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  1. Katy Perry Is Reportedly Planning A Comeback

    Like that's really going to make a difference
  2. Katy Perry Is Reportedly Planning A Comeback

    Black hair aint gonna do it. Most of the POC GP are still salty over her racist expose back in May 2017 where she was exposed and roasted all month. Black Twitter still drags her ass to filth. LipstickAlley are always like "That white supremacist still releases music?". The GP are not as fickle as you guys think they are. Katy is just not interesting anymore. She's fucking 33 years old and still releasing pre teen music. You must have mental issues if you're over 18 and still listen to Katy Perry music its creepy Katy also doesn't have talent. She cant sing, her guitar skills are mediocre and her performances are always embarrassing. Katy makes it embarrassing to be a white girl because she's the epitome of a cheesy white girl trying to be cool. It failed and backfired miserably. The GP will still not check for her even if she gets black hair again and works with max martin. She's not "cool" and her image is just burnt out. I never saw her having longevity anyway. She has #1s but aint nobody checking for those past #1s. We're in 2018. No one checking for Katy Hillbilly Perry. If she wants to be taken seriously she needs to make mature adult contemporary music not kindergarten pop music like teenage dream to Hitless.
  3. Britney's satin dress cost only $25

    Rich people who aren't famous yeah but rich celebrities have clothes sent to them by all designers. Most of the clothes they get are just for rental. Like Beyonce and Lady Gaga promote the clothes they were sent on their social media and both the company brand and the artist make money out of it. Rihanna does it too. It's good marketing and very lucrative for artists on social media. I'm sure designers have sent Britney some stuff but she just doesn't like to promote clothes on her social media.
  4. When was the last time she was brunette?

    May 2014 if you include the auburnish hair she had "brunette". This is the longest she's been without brunette hair. It's sad.
  5. Was Britney a lesbian at one point?

    You never know with Britney! Maybe she just wants us to get the message since her dad doesn't allow her to.
  6. Was Britney a lesbian at one point?

    She definitely comes across as the girly girl who ends up being an alpha female warrior on bed and eat the kitty box like she on bath salts.
  7. Was Britney a lesbian at one point?

    I remember the rumors from Razzo that she ate and demolished paris's vagina. Not sure if they were true or not. Apparently her and paris fucked numerous amount of times during fall 2006.
  8. I think its the fact that she came out of the closet as a butch lesbian but uses sam asghari for straight appeal. I know Britney be eating that kitty during the long weekends.