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  1. 3rd date in Paris...

    If that's the case I HAVE to buy a meet and greet package
  2. She's growing on me tbh Not a big fan of her album but her performances keeps getting better
  3. Circus was filmed?? Which date? I just remember a professional footage of Circus from Saint Petersburg, is that it?
  4. That's in moment like this that I'm glad she's overprotected by her team
  5. I agree they should film it Paris would be cool too, the crowd there's insane and she have 2 dates to record it.
  6. Mood Ring (Early Producer Demo)

    Send him your nudes so we can have the full demo
  7. Probably I was there, the arena wasn't sold out
  8. Worst interview look (video)

    I prefer botoxney (now) than dead-in-the-eyesney (2011) tbh
  9. I've got carré or for both nights What section are you?
  10. I hope they'll release a new edition for the summer tour
  11. Will she ever perform Not A Girl again?

    And the public would sing with her! That could be a beautiful moment