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  1. what was ur reaction to...... ?

    I was really excited up until the chorus hit. I was expecting to see the choreography from the rehearsal with Charm she posted on IG. But then we got the Vegas choreo and my hype quickly died. MM&I was cute, I guess. She could have sang live though. Overall very average performance, not VMA worthy. It was more PCA / AMA 4th Single Performance.
  2. That Moments Shocked You The Most

    I was honestly so excited when I saw this because she looked amazing yes, but she didn’t look like she was in pain or had those sad eyes the way she did in the Femme Fatale videos.
  3. Remember this bikini Photo?

    She was in good shape here though, she’s never been FAT, just a little thicker on her off seasons.
  4. Let's cry together y'all...

    That too
  5. Let's cry together y'all...

  6. Will Brinny ever do a Xmas album?

    I guess a little EP or 10 track album would be cute. It would give me something festive and hot to get a break from all the Mariah and classics they repeat over and over again. It’s tired. You just know Britney would churn out some electro / synth pop club Christmas.
  7. Selena Gomez is the new Britney.

    That’s still a reach. Mainly because Taylor Swift has no formulaic copycat clones or people trying to recreate her trajectory. Britney still runs circles around that, Taylor is just extremely popular celebrity.
  8. Selena Gomez is the new Britney.

    Even then though, Dignity may be dated but it’s stronger than anything Selena has released, you could even argue it’s better than Revival.
  9. Ya'll I need to vent/need advice/good vibes

    Having a little tummy isn't the end of the world. If the guy is still attracted to you, what does it matter? Having a fit body only takes some effort on your part, nothing unattainable at all. Don't beat yourself up over something like that. When you're comfortable in your own skin and you're able to project yourself outward, you instantly become more attractive because you're automatically more approachable.
  10. Here’s A New Picture Of Ricky Martin In A White Speedo

    Well, that's basically every single Hollywood biopic. I mean.
  11. Ya'll I need to vent/need advice/good vibes

    You should work on your self esteem. We all have insecurities, even the guys that seem picture perfect have something they would change in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. I'm not saying you shouldn't pursue this relationship as well, but if you don't love yourself... how are you gonna love someone else? Believe me, that gets even worse. Because you end up dating this person and falling for them over time and your insecurities and jealousy will flare up to the max because you're just so scared that they'll dump you or cheat because you're not good enough for them. Go out with this guy, but learn to love yourself. Most of these superficial factors have solutions. Like Britney says, "confidence is a must".
  12. Britney Thanksgiving thread.

    I’m thankful for ITZ
  13. Selena Gomez is the new Britney.

    1) She can’t dance. 2) She has a weaker voice. 3) Her music is a direct imitation of what Britney’s done. 4) She has weak stage presence. 5) What is impactful or iconic about her musical career?