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  1. Love that she listens to her own music too.
  2. 3 years ago this happened!

  3. Hopefully ya put in the same effort in streaming B10's lead single and requesting it on radio.
  4. You see, her music is good and she's very talented. She has a gift but she ruins her chances of success with her really bad attitude.
  5. I never thought I would cape and defend Taylor but yeah I'm with Taylor on this one. Katy should have been a grown ass woman and stay silent in this situation but instead she retaliated and made a diss response which unfortunately bit her on the ass and it flopped. It also doesn't help that the GP hate Katy now. Like how you gonna release a diss track as a single when you're album is flopping and the GP are making fun of you?
  6. Never seen an artist decline as quickly as this artist

    She did decline but not as much as you said she is. She's doing fine in 2017. Yeah her peak only lasted two years but she's doing much better than some of her contemporaries now like Katy Perry. I would understand if this was 2013 but it's 2017. She's not as irrelevant as she was during those years. Her world tour is doing great with lots of sold out shows. A "declining" artist wouldn't even have sold out shows. She could have easily made The Cure a hit since it was doing well on Spotify but it's clear she doesn't want hits since she even said fame took a toll on her. The only reason Million Reasons was a hit was because her label forced her to promote it. She has a pretty good empire and a great team. She just doesn't like promoting her singles that much. Joanne did pretty good though. Overall she's not big like Beyonce or Rihanna but she's certainly not irrelevant. The person with the biggest decline is Katy Perry. How does someone have numbers ones in a previous era and then have nothing but flops the next era? I mean she had to cancel a few shows because no one is buying tickets even with album deals. The GP hate Katy Perry now more than they hated Lady Gaga in 2013. I mean for the whole May Wendy dragged Katys ass. Black Twitter are still going HAM on Katy. The thing is Gaga always has her talent to back her up. Katy Perry has no talent to back her up so the GP are done with her.
  7. Thoughts on Lynne Spears?

    are you saying jamie lynn is a flop
  8. Thoughts on Lynne Spears?

    She created Britney so I'll always love her for that.
  9. Taylor Swift Posted Another Video Of A Snake

    You're so corny Anyway just release the damn song already and save Mariahs record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. NEW IG POST!

    why cant she wear outfits like this during POM?
  11. Another new IG post: New outfit showoff

    why cant she upload the video of her singing LIVE
  12. JLo And Mariah Carey Are On Dual Paper Magazine Covers

    Wrong Jordan. J.Lo KNOWS Mariah. Mariah DOESN'T KNOW J.Lo. J.Lo is a big Mariah fan. Mariah doesn't know J.Lo and probably never will. The biggest shade of it all? Mariah never mentioned J.Lo's name not ONCE lol
  13. Which of the current pop Girls is your fav

    None. They are all boring and basic.
  14. Katy Perry Teases DodgeBall-Inspired “Swish Swish” Video

    She is so damn embarrassing. I feel bad for her fans