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  1. RedOne x Gaga dj shadow box, no thanks.
  2. Seriously. These poor girls would have had no chance if they were out at the same time spice girls were or if spice were out now. I'm waiting on PCD to show them what's up. *dont let me down PCD*
  3. I know right! His vocals on this song are everything. They evoke such melencoly emotion and they're soft but strong at the same time. Julia, I like her but she should not "duet" with him, her vocals sound weak comparatively. (I agree these are prob her demo vocals btw) it's amazing that he heard that demo and turned the song into what it is. If Justin would have promo'd this just a tiny bit, I think it would have smashed. There's no denying it's a good pop song. Why cant britney and other justin do the things I want them to do! Very frustrating.
  4. I've been a fan since the beginning and of all the songs that maroon 5 has ever churned out.. I couldn't even get through the iTunes preview. Super boring. Idk what's going on in the music industry. Everything that came out today is pretty awful. Smh
  5. Most girl stars post that yatching stuff right to their own Instagram. I don't think that's a PCD thing, I think any starlet who does that choses to do it on their own. It is funny tho that they post those pics and think we don't know what they are lol
  6. This era is a mess. Idk what's going on but all the pop stars are missing the mark this year. big time
  7. Jordan posts fake meet and greet photo on Instagram

    UGH When I saw that post I was like ok britney ok, we're getting there. Damnit. She needs to go posh spice and stop smiling. If we're stuck with these lip fillers she should show them off, without pursing the lips, just let them be plump. And get a fuckig makeup artist. UGH
  8. Some parts I liked and some parts I did not.
  9. Not saying that the song's gonna be good but that beat is pretty cool. I hated her other stuff this era tho so my expections are super low.
  10. I'm so sad it flopped. I love this song They can keep this remix tho
  11. Ok but if no one is watching is it actually happening? Also, they finally use a song from the album that has potential and they perform it on faux TRL? They better get it together while they can cause if PCD can pull it off they will slay the crap out of 4h.