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  1. Taylor Swift, Lorde and Ed Sheeran Are Reportedly Ditching The Grammys

    Grammys are trash
  2. Azaelia or whatever her name is, was never as succesful as Iggy (and will never be). She's not known by the public in general so whatever she says will not make bigger headlines, in other words people don't care about this girl just her fans and some people that casually know her music
  3. Why would she wear nipple jewelry? It was definetely on purpose and I think that the op is right. They wanted to give the media something to talk about for weeks like Britney and Madonna did with the kiss but the public didn't take it well
  4. Should 'Circus' Have Led 'Circus'

    Womanizer has all the elements of a perfect pop song: easy lyrics, repetitive chorus and it's catchy af. But honestly I think that Circus would have been succesful. It was her comeback after all and people wanted Britney no matter what
  5. Stop giving this guy attention
  6. am i the only one who likes pretty gerlas?

    It's not as bad as some make it look but the video DESTROYED the song for me. Glenn Nutley and whoever styled Britney better stay away from her. They did a terrible job And this scene is the cringiest thing I've ever seen:
  7. Taylor's new album is selling well but her singles are not doing as good. LWYMMD went n1 and the video had an impact on people but it didn't last long. This era's not as good as1989. People are over her and she's not offering anything new at all. She will flop so hard the next time she releases something
  8. He can't even write properly In this case you just need to read "Jane's " message. This guy is like Fiebre or that troll's account Remark
  9. Christina Aguilera at Stella McCartney’s collection launch

    Her lips look like Britney's but a lot more swollen
  10. New Britney Quiz

    Like being on a Britney forum?
  11. Britney's middle finger

    I think that messahe was for Charlie. She wore it before they officially announced their breakup
  12. Britney's middle finger

    She did it during other songs too: POM, BTI, Slave, MATM, and others. It was kinda weird
  13. Camila Cabello's Debut Album Battling For No. 1

    They were praising Camila's performance at the tonight show (Jimmy Fallon). She was literally just standing in front of a big screen which projected random images doing nothing else but pretending to be singing live. She's definetely on Basic Swift's level
  14. It's so hard to choose but I find myself watching these more often: -BBMA 2016 medley -ooh ooh baby/hot as ice from TCSBS -Breathe on me from TOHT I find those very entertaining. I like everything from the outfits to the setting and ofcourse Britney's sexiness