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  1. How scared where you in 2007/2008

    I was not scared.. but shocked.. like wtf is happening?!
  2. A Grindr story to exhalle

    Did you educated him after your Private Show?
  3. BBMA 2016

    It was great for me... The best Britney after TOHT... and of course they missed the opportunity to premiere MM, but... it was great.
  4. Sam is film and driving

    "Mama I'm in love with a CRIMINAL..."
  5. Well... she can always try... nothing against her, but she is not hot (on many aspects) enough, she is tooo basic for that... she is better when she is doin'g this Katy/snake thing...
  6. This girl needs a life... does Britney ever recognized Paris existence after that time?
  7. Another Amazing Britney Cover

    A lot of hotties there.. omg..
  8. Britney: Piece Of Me Ending Party (Official Thread)

    I think she will take 2018 to do a lot of "nothings", prepare B10, then get into a new residency in 2019 with B10 material... I wish she would tour worldwide with B10 (not a greatest hits tour.. but a real era)... but.. you know...
  9. Sam is only 23?

    Age is just a number.... older boys could be very immature and childish... on the other hand young boys sometimes has a pretty good mind.. plus, hot, flexible and fresh milk body... so.. why not? It's illegal? She can afford it, it seems good for both... so, just let them be happy and enjoy life for God sake...
  10. Yes.. and that proves that she can look "perfect" if she wants...
  11. 01 Britney 03 Kylie Minogue 04 Madonna