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  1. Did James Corden Avoid Shading Britney?

    She sounded good ... she sang womanizer, Oops and bomt and sounded just like the album version She didn't sing toxic and make me tho. I think Selena was the worst one
  2. So basically you wanted people to skip the only Britney song in that list
  3. The GP only want to see hot sexy Britney dancing her ass off on stage and causing controversy like she did in her prime...if she danced like she used to she would destroy all the basic acts like taylor. If they don't get that from her she's not going to be seen as Britney Spears the pop star. She's just a has been that looks like a complete mess on stage. When she promoted Circus in 2008 she wore boring outfits trying to have a more mature image but for me she screwed it all
  4. Maybe she wanted the media to talk about how on fire she was..."even her shoes melted!" Stupid but possible
  5. First time I agree with you on something
  6. She can lipsync to precorded vocals like Beyonce..she makes people believe she sings live very well
  7. Shakira Announces El Dorado World Tour Dates

    I bet it was because of low sales
  8. Fixed...go watch Janet's videos. It's all prerecorded vocals with some live "woos" and a lot of audience interaction
  9. Basic performance after basic performance...I would rather watch her and the other basics lip synch and do something outstanding like Britney did in her prime instead of walking on stage and throwing some lame "dance moves"

    Her boobs have been looking better lately....I think she gets boob jobs every 2 years or something. Remember that groceries list from 2012 that was on ebay? Britney wrote something like: "Boobs appointment, call dr"
  11. Which fandom most relates to the b-army?

    We're following Legendtina's fighters' steps