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  1. I’ve had a little fun with femme fatale photoshoot

    Or even worse, Britney could use it for a #tbt post
  2. I’ve had a little fun with femme fatale photoshoot

    Her face has a different color from her body Change that and it will look fine
  3. Her face used to be so expressive.

    The last time she kinda did this was at the bbma. It adds so much to the performance. That's what her last shows have been missing
  4. What does everybody think about Britney doing this?

    She would answer "cool" 73 times
  5. Randee reuses the FF photoshoot set

    Spending time with Britney taught her something: recycling
  6. Sam's mom...

    The pic never loaded. But then I checked his instagram to see his mom and she does look great but let's not overreact saying she looks younger than Britney
  7. Oopsney in 2011

    She looked amazing thát night. Too bad her stylist wanted to experiment shitty makeups on her as well as hairstyles
  8. POM 2.0 What were your thoughts ?

    I liked it a lot tbh. Most of the outfits were finally good and I liked the new numbers (BOM, TOMH, ILR&R) and the new choreo for GM. Her body was on point too (better than it was in 2015) and she seemed to be having a lot of fun
  9. Random POM show next Tuesday?

    She just needed extra money...400.000$ for xmas expenses
  10. Why do people not like HIAM MV?

    The overall production is amazing. What ruins it is the way she looks. Her hair's almost white and she has no eyebrows. She even looks like a drag queen in the fight scene If she looked like this throughout the video I would consider it a good one:
  11. Btw what happened to Meghan trainor? Where is she?
  12. Probably her best unreleased song. Sadly it was too light to be in Blackout even as a bonus track