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  1. I think the price is so high because that way there won't be many people why she keeps doing it if she mostly hates it idk she has a lot of money already anyway
  2. the dancing in the OP's video
  3. no but I would be a little annoyed if she had hair bun for most of the show
  4. I love this one, one of the few good ones she ever had on this show tbh
  5. let's just say I was disappointed... but I am proud that she came back after 2007 vma the crotch grabbing tho she did it like 2 times...I get that she is pop star but in the era of feminism is weird to watch this oversexualisation of her image. in her prime she didn't grab private parts of her dancers, she kept it classy
  6. I don't like this porn star look this red mess is not classy at all
  7. finally a reaction with an interesting review
  8. 1999: Born To Make You Happy2000: Lucky2001: Let Me Be2003: Me Against The Music2007: Heaven On Earth2008: Out From Under2011: Inside Out2013: Till Its Gone2016: If I'm Dancing
  9. well Britney has amazing face and body so her photoshoots are nice to look at but I wish she had more photos with original concept like this
  10. too bad because it's million times better than ancient memes
  11. I honestly would prefer only catsuits instead of leotards
  12. ffs people as if she will promote it it wont be hit without promo so stop bitching about other's people opinion I want music video for CYM