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  1. using animal for entertainment is cruel tbh maybe she understands it now and that's why she calls the snake idea stupid
  2. for me it's Pretty girls
  3. I wonder what she thinks is so weird about her
  4. if it wasn't a thing nobody would bring that up something is clearly fishy I regret buying this album tbh
  5. how is she stuck if she doesn't dress/perform like in her prime? yes, she had sexy image but it was more subtle than underwear for every song and strip pole there is clearly lack of taste since 2007 in everything...choreo, costumes, props...boring and tacky
  6. so? it's true for pop music it's okay and I surprised that pop act like Halsey actually writes all lyrics by herself, it deserves respect
  7. I wish I knew who taught her that marriage and kids are main female goal in life she literally couldn't wait to drop her amazing career for some average d-bag
  8. will he pass Jamie test tho? although he approved Sam somehow
  9. this andy guy is obsessed with her I swear
  10. unfortunately she won't be successful again but I wish she at least tried and released something finally
  11. but Witness is the best song on the album
  12. are we protecting iggy now? because of her we have Pretty Girls in Britney's career
  13. I mean even if she wanted to pose in bra and panties at 17 doesn't mean it was okay for adult people to allow her to do this