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  1. 4 years since the most iconic Britney Performance!!

    I wonder why she never wore that same outfit on stage or a similiar one I mean it's not hard to find pants gloves and a nice bra...Britney
  2. On this day... 9/18 CANDIDS (Britney and Kevin's wedding day)

    Flawless indeed...also the hottest one
  3. Remember that time when Mariah...? Remember that iconic Mariah performance where she...? Well I don't either
  4. I don't like Hot as ice either...can I join you guys?
  5. Glory +|- (Game) [CLOSED. Make Me Wins!]

    The rules need to be changed again @Chaoscontrol There's only 3 left
  6. Glory +|- (Game) [CLOSED. Make Me Wins!]

    The f**k did you do with Invitation?
  7. The 2000s Belonged to Britney as the 2010s Belong to...?

    Better make by year not decades
  8. I thank you and all your receipts
  9. I love pissing people off I wasn't being serious...but I thought that @danny1994 would fight me more
  10. Beyonce fans are coming for you
  11. Then why isn't she the queen of pop or sth? She's been forgotten already. Nobody knows those things about her
  12. It shows that her impact on people is minimal. They might buy her songs but she's not a force at all. She's not even iconic
  13. Why do you think she doesn't tour?
  14. I know that but she doesn't have the power to sell out stadiums or even arenas worldwide.she's been forgotten and her legacy can't save her
  15. What about her tour sales?