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  1. She's no different than those exhales that are done with exhale and then come back a month later. She needs to just stick to acting or modeling because she has no musical talent what so ever.
  2. f**k Vegas numbers. What about Glory numbers. LIke girl bye I dont give a rats ass about how successful Vegas is
  3. I mean yeah she did lose weight on her ass and it's not big anymore but you're making it seem like she has a tiny flat butt like taylor swift and katy perry
  4. He is pretty hot but his music is crappy lol.
  5. This made me sad because 2011 was the last time pop music was everywhere. It deteriorated in 2012 and now it's gone. Awards shows started becoming boring in 2012 to now. Anyway Britneys reaction is cute. Look at Katy Perry's ugly motherfucking ass hating on Britney and talking sh!t. I always knew that dirty bitch was never a britney supporter.
  6. Aliveney whenever she laughs and has more personality in her interviews or performances.
  7. Hence past term "used". Britney's photoshoots now are just normal although her V mag photoshoot last year was everything.
  8. I think its funny when people call Rihanna "The Queen Of Photoshoots". Don't get me wrong Rihanna has cute photoshoots but wearing a green and porcupine wig at a Deli does not make you "edgy" or "avant garde". Her photoshoots most of the time just look like runway fashion photoshoots. Britney in her early and prime years had the best photoshoots as a pop star. Pushed envelopes when it comes to embracing sexuality as a young female which also caused controversy. Her photoshoots were either very sexy or very classy and beautiful with timeless beauty. Each photoshoot were so different from each other. She always stepped her game up. I feel like a lot of pop girls now days are trying to be edgy by wearing black lipstick and crazy hair but it comes off as try hard. It all just looks the same.
  9. I think Britney gives off the illusion that she's older because her career is almost 20 years old but the fact is she's only 35 years old. Millennials are anybody born from 1980 to 2000. Artists like Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Paul McCartney, Janet Jackson etc are not millennials since they were all born before the 80s.