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  1. This lmfao. Just because they've only heard Oops! I Did It Again and Toxic doesn't mean they automatically know everything related to Britney's artistry.
  2. This thread
  3. Why is it even called stalking? You're looking through a public feed that someone posts for people to see. It's like saying going through a photo album is stalking.
  4. Your country is different. You have the different culture, not to mention a different system for most things. The US teens are very reckless, I know, I've been one. Lowering the drinking age here would only increase the number of deadly accidents.
  5. I miss the promo tours she did. We only got the TODAY show POM performances and she was not in a good mood. My Setlist: Do You Wanna Come Over? Love Me Down Slumber Party Make Me...
  6. It's not stupid at all. Alcohol is a heavily abused drug. 21 is made the legal age because that is when most people actually start to grow up and behave like adults. Can you imagine if we had a bunch of 18-19 year old going out, drinking legally? Do you understand what a danger they pose not only to themselves but to everybody else on the roads?
  7. Britney was able to debut in the Top 20 on her name and 0 promotion. The only US promo Make Me recieved where it was actually performed was the VMAs and thanks to that 1 performance alone, it was able to repeak in the Top 20. It wasn't given radio payola nor did it ever receive an iTunes discount. MR was a flop. The fact that with all of the money spent by Interscope to keep that song afloat in the Hot 100, all the audience it reached, it was only in the Top 40 for 7 out of 20 weeks. That isn't good. It means people are not here for it. The reason it peaked in the Top 5 was due to it being shoved down our throats.
  8. Britney's a fan of Justin's lol. Even back in 2007 she was seen buying FutureSex/LoveSounds and then listening to it in her car.
  9. The BOMT booklet says "oh because" though?
  10. Million Reasons was only able to secure that #4 spot for one week due to the Super Bowl exposure, heavy radio payola and continuous iTunes 69¢ discounts. This is MR's chart run. Does this look like a hit to you? 1st Week: #76 2nd Week: #57 3rd Week: #57 4th Week: #96 5th Week: #52 6th Week: #62 7th Week: #70 8th Week: #83 9th Week: #86 10th Week: #96 11th Week: #97 12th Week: #4 - PEAK POSITION 13th Week: #18 14th Week: #30 15th Week: #30 16th Week: #29 17th Week: #38 18th Week: #46 19th Week: #37 20th Week: #41
  11. It's obviously going to be POM... like if you seriously think they're going to do a new show, poor you and your delusions.
  12. She flopped by her standards.
  13. (Biggest Rumor About Me That Isn't True) that I'm dating someone from 'NSYNC
  14. Yup! Recorded in August 2009. Very early FF sessions, while Britney was getting ready to choose a single for TSC.
  15. "The Fame" had a concept. It was about the longing fantasy for glamour and lifestyle while being an ambitious young adult. It worked. "The Fame Monster" was the antithesis of that. It was about all the evils of that fame coming together. After that, "Born This Way" was basically a love letter to the gay community. A community that embraced her (just like every pop female) but it never claimed her. To a young gay that already likes her, it was amazing of course. To everyone else however, it felt pandering. On top of that, the overproduced music and the glorified drag queen visuals just came across as a rehash of late 80s Madonna. With the first two albums, the visuals and gimmicks helped the music. Here the visuals overshadowed the music and she became the art rather than the artist. With "ARTPOP" it was just balls to the wall, throw sh!t at the roof until something sticks. It was like she threw the era in a blender. She had about 5 very different concepts going around, and she was reaching so hard to find a way to tie them all together in the end but nothing really made sense, and once again her gimmicks overshadowed her music. Then comes "Joanne" which is her attempt at a more personal and stripped down record, which it was. She actually executed the idea well and even wanted a whole indie rock dive bar gimmick going on. However... Gaga wants to have her cake and eat it too. She wants not only all the critical praise, but HUGE pop radio hits as well. So instead of going fully country / alternative rock she recruits not only visionaries like Mark Ronson but also chart toppers like RedOne and Bloodpop. In the end, she has a personal alternative album that sounds like it's trying hard to be pop radio friendly. In other words, a full blown mess. So 7 months later and the Joanne era is going nowhere, she scraps her "personal art" and releases a trendy single like "The Cure". So much for "artistic integrity"...