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  1. I don't get this scene on the Toxic video

    ugh I wish we would have gotten the Perfume Director's Cut.
  2. I mean, your ears are proof enough. The more I listen to Myah's songs, the less she sounds like Britney. Nobody can truly imitate Britney's voice perfectly. It's very unique and Myah's too nasal. I can hear her vocals throughout the entire album. It's no mystery.
  3. Hi Britney, I luv uuuu :CPKney:

    Release B10 plzzz :CPKney:

  4. @ukfan But Britney's already done what they've done... who do you think Selena modeled her pop career from? If you want Britney to do something cool and edgy, collaborating with the popular contemporary artists isn't the way to go. You got Dark Britney with Blackout. And she said herself that album came from a dark place because she was in a dark place and she wouldn't go back to it. It's authentic. @ 3:04
  5. Britney Jean +|- (Game)

    You can't be in hurr praising Work Bitch and then dissing Passenger, it's literally the same situation.
  6. Abroad

    Literally what I came in here to say, whoever was in charge of mixing this demo needs to be demoted. The production is just a cacophony of noise and sounds like trash can lids banging against each other.
  7. The Weeknd was also an inspiration for Glory. Larry literally described the album as "The Weeknd meets Britney". Been there, done that.
  8. brb while I throw up. You want a Selena song? Go listen to Glory.
  9. Omg imagine had RCA released Company Remix ft. Brinny
  10. Britney Jean +|- (Game)

    Alien - 110 Perfume - 135 (+) Passenger - 95 (-) Don't Cry - 155 Brightest Morning Star - 50 Hold On Tight - 115 Perfume (Dreaming Mix) - 30
  11. who was she talking about? britney?

  12. Tana Mongeau exposes G-Eazy

    But why should we curr
  13. Lonely DWAD, Boom Boom Onyx, TOMH Circus, BOM POM.
  14. Britney Jean +|- (Game)

    Alien - 100 Perfume - 120 (+) Passenger - 100 (-) Don't Cry - 170 Brightest Morning Star - 30 Hold On Tight - 115 Perfume (Dreaming Mix) - 55
  15. B army should attack

    Why do you care Britney's the one with the career, I didn't even know this person existed until you made this thread and I still don't know who she is.