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  1. I love her and will always have an immense amount of sympathy for her but she's a hypocrite in this situation.
  2. ugly woman.
  3. Sis are you ok? She clearly bought this wig at Party City
  4. He just might. I was shocked Sam passed the Jamie test too cuz for some reason I thought Jamie was a bit racist.
  5. Keanu is hot but I feel like Britney won't find him attractive
  6. This movie is going to bomb though. The cast is not funny especially Will Ferrel.
  7. katy should take that advice lol.
  8. with forehead lines, crows feet and smokers spots? It's not like she looks 32. I just think its funny that people here think Britney looks 45 (which she does look older sometimes I wont lie) but Katy realistically looks older than Britney. People are already talking about Katys leathery skin on her glastonbury set
  9. Especially when Katy Perry is 3 years younger than her and has skin like this
  10. As Oprah would say "A moving monumental piece that inspires young woman to be themselves and honor their imperfections"