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  1. Yeah she was sedated and messy but she gave us THREE top 10 singles one of them being #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Britney may never get a #1 again. Hell I'm even doubtful for even a top 10 on billboard. The album was #1 something she can't even score with her current sales now. The GP loved the music and her songs were played on the radio. Britney Jean and Glory were embarrassing due to her numbers being identical to Hilary Duff numbers. Streaming is what's in right now. Britney's team needs to invest more into making her music more available for streaming. Yes her music is on all streaming platforms but her team needs to Hot Track B10 lead single on itunes and have spotify banners. If she's not gonna do promo then she NEEDS to have a KILLER music video. Music videos are important now more than ever due to them adding streams which is why music videos are becoming events again. Little TV promo spots aint gonna do sh!t but hey any promo is better than no promo. She just really needs to focus on streaming and filming epic music videos.
  2. I'm so glad our girl doing this fella

    spill the tea.
  3. Does anyone remeber what happened that day ?

    I think Britney wouldn't mind watching old clips of herself even the negative ones. Britney may be a bit different now but she's more level headed now than she was in Circus era. Yes Circusney had "Primeney" face and her old mannerisms but people forget that Circusney was also very depressed and miserable. Let's not forget how she was "quiet" and nervous in the 2008 radio interview. Circusney just had hid her anxiety well but she was in a much darker place in her life back then than she is now. Currentney would definitely be more talkative and humorous watching her old clips.
  4. Anybody going to any slumber parties this weekend?

    Slumber Parties are for suburban teenagers in California.
  5. Expectation vs Reality

    B10 first week sales expectation: 100k reality: 20k ala Mandy Moore numbers
  6. Why do people not like HIAM MV?

    Femme Fatale britney's worst era????? Femme Fatale? The album that delivered us three top 10 singles? One of them being #1 song on the billboard hot 100? Something she'll never get in the future again. Girl the GP loved Femme Fatale. Broccoli Juice was when her career deteriorated. Glory had potential but she filmed an embarrassing video for Make Me and promoted Vegas instead of Glory which is why the album flopped and the GP don't even know Britney released an album last year
  7. Why do people not like HIAM MV?

    No. She got an eye lift in mid 2012. HIAM was filmed in 2010. She was sedated from high prescription dosage for bipolar and depression which can age you and make your eyes droopy but other than that she was still pretty and beautiful in the video
  8. Why do people not like HIAM MV?

    Her face was fine though. Yeah she looked sedated but she was still beautiful in the video
  9. Sam's mom...

    She does look younger than Britney
  10. Sam wears tighty whities

    I know some people think its unattractive but tbh most men in the world actually wear them. About a month ago when I saw his story of him working and see the hanes tighty whities creepy out of shorts gave me a boner. Mr. Asghari is humble and wears low costing hanes white briefs
  11. Sometimes I think she

    Received electroconvulsive therapy in January of 2008. It has long lasting side effects like great amount of memory loss and increase in lethargy and confusion. Britney shows a lot of symptoms of a patient of electroconvulsive therapy. I think the side effects really kicked in around 2010 and medication had to be prescribed to accommodate the symptoms.
  12. Sam wears tighty whities

    Is Sam is a creepy old man? Tbh though a lot of attractive guys wear tighty whities such as chris evans, ryan gosling, ricky martin, colton haynes etc. its kind of like the common white granny panties most women wear.