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    JarvisExhale got a reaction from toddgravy in Azealia Banks Dropped Her Record Label…again   

    Oops, she did it again.
    A little over a year ago, 376 days to be exact, Azealia Banks excitedly tweeted that she was free from her contract with Universal Music.
    It looks like Ms. Banks wants to keep with tradition because she’s back on the market after parting ways with Prospect Park. The label handled her surprise release of Broke with Expensive Taste as well as her impressive videos for “Wallace” "Ice Princess" and "Chasing Time."
    Based on the lack of Twitter ranting and drama surrounding this announcement, it appears that the decision was somewhat amicable. Banks simply tweeted, “I'm leaving Prospect Park guys. AB is back on the market!” followed by her dreams for future projects.
    A  Prospect Park spokesman confirmed to Billboard that, “We chose to terminate our management relationship with Azealia Banks... she’s one of the most talented artists in the world and are very proud of the work we did on her behalf. We wish her all the best.”
    It will be interesting to see what a lack of record label support will do for Azalea. She isn’t letting this behind the scenes shake up slow her down.  This week Azalea is scheduled to kick off a 26 city tour beginning in Australia.

    What do YOU think of Azealia Banks' decision?
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    JarvisExhale got a reaction from toddgravy in Ilovemakonnen Released "rumor" Music Video   

    Since it’s Tuesday, it seems only right that we hear a song from the man who made the club go up on it.
    ILoveMakonnen released the video for his acoustic song “Rumor” adding a bit of unexpected versatility to his repertoire.
    It would have been easier and probably more strategic for ILoveMakonnen to follow up on the success of the Drake assisted “
    ” with another club banger geared at urban radio. He did the exact opposite, likely taking advice from his OVO label owner Drake who is known to not follow trends as he seamlessly jumps from emo-rap to R&B.“Rumor” is like a mash-up of The Weeknd and Johnny Cash, with the same unique flair and warbly vocals from “Tuesday.” The video is simple, black and white, and a bit eerie. It features more shots of the subdued and possibly chemically altered crowd grooving along to ILoveMakonnen onstage than ILoveMakonnen himself.

     I didn’t pay much attention to ILoveMakonnen after the hype of “Tuesday” wore off assuming he’d be a one hit wonder. I underestimated his talents and am really excited to see where he goes next musically.

    WWhat do you think of ILoveMakonnen's “Rumor”?
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    JarvisExhale got a reaction from toddgravy in Kendrick Lamar Floats Above The Drama In New Music Video   

    Kendrick Lamar’s new music video for the song "Alright" is timely and controversial.
    The seven-minute black and white clip follows in the footsteps of Kendrick’s previous thought-provoking music videos such as “
    ” and “ .” Unlike those videos, there is a clear message about staying positive and optimistic in America, despite the seemingly constant presence of racial tension.How does Kendrick deal with these issues? By floating above it all…literally.
    Throughout the video, Kendrick is seen atop light posts, street signs and floating down the street. It appears that most of these stunts were real. Back in May, images of Kendrick performing on a light post outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles began popping up on Instagram.
    At the beginning of the video, Kendrick says something that I think most artists struggle with, which is whether to use their fame for good. He says:

    I remember you was conflicted, misusing your influence, sometimes I did the same. Abusing my power, full of resentment. Resentment that turned into a deep depression...While my love ones were fighting a continuous war in the city, I was fighting a new one. A war that was based on apartheid and discrimination.

    This surreal video was brought to life by Colin Tilley, who previously directed Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda.’ Tilley showed his versatility and talent by keeping the video whimsical and optimistic, despite its heavy subject matter.Tilly says:

    The whole world we created is like a fantasy, a dream world. When Kendrick’s floating through the city, that’s him being like a superhero to these kids, him being something these kids can aspire towards. So, when they look up, it’s almost like it’s Superman, but it’s this world we created.

    What do you think of Kendrick Lamar’s new video?
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    JarvisExhale got a reaction from Liam Payne in Listen To A New Diplo-Produced "bbhmm" Rihanna Remix   

    Diplo may have recently claimed to be bigger than Rihanna, but that didn't stop him from remixing BBHM.

    It would be nice if we got a new song from RiRi, but we're so thirsty for R8 that we aren't going to complain.

    The new Diplo remix is more enjoyable than the original, or any of the other BBHM remixes. He has a way of making music sound grand and  stadium worthy when he wants, and this remix is no exception. The original version had a laid back trap influenced beat that was made for driving around. The new version  received a much needed dose of energy and is clearly made for the club. Maybe these two should team up for R8 after-all.

