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  1. New IG- Brit and Sam and.... Mozart?

    That's Fur Elise by Beethoven And it's a cute video, it's cool that he partakes in all her silly antics, very sweet
  2. First Weeks Madonna: Living For Love - 10k Pure, #8 Bubbling Under Rebel Heart - 121k SPS, 116k Pure, #2 BB 200 Britney: Make Me... - 96k Pure, #17 Hot 100 Glory - 111k SPS, 88k Pure, #3 BB 200 Janet: No Sleeep - 38k Pure, #67 Hot 100 Unbreakable - 116k SPS, 109k Pure, #1 BB 200 Those album figures for Brit are a tragedy.
  3. Have We Reached the end of her Career?

    I agree with you. But I do have hope simply because Britney herself doesn't like the "comeback" thing either.
  4. I'm not really a fan tbh. Even some of the weaker songs on Glory like Invitation and HTFY are much stronger than this.
  5. Have We Reached the end of her Career?

    That was a mixtape by Myah Marie
  6. I'll let the thug misses Khia settle this for me.
  7. Have We Reached the end of her Career?

    Um I still want new music.
  8. most iconic britney's dancer for me

    Obviously the OG’s are TJ, Andre and the rest of that gang. Then we have the later Zone group, and from the current ones, I really like Zac and Sarah.
  9. Britney doesn’t even lose here. She has the best song while Janet has the worst video.
  10. Would you rather

    She hasn’t been urban since 2007
  11. Britney is enjoying life

    You’re not a multi million dollar A list pop star who’s career was built and depends on image though. Britney isn’t going to be whipping out the acoustics at her next show or recording the next White Album, so she better sit in that chair and deal because it isn’t fair to fans who pay 2K for a photo to see her look a mess nor is it ok for the thousands of people in attendance to watch everything but her look immaculate and put together.
  12. Britney is enjoying life

    I don’t care about Gaga. And I’m not asking for Primeney, I’m simply asking for her to give a f**k. She can do one performance every era for the rest of her career if she wants. But it has to be 120%.
  13. How good or bad this would be? LEAD SINGLE B10

    I’m here for B10 in general I hope we’ll have the lead single by late 2018
  14. Britney is enjoying life

    I go for a haircut every other week, Britney. Sitting in a chair for 30 minutes isn’t going to kill you.
  15. Britney is enjoying life

    She literally doesn’t have to do anything except record, rehearse and sing. Apparently that’s asking too much and we need to keep holding onto a decade old meltdown as a crutch because she’s a special snowflake according to certain stans.
  16. Would you rather

    Is this a joke? Pharrell.
  17. Britney is enjoying life

    Fadga’s stans don’t have this problem
  18. Britney is enjoying life

    Nobody’s asking her to be Primeney again All we’d like is great hair / makeup for her shows and appearances. Nice, well made costumes and exceptional dancing. Is that so fucking hard?
  19. Britney is enjoying life

    Literally nobody is saying she can’t do any of those things though? Did you know that you can have a stable, consistent career AND *gasp* time with your family!!!
  20. "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"

    And I said Britney is worse than Madonna who you called mediocre, which you stated nothing in contrary.