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  1. What exactly makes Double Dutchess so bad

    its just a boring album. there's 2 songs I like though..
  2. Sam Smith Says He Feels 'Just As Much Woman As I Am Man'

    Exactly. He's pretty much saying all superficial things is what makes a woman a "woman". I cant stand this fucking idiotic dumbass.
  3. Sam Smith Says He Feels 'Just As Much Woman As I Am Man'

    fucking dumbass who cant sing well
  4. Britney Spears: Unzipped (2003 Doc)

    whats ironic is that little girl is now an adult film p0rn star.
  5. TAYLOR SWIFT's new music video out this thursday night!

    I wish Britney's team was like this and invest in her videography and promotion.
  6. Will Britney age decently like...

    J.Lo uses too much botox though. Yeah it makes her look younger but she cant smile sometimes and she always looks so frozen. Angela Bassett is going to be 60 next year! This is aging gracefully. It's not even because she's black. Angela has had a vegan diet for many years, doesn't smoke, do drugs etc.
  7. Will Britney age decently like...

    Kylie Minogue? She will be 50 next year I can see Britney looking decent like this at 50. Kylie looked the same as Britney when she was 35.
  8. Aside from her kids, What is your favorite family member of Britney?
  9. Katy Perry Gets Stuck Mid-Air on Floating Prop During Nashville Show

    Due to hundreds of tickets being given away for free, ticket prices decreasing and album bundles Yeah Katy is sure slaying
  10. Jordan posts fake meet and greet photo on Instagram

    The boy in the pic didn't edit himself. Jordan is just shady
  11. "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"

    Your delusion never fails to amaze me.
  12. "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"

    Mariah and Celine had successful hits and eras in their 30s though. Britney hasn't had a successful hit and successful era since she was 29
  13. Felicia just shared this picture with Britney

    do they hang out outside of the venues? catch on life? drink tea together?
  14. Jordan Benedict Miller does it again