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  1. A retirement is not the same thing as a hiatus, sis what even.
  2. I really disagree with her attitude towards established artists not having to release new music anymore because “nobody cares”. Bitch, I care and that’s good enough for me.
  3. Justin can dance, come on. Re-watch the Like I Love You video. And while he is the better dancer, I don’t believe in giving terrible people any support regardless of their talent. He’s violent and has no self control.
  4. Chris Brown is a garbage artist with a discography consisting of dated Usher circa 2005 rejects and has a history of abusing women. Why are you giving him a platform?
  5. Of course not, he's a man. Nobody is even taking a second glance. The social media gays would drag, but he's not one of us so nobody truly cares.
  6. With Britney, we can at least shove the blame towards drugs, alcohol, tanning and an overall bad skin care regimen. As far as I'm aware, this guy doesn't have those issues so to see him looking so rough at 36... yikes. I wish I could graduate already and help him.
  7. Which is your favorite Japan bonus track?

    Yeah her only truly "Japan Exclusive" track is Mood Ring. Everything else is on different editions of albums, including Japan.
  8. Really? Like I Love You Cry Me A River Rock Your Body Señorita SexyBack My Love What Goes Around... Comes Around LoveStoned Summer Love Suit & Tie Mirrors Not A Bad Thing Can't Stop The Feeling And those are just his main catalog hits. He can fill in the rest with less successful singles / fan favorites like Britney does. An NSYNC medley can also fit.
  9. Why so much hate for My Baby?

    It's boring, bland and clunky as hell. She could have written another Someday or included the Steve Anderson cut from Blackout called "Grow" about the boys, it's from the State Of Grace sessions. No doubt it would have worked better. It's not a good song regardless of the message and it drags down the album because it's filler.
  10. Damn the sis is cracked. A little moisturizer wouldn’t kill him, he’s 36 going on 46.
  11. Which is your favorite Japan bonus track?

    Outta This World
  12. I don’t listen to music on shuffle, I listen to albums.
  13. Your Britney room decor

    I don’t have anything. I wouldn’t mind having a nice canvas style collage of her album covers though, textless.
  14. Would you be here for an 80's inspired album?

    I could see her taking the Kylie route. Fun Fact: This producer was working on Britney Jean with Charli XCX.
  15. All of them because hearing her in public is a rare occasion these days.
  16. Thank God, this queen is such an attention leech. Always latching himself onto the biggest things.
  17. The tan, the blonde hair, the smokey eye...

    She looks amazing here, is u blind or is u blind
  18. Next Album/Era Concept: Post Yours

    Dirty Blonde / Brunette Hair Album Revolving Around Themes Of Finding Inner Happiness, Peace and Euphoria Passion For The Project, Regardless Of Sales
  19. What is this song even about?

    It's about dancing. The music is all around her, she wants to let go and let the rhythm move her, ergo... to the beat of her heart.
  20. 90's House Inspired Album

    I'd be here for it. She dabbled in some 90's UK underground dubstep with Freakshow. Would enjoy some house influences too.
  21. Oh this is the most !

    I'm literally offended
  22. who r u waitin 4 da most?

    Looking forward to Madonna, Britney and Christina.
  23. No news is good news

    I mean we waited for months after the V Magazine shoot and the BBMA’s only for Make Me and Glory to drop out of nowhere so we have to wait and see.