the EDM genre. I’ll take it.
  21. Fun things to do in Vegas?

    Really? Isn’t it frowned upon because it’s a female oriented revue? Aren’t there any gay oriented revues?
  22. Justice for "Now that I found you."

    Well in it’s defense, Work Bitch was probably the one with the least generic lyrical theme (apart from the Jesus bonus tracks). Everything else is either about a boy, Jamie Lynn or popping your pu$$y.
  23. justice for mood ring

    I like both songs, but I don’t need Britney’s lead single to sound like she rehashed it from Rihanna while using the same producer. Plus, there’s candids of her holding a burned ANTI CD, so it’s not like people wouldn’t make the comparisons and drag her for copying.