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  1. Badassney We miss you so bad
  2. You're very good at photoshop
  3. Glory's album sales are embarrassing

    Yes! And if they let those vocals run shine. Plus the controversy of is it about justin or not couldn't hurt, her finally calling him out after all these years... or not, mystery is so in right now. I think this would have been a totally different era.
  4. Glory's album sales are embarrassing

    I think that we're not surprised. Glorious would have been a better name. Or a perfect rerelease name! Omg, we're missing out on so much. If she would just apply herself.
  5. Glory's album sales are embarrassing

    That's almost what she did, do you wanna come over was a buzz single released before the album came out. This would not have helped. I think she needed a better lead single. Unpopular opinion here but make me is not the tea. She needed a powerhouse first single and I think the vulnerability on just luv me would have smashed as a second single after she got everyone's attention with the first single. A Liar remix might have worked and if they used some of those awesome vocal runs they hid. Or a remix of love me down, and when I say remix I just mean a slight remix like crazy and overprotected, some of the songs just needed some harder hitting beats and base. And other than that she needed to do promo and charm the sh!t out of America like she knows how tf to do!
  7. I like medicine better than heat, but I like meaning of life better than both so it's whatevs I guess.
  8. How did she imagine shoes like that would work? I feel like you'd need a scientist moreso than a designer. Maybe she was thinking about how Michael had the shoes that let him lean so far foward. I'm sure it would have been iconic if accomplished. Le sigh