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  1. I had no internet till 2009 but I was lucky to find GH:MP in the store music channels in my country didn't really play her old or rare (like Overprotected remix) videos
  2. red carpet model? what? the only one who is doing nothing but looking pretty is Britney Britney doesn't perform like that since 2004, wake up and stop bashing people who are actually trying
  3. I'm not saying she's an idiot, she just gets some help and that person is probably to blame for the shakira thing I can't edit videos, so? also Pop-icon Britney Spears has come out: As a technophobe! The 34-year old hitmaker confessed to V-magazine in a recent interview that her kids are much better at using computers than she is. “There are days where I write and stuff,” the pop-princess explains; “but machines really aren’t for me – it’s not my thing. http://www.peoplemagazine.co.za/celebrity-news/britney-is-no-techie
  4. no way I'm gonna believe she's posting herself on twitter I even start doubting instagram because I can't believe she edits those videos herself
  5. I would prefer this to Trouble for me and Seal it with a kiss tbh
  6. well if she didn't abuse alcohol/drugs in her 20s + lots of redbull and cigarettes...maybe she wouldn't have to do "fun stuff" but here we are
  7. I don't care about her image, let her be but she's untalented in the first place, why is she so successful? and she was so mean to Britney like wtf get over yourself