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  1. Successica Legendson is unbothered by your pettyness.
  2. Honestly Katy is too much of a white girl to be trying so hard to be down with black people. She's not like Britney or Xtina who are both white but had a unique look to them. Britney the brown eyed white girl from the south who knew how to dance, perform and slay the stage. Xtina, the white girl from connecticut who knew how to sing. What is Katy Perry? There's nothing special about her. She reminds me of this white girl I went to high school with that tried so hard to be down with black people until she got her ass whooped for saying the "N" word Katy is unapologetically racist though since she never apologized to that black guy who she offended Not surprised since she made fun of britneys mental health
  3. She's 34 but is looking 50 lately. Britney looks older than her age too but at least Britney is pretty and doesn't have yellow teeth. That picture of Katy's teeth is horrifying
  4. i will never understand why she gets dolled up in these little instagram runways and then barely puts effort into her red carpet looks.