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  1. In 10 seconds, the first 10 seconds are Felicia.
  2. Oh my goodness did you even read what I wrote? HIAM is one of her US #1 singles. It was also a worldwide global hit, going Top 10 in over 20 countries. Couple that with strong radio play and digital downloads, it's one of her biggest recent hits. So why does she prefer to add album cuts and old singles / dance tributes over one of her most recent and accessible hit singles? Because she's not a fan! There's no correlation behind her best 3 albums (also the 3 albums she was most hands on with) (as indicated by fans and critics alike) having no Max Martin tracks on them? Do tell.
  3. Teach me how to ride that c*ck queen
  4. The Neon Section outfits have almost all been bad this isn't too awful but damn those shoes They should have kept this catsuit for the segment instead of using it for the opening
  5. I was trolling, she's had more disgusting outfits than good ones Like this travesty
  6. She looked great here. I just wish the makeup artist didn't overly contour her face. She's serving Michael Jackson in some angles.
  8. Britney going out into the Vegas streets goofing around and having fun with Sam B-Roll: Britney at the hotel pool looking HAWT in a buhkini
  9. Release Better. If that does well, maybe Just Luv Me or even Love Me Down after to close it out.
  10. Watch Britney perform to an empty theater and literally perform as well as she does in rehearsals. They should film a DVD on that date.
  11. People walked out of Circus in Australia for the lip syncing. Femme Fatale was bad, but at least the show was cohesive (excluding the Latin America leg where everything was cheapened for travel expenses). Planet Hollywood doesn't care about how the show is run just as long as people are buying tickets. It needs to end though.
  12. A Fashion Icon
  13. That's fine. I'm aware it's a greatest hits show. However, there's some days where she kills it and she looks amazing, and there's some days where she half asses everything and just goes through the motions. She's performing for so many people and that leaves an impression on the GP. When she half asses sh!t and looks a mess, that's a problem because when the show gets a revamp, it's likely those people won't go back because they didn't see a good show the first time. Britney is doing herself no favors going out there basically with her underwear and a messy bun and just barely doing the motions. It's messy and it looks like she doesn't take herself of her career seriously. The last section of the show has a jungle theme, her dancers are dressed with a certain color, and she goes out there with a costume that completely clashes with the backdrop, the dancers and the lighting. It's a mess. Even the M+M's Tour had more cohesion.
  14. Circus was perfectly timed. Waiting a year for a much needed comeback could have damaged Britney's brand even more. What was more crucial was for Britney to release 3 as a stand alone single and to take a year break after TCSBS.