    In other news... Rihanna is following in the famous footsteps of Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lawrence by becoming a brand spokesmodel for Dior. She’s already been on countless magazine covers and flawlessly starred in campaigns for Puma and Balmain. Her new ad is slightly more major because it marks the first time an African American woman has starred in a Dior campaign.

    Despite being a high fashion campaign regular at this point, Rihanna acknowledged that this newest accomplishment had an impact on her too.

    "[it’s] such a big deal for me, for my culture, for a lot of young girls of any color. I think to be acknowledged by Dior means a lot, as a woman, to feel beautiful - to feel elegant and timeless." Steven Klein, director of Lady Gaga’s "Alejandro" music video and perfume campaign, shot the ad at the Palace of Versailles in Paris. A full length commercial drops Monday, May 18th. Until then we get a sneak peak of the commercial and her new song with Florence Welch “Only If For a Night,” from her upcoming album.

    Check out a new teaser Riri posted this morning as well. It features her cover of Florence + The Machine's “Only If For A Night.”

    Are You feeling the BBHM remix and Rihanna's new Dior campaign?
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    JarvisExhale got a reaction from toddgravy in Snoop Dogg, Pharrell And Stevie Wonder Join Forces   

    Snoop Dogg’s new song, “California Roll” isn’t about sushi, it’s an ode to his favorite pastime, marijuana.
    It looks like Snoop Dogg is looking to reclaim his marijuana loving musician crown from Rihanna, not that he ever really lost it. This time he does it with longtime collaborator Pharrell and, unexpectedly, Stevie Wonder.
    The song isn’t deep, or illegal. It’s about medical marijuana, which California is famous for. Snoop has given up his reggae Snoop Lion persona for the time being and returned to the experimental R&B he presented to us on his 2008 hit, “
    .” “California Roll” is a laid back alternative in the race for summer anthem, but he might have a shot.
    “California Roll” from his 13th album Bush, reunited Snoop with Pharrell, and apparently things got a bit wild in the studio.Snoop and Pharrell sat down with Yahoo to discuss how the song came together.

    Snoop: “I didn’t wanna rap on it because I felt like it wasn’t a rap song…once we got to the studio…I was like man I hear Stevie Wonder on this…and I got him… [i called Stevie Wonder and said] I’m in the studio with Pharrell…the next hour he showed up and he was ready to work.”
    Pharrell: “And I was so scared.”
    Snoop: “I was smoking so much that you had caught a second hand contact, so Stevie shows up and we get him in there and we like Stevie we just want you to do the harmonica…I’m like Pharrell produce him and you were sitting in the chair [passed out]…I hit the button and said Pharrell said just sing some adlibs…you were so high.”
    Pharrell: “But the song turned out so amazing…when you listen to California Roll it’s like a soul sushi roll.”
    Snoop has a few hidden gems on previous albums and produces some of his greatest work when he takes musical risks. One of my personal favorites is “
    ” from his album Ego Trippin featuring the unexpected addition of Willie Nelson and Everlast. It’s also about drug use; we can’t fault him for consistency.“California Roll” is the 3rd single from Snoop’s upcoming album Bush, following the well received "
    " and " .”Bush is out May 12th and features appearances from Gwen Stefani, T.I., Rick Ross, and Kendrick Lamar.

    Are you feeling “California Roll?”
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    JarvisExhale got a reaction from Trance in Florence + The Machine Is Back   
    Florence Welch just released the fourth, yes fourth, track from her upcoming album.

    The dog days are over and Florence Welch is back with new music.
    Florence + The Machine’s third album, How Big How Blue How Beautiful, out June 2nd seems to be following in the anthemic, gospel inspired footsteps of their previous efforts.
    The latest single, “Ship to Wreck,” might be the strongest and most radio friends cut from the new album. Following in the successful footsteps of Sia's "Elastic Heart," the song isn't overproduced, allowing the focus to remain on Flo’s signature pipes. The steady guitar makes the song feel instantly familiar, reminiscent of the R.E.M hit, “
    Without much of a splash, they’ve been releasing a steady stream of videos since February to support this effort.Another stand out track is the powerful and possibly domestic violence inspired song "What Kind of Man." This video features Welch singing, “What kind of man loves like this,” while being seductively pushed and pulled by a throng of men.

    They’ve also released a video for the dreamy song “ ” as well as the album's title track “ .”Florence Welch has been a very busy woman, I just wish there was more promo, but perhaps that's all about to change. They are set to perform this weekend at Cochella followed by performances at Bonnaroo and the Governor’s Ball. You can also catch Florence + The Machine on tour this summer.

    Are you feeling Florence + The Machine’s new material?