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  1. britney's weird but soulful comment about heath ledger's death

    She must have been furious with her family but the mirror thing was made up
  2. I think my favorite live performance is when she did Someday

    The impact that performance had in the US was so strong that the birth rate increased a lot the next year. It was literally a second baby boom thanks to Britney
  3. Britney Spears was named 2nd biggest casino act in Las Vegas

    Britney will be queen after her 2019's residency
  4. Jessica Simpson and the case of recording Britney's rejects

    Xtina also recorded some Britney rejects. Back then every producer wanted to work with Britney and when their songs were rejected they gave them to other singers.
  5. "Toy Soldier" with the right music video would have been a massive hit without a doubt
  6. Hot outfit

    That would look good to open the show. There are some things that I would change though. It kinda looks cheap
  7. Tamar Braxton shaves her head bald to "My Prerogative"

    The comments are so positive. Britney deserved better
  8. Is this picture of Britney real?!

    I didn't like that outfit back then but after 2017ney's outfits I want it back asap. You never know what you've got till it's gone indeed