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  1. some of my best friends know im a britney stan, a lot of them love britney and her music which makes me happy; if i see an opportunity to bring her up in a school/professional setting without looking like a crazed stan i would; i also listen to britney every day at the gym 

  2. after she posted this i went through her instagram to look at the other posts of her family and it really made me realize wow we think we know so much about britney and in some way we do but she has an ENTIRE other [personal] life that we know literally nothing about it, like bringing her kids to school, seeing friends and other everyday things, i think its so interesting and another thing is that most of her life is that and the performer we see is a fraction of her entire life and the rest of the things she does (this post is probably confusing as f*ck but oh well) 

  3. 2 hours ago, CashmereCat said:

    Same for Toxic.  I can't stand that lame ass choreography for a fucking iconic song like Toxic.  That said, the only original part she does is the a guy like you, should wear a warning. And it's barely the original. 

    omg sis preaching to the choir literally right after this thread i posted in the "Most tragic POM choreography" thread about toxic: "the toxic performance is bullsh!t, they think they can make up for the lack of real choreography with the tree stunt and throwing britney in the air like please..its arguably her biggest hit and deserves more " its a shame but its the truth :lemmetellu:

  4. they say its easier to bounce back to your pre baby body the younger you are and have kids, however britney said it herself she didn't notice a change in her body until years after having kids when her hips got wider later on; she did have a near primeney frame in 2007/8/9 but her frame got wider when she got older (which is inevitable anyways) nonetheless her body is so snatched right now im happy for her  

  5. the POM slave performance is a disgrace to the choreography, theatrics and original vibe of the song,  imo the song and the choreography go hand in hand therefore theres no point in doing the performance without the full routine, even 2007ney AND FFTney did it (drag me for comparing 2016ney to FFT i really don't give a f*ck ) :rihit:

  6. ima cut a bitch, ken must have taken speed or some sh!t before this he was getting so heated and deep trying to make britney look bad, had they included the part of her speech when she says "it feels illegal to hold the mic" or whatever they wouldn't have embarrassed themselves trying to decode this, and the fact that they called her singing LIVE "karaoke" ENRAGES ME, she gets BASHED for lip syncing and when she sings f*cking live she gets bashed just as much, jesus this pissed me off i despise E! news it's so full of sh!t:rihit:

    edit: dont even get me started on the beyonce comparison