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  1. This fucking thread, I'm HOWLING Their last good effort was Monkey Business
  2. This is what happens when you don't care enough
  3. du ya wunna cum ova
  4. That's not MTV's fault tho Britney shouldn't have had a mediocre performance, period
  5. Then why did she have a sold out world tour last year?
  6. Gonna go with Britney cutting her hair to this for B10, gonna hope for a positive meltdown because she looks hawT
  7. I mean it's highly doubtful that Britney would be doing choreography for a ballad in the first place, let alone those kind of sensual hip movements to a song that's an apology for her little sister. I'm gonna stick with Kiss for those reasons.
  8. Yeah, and it sounds / looks real lol
  9. Ok so was the original audio in this video Little Me or And Then We Kiss?
  10. LMFAO she's dancing like Currentney in the second video
  11. This song is tragic though. She needs to stop trying to come across as a "bad bitch", it's so forced and cringe.
  12. There's no way that Britney, especially 2011ney, would have been here for a 5 single era
  13. I liked it up until these