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  1. Circus was filmed?? Which date? I just remember a professional footage of Circus from Saint Petersburg, is that it?
  2. That's in moment like this that I'm glad she's overprotected by her team
  3. Mood Ring (Early Producer Demo)

    Maybe I will
  4. I agree they should film it Paris would be cool too, the crowd there's insane and she have 2 dates to record it.
  5. Mood Ring (Early Producer Demo)

    Send him your nudes so we can have the full demo
  6. Probably I was there, the arena wasn't sold out
  7. Worst interview look (video)

    I prefer botoxney (now) than dead-in-the-eyesney (2011) tbh
  8. I've got carré or for both nights What section are you?
  9. I hope they'll release a new edition for the summer tour
  10. Yes the fosse is standing
  11. Will she ever perform Not A Girl again?

    And the public would sing with her! That could be a beautiful moment
  12. I loved BOMT when it came out but when I saw the (you drive me) Crazy video I became a die hard fan
  13. Yeeeess my fav is number 3 Can't wait for the next MEGARATE
  14. Balletney strikes again

    I've always supported her no matter what. You can go check my past on this forum if you don't believe me. I've never criticized her that way, it's like the first time and you have the nerve to tell me I'm the reason Britney changed? You just can't handle criticism and other people's opinion.
  15. Balletney strikes again

    I know she's not perfect and I'm not expecting her to do everything perfectly. If that was the case, I would have stop supporting her a loooong time ago. She made debutant mistakes in her pirouettes and that's what I pointed out and nothing more. Are you telling me she doesn't know pirouettes? It's like the first thing you learn when you practice whatever type of dance. I didn't made fun of her and I even said I liked her energy. I don't care if you don't like my "e-ballet list of complains", I have every right to say what I feel considering I wasn't insulting her. End yes a lot of performers make fun of her (especially in the theatre community) and think she's a joke on stage.
  16. Balletney strikes again

    Stop talking about ballet. Tours à l'italiette (what she's doing in the video) is not only reserved to ballet. That you don't understand. You say I criticized her for "something she has no knowledge of": 1-She knows dance, it's in her blood. 2- Criticism isn't always a bad thing, I didn't insult her. 3-A lot of people and especially dancers will make fun of her if they see this and I don't want that.
  17. Balletney strikes again

    I am well aware of differences between ballet and street jazz so don't try to teach me Britney has prove in the past that she has a good technique. I know she's just fooling around but when you post something on internet you should be open to criticism and what I said wasn't mean at all. I love Britney and I want her to do well. Let's just agree to disagree and
  18. Balletney strikes again

    She's a professional dancer. Ballerina, jazz, contemporain.. whatever your style is, the basics are the same
  19. Balletney strikes again

    We get it you didn't like what I said just move on already
  20. Balletney strikes again

    I stand by what I said Stay mad
  21. Balletney strikes again

    Need I remind you she's a professional trained dancer? Again, I'm just sharing my honest opinion and that doesn't mean I don't love her. Au contraire! If you can't handle it that's not my problem.
  22. Balletney strikes again

    Maybe because that's a forum where we can share our point of view...
  23. Balletney strikes again

    What! She ain't gonna read it? Are you sure??!! I expected her to call me so we could arrange dance lessons via skype
  24. Balletney strikes again

    I'm very chill thank you, just being honest here