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  1. Too bad she actually didn’t care enough to promote Slumber Party
  2. You never saw every show from Oops or DWAD

    Lol, yeah. She's most definitely singing live while hanging upside down with all the blood rushing to her head. She cannot retire. Her brand as Britney Spears requires her to keep the money coming in. Her albums aren't selling what they used to and as long as she's still alive and young, she has to keep her career afloat to pay for her expensive living costs and her children's lifestyles as well. Vegas has been the money maker for the past 5 years. She's still signed under contract for more records. Britney is a cash cow for her label and the entire family and even if she doesn't have much passion to keep going anymore, you can most definitely count on her team to keep milking her legacy for every last drop they can squeeze out. Not to mention, Britney is extremely flip floppy. One day she says she can't see herself doing this at 40, the other day she wants to release at least 10 more albums.
  3. You never saw every show from Oops or DWAD

    I don’t give a f**k about Pink hanging from a wire (and I’m pretty sure those performances are pre-recorded / lipped, the one from the other night was clearly the CD playing). And no, Britney cannot retire as she is under contract and is responsible for many people’s salaries and support payments under the conservatorship.
  4. Beyonce is deeply involved in Paganism and Witchcraft

    Omg nobody gives a f**k about you and your stupid conspiracies. Go peddle that sh!t elsewhere and stop being a condescending c*nt.
  5. Is this autograph genuine?

    Are we sure that's a sun and not just some half assed flower?
  6. I wouldn't get rid of it, because the atmosphere of the song is very big and it fits with the whole Circus concept. But it's nothing that great. Blur is a far better produced Danja track imo.
  7. My issue is with KTL, sounds like a Blackout reject. It's fun but she has many other better album cuts.
  8. What did you just do? :O

    I sipped on one of these outside on my patio, enjoying my week off from school.
  9. I mean... Early Mornin’ and Heaven On Earth say hi. Kill The Lights, like... At least she made the Top 10.
  10. I'm ready for the "I'm Marilyn Monroe in a monster truck" lyrics.
  11. Um Kylie signed with RocNation and we got that trash Kiss Play Me Once album. Not excited.
  12. Britney and Christina

    They tried to push her into dancing so she could compete with Britney and be a fuller package (vocals and dancing). The issue was, the dancing forced her to become out of breath while trying to push out the belts she was known for and the result was her sounding like a dying cat.
  13. You never saw every show from Oops or DWAD

    Her new routines are sh!t, that’s the problem. When the choreography is horrible to begin with it looks even worse on off days. And when there’s no exciting, Britneyesque routines it’s boring and dull. She cuts interesting choreography bits consistentley, why?
  14. There's nothing here for you to keep crying about. The man is straight, he's interested in women. If you keep crying about it, you're only digging a deeper hole for yourself. You're not in love, it's just an infatuation. Every gay man has gone through this in school, it's ok.

    Anyone not voting Britney is delulu
  16. Katy Perry - Hey Hey Hey

    “Your words are like Chinese water torture”
  17. A&R just search for and bring you tracks to sample and record. They don’t choose the tracklistings.
  18. Her team at RCA would be dropped completely. Only Larry and the rest of her management would essentially remain. Plus, Teresa (A&R for Blackout, Circus and inital FF sessions) is on Columbia, so it’s likely she could replace Karen Kwak.
  19. Unpopular opinions

    I’ve never seen anything as good from her peers so
  20. Unpopular opinions

  21. Unpopular opinions

    I don’t think so. She has a lovely voice and good stage presence.
  22. Krystyna Hutchinson is not a fan.

    I don’t know who this person is but if all she has to offer is bashing celebrities... Perez Hilton exists henny.
  23. Unpopular opinions

    Rihanna has a garbage and dated discography Gaga's first three albums are actually pretty solid now that I took the time to re-listen Dangerous Woman is massively overrated BEYONCÉ > Lemonade