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  1. I feel bad she was so nervous but from that clip it seems like they showed all good stuff, she should have been like yeah look at that, I killed that sh!t.
  2. Gd taylor. You already ruin your own songs when you perform them, now you have to come for Britney's?
  3. Oops | SNL - Live vocals

    Oopsney is the best ney.
  4. 20 yo vocals, mess choreo, mess costumes, mess makeup. The whole thing is a gd mess and shits on her legacy. My gosh why would you want it to continue??
  5. I'm pretty surest some point she said that that whole schtick of hers during that era was very planned out and calculated to get the most attention. She wanted that next level of fame, so they figured out what her target audience would like most and they did it. That being said she should be embarrassed of everything she did during that time because it was tasteless and unappealing. She sold her sole and now she's embarrassed? Poor her.