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  1. What Hannah went through was atrocious but blaming other people for doing her wrong was ignorant especially since these people are still teenagers Bullying will always be wrong but she kinda subtly bullied them BACK by making these tapes in hopes of making their lives miserable. What was the point of putting Clay in the last tape with Bryce? Clay did nothing wrong. He loved her and for her to make him suffer in misery those horrible days was pretty disgusting as he was sweet as a cherry. Like he literally did nothing wrong and if anything supported her and was shy to tell her how much he loves her but that quickly flew across her stubborn self absorbed head The ONLY person that was truly disgusting in this show was Bryce and I was upset that they didn't show him going to prison during the final. He is the one she should ONLY blame. All the other teenagers did some petty stuff to her but they are bratty teenagers and teenagers grow up to become better people. Bryce is the only true villain. I also think it's pretty selfish for Hannah to include Jessica in the tapes knowing damn well Jessica was going through enough sh!t with the rape. Hannah admitted in the tapes she let down Jessica but yet still included Jessica in the tapes to make Jessicas life more tragic and messy
  2. Happens all over the world boo
  3. kind of like youre shitting a log backwards.
  4. I do miss Nastyney. When she told Felicia she had runny diarrhea during music video shoot.
  5. At least she didn't call it "Artistic Rape" like when she did when Rebel Heart leaked
  6. I think it was coincidental. Lots of celebrities bump into each other at Soho and Nobu. It's the go to spot in LA. I doubt Mariah cares to actually have dinner with Beyonce and Jay-Z
  7. LOL why is she always making music for teenagers? my god this woman is going to be 33 and shes still making kid friendly songs like what the hell
  8. Was scrolling down tumblr and saw this youtube video. I didnt even Ariana was an actress before she was a singer Anyway the comparison sounds crazy but idk I kinda saw Britney starting at 0:26 the way her eyebrows and mouth opens wide when she laughs and then when she turns sideways her facial structure is almost similar to Britneys and the way she has FemmeFataleneys awkward mannerisms too
  9. Golden Brown. She described her eyes as brown too. I think she has the same eye color as Jennifer Lopez. Brown with a tint of green but not yet Hazel https://s10.postimg.org/f6k47a6h5/d56944ffe43a00a2779c478067207e64.jpg
  10. She said herself she has brown eyes though They do have a tint of green especially in fluorescent lighting but most of all they look golden brown. Her eyes are slightly more brown to be considered hazel. Lady Gagas eyes for example are hazel
  11. Love big brown eyes Even though they are the most common eye color I still think they are underrated. Blue eyes are severely overrated. Not sure why the GP prefers blue eyes. Yeah I see many people that look good with blue eyes but idk I prefer brown and chocolatey
  12. Not flop but she's not succeeding either. Karma bit her flat ass and now she's underperforming for her standards. When Alessia Cara is having more streams than you it is alarming. What boggles my mind is that Katy has been in the industry for practically 10 years and only released FOUR albums (if she releases one this year). That is so little. Giving me Xtina teas. The General Public has moved on from Katy. Rihanna, Drake, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, and Chainsmokers are running the pop scene now which is sad considering none of those artists are that talented.
  13. I love them. I'm a sucker for brown eyes.