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  1. While he may be right to some extent, he's definitely throwing shade. He should shut his tired looking pumpkin head up and go back to the studio to make actual good music. CAUSE YOUR NEW MUSIC SUCKS ASS JUSTIN Like who is he to speak on this when he might as well retire, he's certainly past his peak.
  2. That's a shame. This is good, much better than crying in the club. Prob could have been a good follow up single after havana.
  3. This looks and sounds like what justin was going for. It's a little modern, a little country, a dark video, even has some flute sounds which mimic birds for an outside effect that justin was so desperately going for. It's really good. Justin is a flop.
  4. Wtf was that sh!t. "Just die already" wtf And the best part of the song which should have been the chorus and which they teased the whole album with, lasted about 10 seconds. Just no. Edit to add: did he forget how to dance cause the dancing he did was a mess. Also, what does "supplies" mean cause it seems like an inuendo throughout the song but then at the end he was telling the kids he's got the supplies. Not ok.
  5. People need to stop giving that bitch attention. She's like a child having a constant fit.
  6. I like the somberness of it. The subject matter has already been discusssed tho, we all know social media is taking over life and it sucks. This is nothing new. Also I still hate these fools and their stupid come up music. Not surprised to hear one of the assholes is a cheater. Maybe they should go around promoting it as woke music. It worked so well for Katy Perry.
  7. I'll only miss ed, other wise the lineup is still lit. I'll watch the whole damn thing just to see Cardi and Bruno perform finesse. The the only good thing about awards shows anyway is the performances, who gives a crap who has a trophy, especially since they get bought. They should just have televised festivals instead tbh.
  8. lol that's exactly what I was thinking, the face from that angle could be it but the stomach, not a chance.
  9. It was definitely on purpose. Never thought about it as an upstaging event but yeah I think you're right.
  10. Tomorrow at 8am? Does that mean the song is coming tonight at midnight? I assumed it'd be Thursday night/Friday morning midnight. Well in any case I'm ready to hear it so the sooner the better.